75+ Free Baby Knitting Patterns


75+ Free Baby Knitting Patterns

Check out these free knitting patterns for babies and create treasured items for the little ones in your life.


75 Free Baby Knitting Patterns

Knitting for babies is a favorite activity among knitting enthusiasts, and for a great reason. From hats and booties to baby blankets and sweaters, everything is smaller and quicker to complete... and you can take advantage of all these wonderful knitting designs by browsing these free baby knitting patterns! 

It certainly doesn't hurt that baby knitting patterns are so darn cute, so you're sure to not get bored while you knit. If you're knitting for a newborn, you can make a cute hat using the Tiny Angel Hat pattern, or you can knit them a Maile Sweater. There's something for every occasion in this collection. Once you see all these pint-sized knitting designs, the hardest part will be deciding which ones to make. If you have a little one in your life, these patterns cannot be beaten. Each free newborn knitting pattern is so sweet and will make your wee one feel nice and cozy.

Whether you're interested in making a pair of baby booties, free knitting patterns for baby sets, knit hat, knit sweater, snuggly baby blanket, or anything in between, we've got you covered. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these can't-miss knit baby patterns.

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Precious Knit Baby Booties Patterns

If you've ever wondered what to knit for a baby that absolutely any and all mothers would love, it's baby booties. Keep baby's feet warm and snuggly with these precious knit baby booties patterns. From simple and traditional to fun and embellished, there's a wonderful free knitting pattern for babies for everyone's taste and skill level!

These baby knitting patterns will help you keep your little one's toes cozy and happy. Plus, knitted baby booties make great baby shower gifts.

Free Baby Knitting Patterns for Hats

It's not that hard to keep baby's head and ears warm with these absolutely adorable baby knitting patterns. These comfy caps are protective, stylish, and easy to make!

Because these knit baby hat patterns are so small, you can churn them out quickly and have a ton of options for your baby. Or, work up these baby hat knitting patterns as thoughtful gifts for friends and family!

There are so many adorable free newborn knitting patterns to choose from. The hardest part will be deciding which free knitting pattern to work up first.

Cute & Cuddly Knit Baby Blanket Patterns

Make something warm and snuggly for baby to cuddle up with by taking on one of these cute little baby blanket knitting patterns. Knitted baby blankets are the gifts baby will never outgrow, and will both look good in the nursery and keep him warm, toasty, and feeling protected at night.

These blankets are what to knit for a baby if you want them to keep it forever and become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Free newborn knitting patterns are truly a special way to express your love for the newest addition to your world.

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What is your favorite type of item to knit for babies and why?

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love the patterns but would like to know if anyone has the pattern for the jacket and hat shown on the 75 baby knitting patterns please as I have the dress pattern that matches it and I will be posting shortly

One of the best collections of free knitting patterns for babies that I have found lately. It covers almost every type of project and covers all occasions and ranges from beginners to more advanced patterns. Be sure to bookmark this to refer back to in the future. I am sure that I will use several of the patterns included with this.

On the question about the choice of item to knit, I would say it would be what we called "tank tops". These are varied and quick and simple to knit. When worn over another pullover, they afford just that little extra warmth.

Tht two teensy baby sets pattern look beautiful - I only hope I can do it justice. Thank you.

Where is the pattern for the yellow and green baby booties that are featured in the video by Heidi? I have checked all the patterns listed but have not found that specific one. Can someone post a link? Thanks

Hi Gobomel, the pattern for the booties featured in the video can be found here: https://www.allfreeknitting.com/Baby-Booties/Irresistible-Knit-Baby-Booties. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

My new go to baby shower project is the baby sack (cocoon). They are so fun to do and keep a baby so swaddled. I do enjoy making all sorts of baby items.

baby blankets are my fave because they last longer!

Thanks so much or all of your beautiful patterns and helpful hints! I love your site!

Blankets because babies don't grow out of them (as fast)

The patterns are easy to follow. Thanks for making them free for people to enjoy.

What a shame! I'm in UK, so can't enter

I haven't tried knitting, but I would love to learn.

I took up knitting after I lost my sight and I always love trying new patterns.

Unfortunately I'm from Canada, Qubec...so I cannot enter this contest...this makes me sad...So I ask myself why? Do you have any answer for me...Thanks!

I am a barely knitter, I stink at knitting. But I do crochet, design my own patterns, 98% for charity. I believe that every crocheter can look at knit patterns and use them for inspiration to do a personalized version of the knit pattern. It may not be the same, but is all yours to learn from, appreciate, and even laugh about. I do alot of that! Now if I could just remember to write out the patterns as I go.

Sadly I don't know how to knit but these projects look so lovely. I do crochet and my favorite is to make little jackets, and blankets. I have been known to go a little crazy in making baby things as it is one of my favorite items to crochet.

The patterns are beautiful, and so easy to follow. Thank you for sharing them.

The patterns are very easy to follow no matter what your ability is and when you complete the pattern they look wonderful

I love knitting blankets. I know the basic stitch to knit, so I make blankets. The booties in the video are so cute, I'm going to keep watching it until I can make them.

I am a knit-nut. I will knit most anything as long as I am knitting. I don't knit for myself as I am hot all the time so all my knitting goes to others. I cannot cook so my contributions to parties are dishcloths.

I love knitting baby booties, headbands, afghans for new mothers. One new Mom sent me a thank you note saying homemade gifts give the most love.

Baby items and amigurumi as gifts, but the afghans are mine!!

I love knitting baby hats and booties because they treat me to create beautiful things for little angels!!!

Baby sleep sacks are one of my favourites to knit.

always so many patterns to choose. I have lots of yarn leftovers to knit wee hats for the hospital nurseries.

I love making those cute little hats for Preemies at the hospital.

i love the wide variety of patterns

Thanks for all the patterns!

I'm always the hunt for great patterns to knit for my daughter. This list is great

Currently in the middle of knitting a baby blanket for my 2 month old. I hope he hangs on to it like I did with the blanket my mom made me.

Baby blankets are always welcome gifts as well as relaxing, stress-relieving projects.

i love knitting baby clothes for bubs who have nothing special to wear. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement

From cardigans , booties , shawls and hats ! you can't get better better patterns than the ones that you provide I love them all and can't decide the best that I enjoy to knit I need more time so I can sit and knit and knit

Tried this craft? What did you think?

There will always be babies, so keep these lovely patterns coming for those beautiful little ones.

I have been looking for some hats and booties to give to my local hospital for the newborns. It would be nice not to have to go to the pattern to see what it looks like. I want to quickly find the pattern so I can get to knitting.

I love your patterns! My only comment is have less patterns and more pictures of the pattern results. I get overwhelmed and impatient when I have to log ibnto each pattern to see what it looks like. Thanks and continue with the great patterns!

I love knitting baby blankets. I have a couple of "go to" patterns but am always open to trying something new! And when there is enough yarn left over it's fun to knit matching bonnet and booties!

Interesting and simple structure. Instruction video was very clear. I wonder about converting the top of the boot back and rectangle to include a ribbing top.

I like to knit baby afghans because the child can use it forever and not really grow out of it. I have also made a few christening dresses, but for all that work they are not used much.

I love to knit baby clothes as presents for my friends and family. Also do charity knitting

Baby blankets!

i like to knit full sets I think everything matching is so classy, sassy classy babies

I like to knit blankets for babies.

Baby blankets! I find making them easy and fun to do.

Comfy cozy baby blankets!! GREAT for snugglin'

Love all your choices. Especially the large size ones. They are always difficult to find.

Love how I many choices to choose from. Love knitting baby jackets, beanies and booties. Knitting baby jacket/cardigan for grandson currently. Thanks for so many lovely patterns.

I absolutely love knitting baby clothes especially in 4 ply as the fine lacework looks wonderful. Keep up the brilliant work! I've attached some of my work ....

Baby sweaters - especially for little girls, with ruffles and bows. So cute!!

so many nice patterns for baby. Can't wait to try some of them. thank you

Can't wait to make some things for our grand baby due in November.

Thanks to you guys I now have more patterns than I will ever be able to knit in my lifetime. So many choices - thankyou.

I love things for babies, I am trying to learn to knit. I know how to crochet. I need to learn the basics then I will be ready. Thanks for all the patterns.

Sweet pattern for baby!

Thanks for all the patterns! I'd like to see some that are more advanced.

I've been an avid knitter since I was 7 years old. I truly enjoy being able to get the beautiful patterns your site offers. Thank you for your site and all the free patterns.

I love knitting baby blankets because I like to make a unique pattern for each baby so that they have a special blankie.

I like making baby blankets, because you never really out grow the baby blanket. I made one for my daughter. She is 12 now and still wraps herself up in it.

I like knitting for littles because they won't outgrow them in a month!

I like to knit baby blankets because you don't have to worry about it fitting the baby.

Ive only been knitting a year, although I'm no master I am really enjoying the therapeutic side to it - my best friend being pregnant is a perfect excuse to get the needles out )

I love making blankets and sweaters for babies!

I love knitting for babies, there is no JUDGEMENT.

I love knitting baby afghans/blankets as they last many years as babies outgrow sweaters a lot sooner. I knitted a baby sampler stitch afghan 39 years ago and now it's been passed down Oct. 30, 2015. Working on one of your patterns now.

Always love knitting for the little ones!

premie outfits, premie hats and booties because the little ones don't hold body temp well and need something warm and cuddly

I love surprises.-)

Baby blankets for sure!!! The one from my son is still in excellent shape (he was born in 93 and has his blanket where he lives)


My wife's favorite thing to knit are baby hats.

I enjoy knitting baby blankets to bring baby home with or christening.

I have two favorites-adorable hats because they work up fast, and blankets because I don't have to worry about them fitting if they take me longer to make! And they are both fun.

I like to make booties - knit or crochet and multi-colored blankets.

Preemie caps for the hospital.

I have a baby Shower for a colleague coming up and need a good gift idea, was thinking about booties and a sweater but I don't think I'm gonna have time to finish both.. Suggestions?

I like to knit booties because there are so many styles and they work up fast.

I make things for charity almost exclusively, and your patterns are great!

I love the blankets but I would like to try a hat. That piggy hat is cute!

I have always followed your patterns for my hats charity. Strange that India has not been included

Too bad just saw that Qubec is excluded as usual due to our stupid laws.

Baby booties. They are cute and fast to knit.

I just love your website! It has been helpful on many occasions!

I would love to make some baby creations. I am a beginning knitter though and it looks daunting.

New babies on the way in our family - would love some fresh ideas for gifts!

I love to knit any type of clothing for a baby, sweaters, booties, hats, you name it. Just found out I will be a grandma in November, so cozy little baby things will be in order!

I love to knit baby blankets. They are beautiful, functional and a good way to use up all the yarn around my house. Many patterns are also fairly easy and uncomplicated.

I don't know how to knit except on a loom, but if I could knit, I'd knit baby blankets for charity.

Beth, knitting on a loom IS knitting. You can find loom patterns on Fave Crafts or Pinterest. Try it.

My favourite items to knit is a blanket for the new baby plus a blanket for mom and dad for those late night feedings.....it can be very chilly at night in the fall and winter months Thank you All Free Knitting for all the wonderful patterns

My favorite thing to knit is hat and mitt sets! I knit and donate them for the preemies at our local hospitals.

I really like to knit baby booties. They knit up fast and make cute gifts.

I just bookmarked this page! There are so many great patterns I don't even know where to start! I have so much yarn (I take advantage of sales whenever I can) but I cant seem to keep up with the amount of yarn I have. I have a few baby showers coming up, and I cant wait to try some of these patterns and use the finished product as gifts!

Thanks for such a great resource, having had a bit of a baby boom in the family recently I have been on the hunt for patterns that I can make which will use up my huge stash of yarn. I have lost count of how many patterns I have saved and really don't know how I am going to choose which one to start with.

I can always count on allfreeknitting to have the best collection of knitting patterns for baby. Whenever I need a quick pattern for a baby shower, this is the place I head to first! This collection is just wonderful.

Cannot get to the pattern for the green stripey dress and turban

Hello jemhardine 0146925, unfortunately, that pattern is no longer available. We will update the page accordingly. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Where is the green striped dress and hat that is at the top of the page?? I can't find it anywhere. There are no dresses listed! Help!

Hello samie13 9730836! If you click the image, you will be directed to the pattern for the green dress and turban. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Not a good site. I clicked over for a toddler mitten pattern and can't even find it.

Hello fjustus 9683495! We're sorry for the inconvenience. Do you know the name of the mitten pattern you were trying to locate? We would love to help you find it on our site! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

rubbish site

Fantastic assortment. Thanks. #BestIdeaEver

I very much would like the pattern with the bright mid-green color dress with hote accent with hat pictured ...a sun dress, no sleeves. It is what I had been looking for and spent considerable time with some else's roughly put together pattern. My work is a mess! No way to put a rating! 5-star Oops, found it, barely visible.

in the seed stitch video, what size yarn and needle are you using?

Could we add a couple sweet lace baby bonnets to the mix? Would love to make my Grand daughter that is on the way a couple like all my girls wore. Thanks, Cynthia

I love these tiny, cute patterns! I can't pick which one I want to knit first!

Hi, dear Joannie Lovely pattern, I like them, but I,m from Iran. I know English a few. do you have any pattern as a picture? or as a symbol knitting? Thank you very mach.

Is it not possible to get patern book if I live in south africa

To print the projects, click on the projects that you like, then you will be taken to the pattern. From there, you will be able to print each one out.

lovley patterns

not good for me. I wanted a diaper cover and shrug set.

is there any way I can get this book of baby patterns printed out .

Hi Joannie, You will have to check out each pattern separately to print the one's you want. Thanks!

These patterns looks great - I like the dummy clip that's soooo sweet - I may have to try this one now I know I am finally expecting a girl after two beautiful boys! x x

I love the elongated stitches hat! Such a cute and easy pattern.

how can i get the instructions for baby sweaters?

You can get the instructions by clicking on the project you like. It will take you to the pattern, which you can then print out.

Hello. It is so nice - when like now the picture is there for me to see it. Wouldn't it be so nice if it was possible to have patterns with pictures? I DO KNOW - AND I DO VERY MUCH APPRICIATE IT - THAT YOU MUST BE A VERY BUSY - (LOTS OF STAFF) WORKING ON THIS. I think? they all come with pictures? or am i wrong all the way? Please, if you can? tell me all about this. KInd regards.

Unable to access the Hoodie baby Blanket

Great but how do you get baby patterns up like a bonnet & sweater (easy ones to do)

Hey, ya get what ya pay for? Some web patterns are very poorly written. If the item is unique, I copy the pattern to a document, and reformat to my idea of print and photo(s)large enough to see clearly, yet using as few pgs as possible (5 pgs to 2). And the name of the designer and the link are always included. Really, a work of art. Do I then produce the wonderful, amazing, most adorable item? Nooooooo..... BUT! I do have the pattern which I can use at aaaaaany time (1,000 jillian re-formatted patterns later...) it's what an in-denial-hoarder would refer to as "my pattern collection." All FREE patterns, mind you, but I've also purchased quite a few (haven't made them either). It could happen, it could happen...?!? Shoot, I'm only 62! cackle..cackle...witchy laughter...I LOVE YOU BETTY WHITE!

well dont think much tryed to download the duck and booties with no joy

Thank you thats great Maura

For the Summer Baby Cardigan - this pattern is so incomplete and incorrect: needle sizes used in the pattern must be switched to mm instead of U.S. size??? The pattern says to cast on 71 stitches with US size 4 needle. Turns out, the author must mean size 6! I made the sweater, but it's MUCH smaller than the pattern says it will turn out. It's very difficult to follow the pattern. In fact I wound up rewriting it for myself and only through trial and error was I able to keep the bee stitch working. Does anyone on your staff review these patterns for accuracy and completness?

how do i get the free instruction book i signed in.

Love the patterns and have at this moment never had a problem with printing them. The only thing is i wish you would put the UK details in as well as the US as there are a lot of UK knitters log in to this website or recomended by other knitters/

I think you send too many emails with the same patterns over and over.

Hello JennyBee, Thanks so much for your response dated Dec 3rd 2012. I didn't see it until this afternoon, but just had to drop by and say a great, big THANK YOU for your response. Regards, sandralea AKA GrannyGoode

For pamcheflinda, Hello! Sorry I didn't see your post from Jan. 3rd, 2012 until this afternoon. No, I was not able to find the Fair Isle Cardigan in infants' and toddlers' sizes. I'm not giving up the search, however. And I have made a note of your name and this website in my special little notebook, just in case I do find it. I will certainly let you know if the pattern can be found. We can't just give up now, can we???

@ sandralea, I am so sorry, but we unfortunately had to remove this pattern from our site. The original pattern designer has either moved it from their site or took it down, and we were unable to update the link. We apologize for any inconvenience, --editors of AllFreeKnitting

I want very much to purchase the Infant Fair Isle Cardigan pictured on the November 24, 2011 Happy Thanksgiving issue, but am unable to access the link. When I click on the highlighted link "Fair Isle Cardigan" I receive advertisements for ready-made items via Nordstrom, etc., and when I highlight another associated link, I end up with an advertisement from Olay facial products. NOT WHAT I WANTED!!! I have searched high and low throughout the website to gain access to this lovely Fair Isle Cardigan pattern for 0-6 mos, 6-12 mos, and 12-18 mos sizes, without success. Can someone please advise me on how to proceed? I'm hoping the pattern is still available, as I have twenty-one grandchildren to knit for and would LOVE to work up this pattern for the little kidlets. Thank you kindly. Sandy Schell

Were you able to get the Fair Isle pattern you wanted? I have 8 grandchildren and the 9th will arrive in July. I would love a copy of it as well if you would be willing to share. Thank you!

I've been searching for a bunting for a newborn that can be used with a car seat, especially one with legs. Anyone?

I designed a beautiful cable bunting. I left the bottom open and made eyelet openings (yo, 2T) and slipped a ribbon through them. Sack when in the stroller...open for the car seat!

Is there a blanket pattern that goes with the elongated stitch baby hat?

@angelmolloy 7772905, Here is a link to the baby bunting project featured on this page: http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Baby-Bunting/Baby-Bunting-Knitting-Pattern If that's not what you were looking for, here is a link to all of our baby bunting patterns on AllFreeKnitting: http://www.allfreeknitting.com/?task=search&search_term=baby+bunting --Editor of AllFreeKnitting


@ERA1019 5732862, Here is a link to all of our children's scarves on AllFreeKnitting. Hope this helps! http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Childrens-Knit-Scarves --Editor of AllFreeKnitting

Love your articles, Need a pattern for a baby scarf A one year old girl, Thank you

I just love the patterns that I have seen. I was very glad to see some for boys. They seem to be hard to find. I have a new grand son.

22 baby knits needs to be an e-book


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