40+ Free Scarf Knitting Patterns


40+ Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

These knit scarf patterns and knit cowl patterns are perfect for every season and every occasion.

22 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

You've thrown on your best blouse and jeans, but one thing is missing: a scarf. No matter what the season, there's the perfect free knit scarf pattern to top off your outfit. Whether you're a beginner knitter or you just enjoy easy scarf knitting patterns for beginners for a lazy project, scarves are meant for you. Plus, if you're looking to cover your face, why pay for a face mask when you can cover up with scarf?

Whether you're seeking a scarf that's warm or a scarf that's rich in color to act as a striking accent, the right one is out there — you just need to find it! 
To help get you started, we've pulled together a list of some of our favorite scarves. Below you'll find free scarf knitting patterns for every season, in colorful, lacy and unique patterns.  Discover your next favorite project, and then have fun customizing it to suit your personal taste.

There's a reason that scarves are great for beginners; they typically involve little to no increasing or decreasing, and there's no need to pay attention to things like knitting gauge (for the most part). Whether you're doing something simple like garter stitch or a more complicated lace motif, these free scarf patterns have just what you're looking for!

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Learn how to knit a scarf in no time flat with this video, then browse through the other patterns in this list:

Easy Free Scarf Knitting Patterns

Just because the weather is getting warmer, doesn't mean you can't wear scarves. Check out these gorgeous free scarf patterns that are lightweight and beautiful enough to wear all year long. Nothing says summer quite like scalloped edges, ruffles, and lace! Keep your crafting obsession on a budget this summer and pick out one of these free knitting patterns for scarves as your next project.  (Psst... that way you can spend more money on yarn.) No matter your skill level, there's a scarf knitting pattern for everyone.

Fitzgerald Scarf

If you are just learning how to knit, this Fitzgerald Scarf is a wonderful project to help bulk up your skills.

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Street Chic Seed Stitch Scarf

This beginner knitting pattern is ideal for those who want to get their feet wet in the knitting world. You can easily work up this piece and style it in a variety of ways since it is so wide and so cozy.

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Cordillera Scarf

This is one of the most stunning scarf knitting patterns. Free patterns that truly dazzle are hard to find, so knit it up!

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Butter Cookie Scarf

Made with crossed-over stitches, the texture of this buttery yellow scarf is positively alluring.

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Garter Drop-Stitch Scarf

When you first learn how to knit, looking at all of the patterns available can sometimes be a bit intimidating. The Garter Drop-Stitch Scarf is the knit scarf pattern made with beginner knitters in mind.

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Double Basketweave Cowl

The Double Basketweave Cowl is the easy knit scarf pattern you need to cast on your needles as soon as you have a chance. The look and texture created from the pattern is simplistic fashion at its best.

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Lacy Lavender Cowl

Employing simple knitting techniques, this knit scarf pattern can be taken up by knitters of all skill levels, and it doesn't even take long to complete.

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Sea Glass Knit Scarf

Advanced knitters, you'll be able to churn these scarves out one after the other, so try making them as gifts for your family, or knitting some for charity.

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Eleventh Hour Scarf

Easy scarf knitting patterns for beginners like this one are perfect for drawing the eye without requiring too much patience from you as a knitter.

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Lattice Brioche Scarf

This knit scarf has tons of extra bulk and texture because of the layered brioche stitch the pattern uses. The pattern is so long and wide, it could easily be used as a shawl if you were so inclined.

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The Scarf of Many Colors

Bright, colorful, and unique, the easy knitting pattern is a great way to make the most of the odds-and-ends you have on hand.

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Archernar Cabled Scarf

The purple people eater would be envious of this scarf! Use this free knitting pattern to make one for yourself. Hurry up because he may eat it before you can wear it!

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Colorwork Tube Scarf

The nature of the knit scarf, which is knitted with circular needles, makes this scarf particularly warm without having to be thick, cumbersome, and uncomfortable.

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Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf

Great for both men and women, this cozy ribbed knit scarf is dying to keep you warm this holiday season. It takes awhile for the pattern to show, but stick with it, and before you know it, a rich texture will emerge right before your eyes.

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Lace Scarf Patterns

This collection of free scarf patterns are lovely in lace and designed to inspire.  Go grab your favorite wool skein from your yarn stash and create any one of these beauties; the free scarf knitting patterns are so visually striking, it doesn't matter what kind of yarn you use -- it'll look fantastic!

Purple Waterfall Scarf

Simple yet elegant, this lacy scarf pattern features a gradating color purple scheme, much like a mystical waterfall.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

The lacy pattern on the ends of this scarf will make it an instant favorite. This gorgeous knit scarf pattern is sure to draw plenty of compliments, no matter where you wear it.

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Tao Silk and Parisienne Scarf

Bursting with eye-catching color and made with a construction that's lighter than air, this scarf also boasts a simple lace pattern, making it ideal for those who are interested in learning the delicate art of lace knitting.

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Mead Scarf

This light scarf is perfect for all types of weather. If you're looking for a knit scarf, you'll be pleased with your results.

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Bonfire Lace Scarf

Combine lace and stockinette stitches to look graceful in this delicate knit pattern. All of the pretty details in this scarf make it a summer essential.

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Candle Flame Scarf

This lacy scarf pattern is as cozy as it is intricate. The Candle Flame Scarf is a reversible, lace knit scarf with beautiful stitch detailing. The pretty lace and cable pattern mimics the look of flickering candle flames moving with the wind.

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Infinity Scarf Patterns

Scarves are certainly fun projects to work on. Quick and relatively simple, you can get through any one of these free knitting patterns for scarves in almost no time at all.  If your collection of scarves is starting to take off, why not try your hand at an infinity scarf for a little variety? These patterns are a great place to start your pattern search.

Homespun Circle Scarf

Because it is such a quick knit, this easy knitting pattern is perfect to work on while curling up on the couch on a Friday night with a good movie.

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Simple Infinity Scarf

This adorable infinity scarf is warm, cozy, and makes a great gift for anyone who loves soft knitwear. The Simple Infinity Scarf is a pattern every knitter should know.

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Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

Learn how to make an infinity scarf entirely in seed stitch; the texture of the pattern enhances the natural beauty of the handpainted wool that's featured in this Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf.

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Liquid Silver Scarf

This quirky knit scarf pattern incredibly simple and knits up extremely quickly. This reflective scarf gets its glimmer from Patons Metallic yarn.

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Two Hour Cowl

The Two Hour Cowl is a great pattern for those just beginning knitting who want the satisfaction of finished project in a short amount of time.

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Purple Ombre Infinity Scarf

The open weave of the lace pattern is lovely as well. This free knitting pattern is knit in the round with 360 stitches, so it's a bit of a marathon.

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Coral Corduroy Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf knitting pattern is also perfect for beginners because it only calls for a simple repeating knit and purl pattern to create the corduroy look, so even new knitters can tackle this easy knitting pattern with confidence.

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Infinity Waves Scarf

You will love wearing this easy knitting pattern all season long and the multitude of colors will surely catch your eye. Once you have completed this scarf, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful wave-like effect of the pattern.

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Diamonds Infinity Scarf

This stunning infinity scarf pattern incorporates a little bit of lace that's just enough to make it stunning but good for beginners as well.

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Knit Cowl Patterns

These free knitted cowl patterns will add just the right touch of simple elegance to any summertime outfit. With the help of a fun yarn, these knitted cowl patterns are also fun to knit. They are easy to make and beautiful to wear! Wrap them around your neck to stay comfortable and cozy when the sun goes down and the breeze kicks in.

Canaletto Cowl

This beautiful light lavender-colored cowl is the perfect addition to a light and lacy top or dress.

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City Girl Cowl

This knit cowl pattern would be an excellent basic to add to your wardrobe!

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Frost Flowers Lace Cowl

As delicate as a doily around your neck, but stylish as a high-fashion kerchief, you'll probably forget you're wearing this cowl until someone compliments you.

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Ridge and Furrow Knit Cowl Pattern

This cowl was originally designed for silk yarn, but you can use any fiber you want for this knitted cowl pattern.

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Chunky Wine Cowl

This stunning twisted cable pattern is great for showing off yarns that feature stunning colorways!

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Chunky Aplaca Neckwarmer

This pattern is simple and perfect for fledgling knitters out there looking to knit something more interesting than a scarf.

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Mystic Vines Cable Cowl

The pattern uses Bernat Satin Sparkle, which adds an extra shimmer to your knitting and makes this cowl even more mystical.

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Lavender Ice Cowl

Unlike other cowl knitting patterns, this one isn't big and bulky, so you can wear it with almost anything. This knit cowl pattern is fitted and chic enough to layer over a blazer, yet cozy and warm enough to put on under a jacket.

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Royal Rosette Cowl

The royal blue color of the cowl is flattering on almost every skin tone and hair color, making this pretty accessory a must-knit.

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Another awesome collection of patterns in this collection that features scarves. I clicked on several of the links and did not have any trouble with those in accessing the free patterns. I am not sure what the issue is with the other commenter that states she will never come to this site again because I have always had an easy time navigated around on here.

This is by far one of the best collections of free scarf patterns that I have found lately. It covers almost every type of project and ranges from beginners to more advanced patterns. Be sure to bookmark this to refer back to in the future. I am sure that I will use several of the patterns included with this.

feather and fan scarf?

Hello jrbruskin 6759323, you can find these types of scarves by typing "feather and fan scarf" in the Search bar in the upper lefthand corner. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

thank you!! just what I needed!

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looking for a knit cable scarf

Very difficult to find Fitzgerald scarf patterns. When trying to download it takes you to other pictures of projects. t takes you to pictures of

Patterns look great, but I was looking for the Infinity scarf

I like this site - but not sure how to print the patterns. And can someone explain a 3 needle bind off?

@alargay - You can print most of these patterns by copying and pasting them into Word documents or notepad files. Hope this helps! -- Editors of AllFreeKnitting.com

3 needle bindo off is when you use 3 needles to bind and graft an item together, instead of sewing a seam-its quite easy-lots of videos on youtube for it. Hope this helps.

I save them into pdf file onto my cp & the print them off. :)

Wonderful! And it would be even more wonderful if you would put all eight patterns in an e-book :D

Wonderful patterns, I have I pad, I download and print each that I need. I don't understand those having problems. Thanks to all who have made this possible for we who look look for bargains!!!

I'm trying to get the free pattern for the Bossa Nova scarf. How do I get that? Thank you.

Hi Lynparks940, I can assure you that all of the links in the main content of the scarf pattern guide go to patterns on this site that will provide you with lovely free knitting patterns. There are ads on the page, but they surround the main text and are located on the page borders. editors of AllFreeKnitting

You are running a scam. There are no free knitting patterns, just links to things to buy

I am looking for infinity scarf patterns. So far, I see none.

Infinity scarves are also called cowls and there is an entire section on them here, they go on for pages, so I suggest someone didn't look too hard for them.

Hi Weberling, To access the patterns in this article, please just click on the links. These will take you to the project page for each where the designer's pattern link is given. Hope this helps! editors, AllFreeKnitting

I would like to recieve the patterns for the Free Knitting Scarfs, how do I get the patterns. I see the information but no directions. Please inform this poor person on how to complete receiving all this free information. Thank you. M. H.

Thank you, I am excited about starting my scarf!

I wish they were in PDF form. Makes it easy to download on the iPad. But can't complain because it's free patterns.

While I love all the patterns I wish getting to them didn't mean having to go thru so many steps. Isn't there a way you can show us a picture with the name and then when you click on that get the pattern instead of having to click on the name, see the picture then click again to get the pattern? It is very time consuming as it is an makes me as well as I'm sure others decide not to bother and just delete the whole thing? I'm sure I can't be the only person who has made this comment? I get very frustrated after one or two items and just say forget it and go to Ravelry which has a much easier system to view the patterns.


I'd like to know how to have an even edge always for scarves. When I knit & purl scarves I'd like to have perfect edges. Thanks

Add an extra at the beginning of the cast on and at the enof the needle and then slip the stitch at the begining of the row and then end of the row..and your edge will be straight....or... you can knit one and purl one then your pattern and at the end knit one purl one and the next row purl one and knit one to the first two stitches and follow with pattern.. in other words..the first 2 stitches of the row and end of the row will not curl...as if you knit every row the edge will always curl...it is a fact....

looking for pattern for knit hat with scarf attached

I'm interested in a knitted ruffle scarf

@eviekranz13 2788205, Here is a link to a great, free pattern for a potato chip scarf: http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Knit-Scarves/potato-chip-scarf I hope this helps! -editors of AllFreeKnitting

i am looking for a potato chip patern scarf

Hi, tribblecat 3942690. I'm sorry to hear of your trouble. I have two options for you: 1. You can contact the pattern designer directly for help. The designer is specified in the byline. 2. I might also suggest that you try posting your question to our sites Facebook page. It is monitored by the editor and is a great resource for helpful tips and suggestions from our Facebook friends; perhaps they can offer some guidance! Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/AllFreeKnitting Thanks! --Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I am having a problem with my scarf curling up. Can you help me'Thanksbr

@elainegaffney 1680877, To view the full pattern, you must click on the link that says "Click here for knitting pattern." A new page will open with the full pattern. From here, you can copy and paste the text of the pattern into a Word document and print from there. Hope this helps! --Editor of AllFreeKnitting

why is it that I cannot print the irish hood scarf

I'm a beginning knitter. I am trying to knit the autumn wowza scarf, but the sides are curling in. How can I correct this? thanks

hi I probably would be better at this if I knew what I was doing. it sounds good glad things like this are available.

hi i need them early as possible


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