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Red Heart is proud to be America's Favorite Yarn and one of the most trusted brands for knitters and crocheters. For 80 years, Red Heart has been at the center of joy-filled memories for the giver and the receiver of hand-made, one-of-a-kind creations given from the heart.

Our wide selection of yarns are regularly used by knitters or crocheters in North America, and are the winner of the Women’s Choice Award for America’s most recommended yarn brand. With a suite of quality, trusted yarns and knitting and crochet supplies, along with over 3,000 free patterns to spark imagination, Red Heart’s mission is to inspire joy in each person it touches. Explore all of our yarns and free patterns on our website at

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Hello! I started a K1P1 rib hat and can't find the pattern again. It had an orange-ish color picture and the pattern was on size 8 circular needles and could be adapted for 7 or so sizes. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Hello, I'm currently knitting the large Whimsical Tabletop Christmas tree, however, I'm struggling with Row 22. I don't understand how I do this twice (knit to 2 stitches before marker, SSK, slip marker) this is ok the very first time you do it, but I don't understand how to do it twice (repeat it)? and then repeat this row as instructed on Row 25-29. I would be grateful if you could help as I'm up to Row 25 and am desperate to carry on. Many thanks. Paula.

"Special relationship with Red Heart brand"? Um ... yes. I'm allergic to something in their fibers or their dyes. Have been for years.

I am currently knitting Ruffled Edges Shrug pattern. In the Body section, there are errors in Decrease rows 2 and 3. Please advise. Thank you!

This is a really old red heart pattern, the yarn was discontinued over 10 years ago and the pattern had been archived before red heart went under in December 2018. If there are any corrections to the pattern they can be found here- https// == g/RHK0126-014224M.html#q=shrugsincludeContent=true == start=4

This is just regarding the yarn. I avoided Red Heart for years. It was rough and just yuck. I came across the Red Heart soft which is equal to the Caron but generally less expensive. I have been impressed with it. It washes well too. On a side note, my skeins don't seem to have big knots in the middle as some other brands do.

I am knitting the Lacy Cardi Shrug and am confused by the directions for shaping right front. It is stated to decrease at right hand edge every third row. Does this mean to only decrease when the row starts at the right hand edge, e.g. odd number rows OR does it mean that on some rows the decrease will be on the wrong side, e.g. even number rows? Thanks for your help.

Has anyone tried knitting Lacy Knee High LW2444? I can't find any reviews or corrections on it. It seems odd to be decreasing for the calf after only 5 rows past the ribbed top. Could it be that it should be 5 inches rather than 5 rows? Please help if you can. Thanks.

just knitted the ladybug booties for my neice's new baby but following the instructions they make up as a straight tube rather than a bootee shape. What have I done wrong please?

I am Member and posted on - - for help on the Shimmering Rose Shawl pattern designed by Red Heart Team Would it be possible for someone to re-write this pattern in detail I am not a supper advance knitter but consider myself advance enough I found this pattern very hard to follow Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you Posted - - Shimmering Rose Shawl I love this pattern and I am working on it and NEED HELP I took it apart times because I keep getting lost where I need to be using the Special Stitch lace stitch In the instructions under Special Stitch it says Lace Stitch multiple of sts Not sure what they mean When you get to row beginning shawl pattern the pattern says to work across row in pattern as established I am guessing the established pattern is the Special Stitch lace stitches -Read More The pattern says to increase every th row and work rows in established pattern Again I am assuming its the Special Stitch I am loosing where I need to be and loosing sts when it says I should have xx amount of stitches Between adding a sts YO k tog YO sk p and ssk its no wonder I keep loosing sts Row pattern says you should be on the right side Not problem starting out but when you get back to row using the lace pattern I am not on the right side Has anyone out there knitted this pattern shimmering rose shawl and understands the pattern Any help would be great Thanks

I really need help with the written instr, for the twisted cable throw. I would love to make this for a gift, but the instr. for cabling are confusing to me. Can I get additional help with this?

Not sure if you still need help or not, this was ages ago. I hope you did not give up. Let me know and I'd be happy to try to guide you through it. Once I got the hang of cables that is pretty much the only afghans I make. Hope you are still out there.


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