Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf


Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf

Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf
Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf

This Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf will become one of your favorite patterns. The scarf knitting instructions are easy to follow - if you know how to make knit and purl stitches, you're ready to create this beauty. Great for both men and women, this cozy ribbed knit scarf is dying to keep you warm this holiday season. It takes awhile for the pattern to show, but stick with it, and before you know it, a rich texture will emerge right before your eyes.

The design of this knit scarf creates a deep and lofty rib that looks like so much more work than it actually is. The lovely green tea color is incredibly striking and really catches the eye. During the cold weather months, everyone will be complimenting you when you wear this ribbed knit scarf out and about. The chunky yarn will keep you warm and cozy on even the harshest of days.

If you like the simple elegance of the Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf, you'll love the Sapphire Algorithm Scarf.


Knitting Needle Size11 or 8 mm

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

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WOW! This scarf looks so luxurious and very classy! I can almost feel its softness against my neck. I haven't knitted in quite some time and I think this is where I'll ease back into it. I've never knitted with merino wool before. Anyone have some good tips on using it in this scarf?

I like how basic yet bold this pattern is. Easy stitches but with really pronounced ribbing. Want to try this one.

I do not know why anyone is having a problem finding the pattern - again all one has to do is click on that pink button that says 'click here for knitting pattern'. That button will take you to the designer's website where one will find the following directions "K2, p2, repeat to last 3 stitches, k2, p1. Repeat this row. Thats it!" What could be simpler? I do not understand the rude comments placed here - there are two rows, explained on the website, ergo no need to print anything else for a crisp pattern and a smart looking scarf

I also am having trouble finding the pattern. There is no pink button saying "click here for knitting pattern." I guess I will write the "what could be simpler?" directions on paper... the old-fashioned way )

Well - I stand corrected - there is no pink button. However, printed in green ink - under the picture - you will find "click here for knitting pattern." Thanks!

This is a beautiful warm scarf. I made a solid black one for my son, and a multicoloured one for myself. We both love them!

I can not find the pattern.

I wondered if you dealt with customers in the uk

I cannot rate something that I have not dealt with before, so I am not rejecting anything yet marguerite holt

Love the pattern and have knit it 7 or8 times.. Can the pattern be used to make a hat?

sounds like a super easy scarf with a little pizazzz

This is a pretty pattern, thank you for posting it!

Do not tell us we get a pattern and then it prints garbage. False advertisement

the way the pattern is printing, is not the fault of this website, they simply provide the link to the pattern, they do not determine if it is printable or not. Who wastes the time to print a 2 row pattern? Nobody does this, except possibly you, so when it doesn't work out you can come on here and be rude.

Pattern will not print. Just the emails print? Wasting lots of paper and still no pattern!

Please send me a free pattern of a scarf

I'm not having any luck printing the patterns - do you have a solution?

Yes, take a piece of paper and a pencil or pen and write it down; it's a very simple pattern.

Easy scarf pattern in knitting

The Pattern - CO 39 sts. K2, p2, repeat to last 3 stitches, k2, p1. Repeat this row. That's it! I have a inkling that row 2 is the opposite of row 1 (p2,k2, rep to last 3 sts, p2,k1) Sew in ends, wash gently by hand, block and let air dry.

I have made 2 of these and the pattern is exactly as the 1 row is written.

Why can I not get the pattern to print?

I am trying to save the pattern but it will not let me, I love this one.

This one is my pick! It is easy, good for either sex, looks warm and snugly. I love the color too! Gotta make one of these for my son. let's see, I think that will be Project # 328! (:-)

This scarf is a hand-knitted cuddle

I like it, so much a unisex scarf and colour so comfy looking

I pick this pattern. I looks to be the warmest of the two. Also the pattern is easy and it is quick to knit

I like this one the best, easy to make , looks the warmest and the most versatile.

I'd pick this scarf because it is so versatile. It works for either a manor woman. It also would be very pretty made into a shawl or laprobe.

I really like this scarf. The pattern is easy to memorize, plus the scarf turns out very cozy and warm. A winner in my opinion!

I would like to cast my vote for this scarf in the challenge. Very handsome and useful more than decorative.

I am not able to copy any patterns but i think this is the best scarf pattern there is. It will keep the cold off of your neck all winter.

I love this pattern. I'm making it for my husband. I am usuing a heavy weight marino wool from Peru on #11 needles. I had to decrease the number of stitches to 21 to achieve a 6 inch width for a man. Love that it is the same on both sides.

I love this pattern! It has the ribbed look without the tightness of a traditional k2 p2 pattern. Have made several of these and will make more.

Yes..I intend to make it. It's a nice looking scarf and can be used for either sex.

I like it

It's really easy and it has raised lots of wows among my friends. Thank you for sharing.

Yes... I've already used this pattern for my hubby. I made it with horizontal stripes :)

interesting..i'm ready.

I have made several scarves by this pattern. I also like to use this pattern when I am knitting afghan squares for charity groups.

I made an afghan usung thus stitch for hubby when he watches TV. I have made this stitch afghans for 34 years now and they make great gifts. Just cast on using 36 inch circular needle for size wanted. I do anywhere from baby blankets to king size. I also use this stitch for sweaters, they are awesome soft when using Lion Brand yarn. Also anyone making prayer shawls for their church, same yarn and everyone wants them.

I would definitely make this scarf...and I think I have just the yarn to do so.

I made this with Wool-Ease by Lion Brand. This is a #6 weight yarn and the scarf came out too wide. A little wider and it could have been a shawl. The ribbing, however, is wonderful. I tried it again with only 31 stitches and it came out much better. Next time I'll try it with 29 stitches.

I would make it because it is not overly dramatic and the pattern can be used with many different yarn types - and this is a great project for me to carry along and to be worked on while waiting or chatting.

I would make it if I was in a hurry to make a scarf because the big needles would make it a quick knit.

I made this scarf for my nephew, but haven't seen him yet to give it to him.

I think it is simple yet interesting.

I agree with some of the other comments. This seems like a perfect scarf pattern for a man or woman just by changing the yarn weight or needle size. I can't wait to try it.

Looks like a great quick and easy pattern whose look could be readily changed just by using different types and weights of yarn. I am looking forward to giving it a try.

I made five easy mistake stitch scarfs for Christmas, and everyone really loved them. I really enjoyed making them.

I wouldn't bother making it - it's not very interesting looking, no challenge to knit and doesn't look particularly inviting to wear.

It's on my list of scarves to make.

I love this stictch, is easy, reversible and makes the yarn look prettier. I have done several scarves fon men, women an children and love it. Thanks

i love this pattern also. it makes a wonderful quick scarf, and even those of us with short term memory loss (lol) can make this. I love the stitch so much too that i made a tank top with it. Thanks a bunch!!!

I love this pattern so much it's my go-to scarf pattern. A simple pattern with beautiful results. Try it...You'll like it!

I love this pattern....made several for men for Christmas and they loved them but my granddaughter loved her father's and ordered one. Everyone that saw the scarf loved the pattern...it was a bit hit. I knit tight and next time will use a larger needle so the pattern shows up better.

Yes, I would make this lovely scarf, fast and easy. Great for a last minute gift.

i made it and i loved the texture - nice and thick - i would definitely make it again.

I love the look, I'm going to try it tonight. I'll let you know what I think . I may make it a little bit narrower.

I loved it. Made one for Christmas, and added 6" fringe at both ends. Much nicer texture than plain rib.

I think I will try this one. I've already made scarves using the mistake stitch. Gave one to my DH's grandson and he loved it.

Love it! Made it twice so far and will make it again:-)

Love it. Made it as a Christmas gft for my son along with a cowl of different yarn using the same stitch. It's warm and thick.

Made it, love it! Used the pattern for a couple of scarves as well as for facecloths & dishcloths for Christmas gifts. All were well appreciated and 'ahhhd' over!

I made 4 of these scarves for Christmas gifts and I love this pattern. My family also loved the scarves!

Not sure. I don't like to knit with the bulky yarn. Could try a two different colors held together. will let you know if I do.

Yes. I really like it and will make it.

I think this scarf looks really cosy for the winter months and I would definitely knit it for myself or as a gift. Suitable for a male or female depending which wool is used. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

As a matter of fact, I just purchased yarn for this scarf yesterday. I saved the pattern the first time I saw it. I thought it was very pretty.

When I do K2 P2 it doesn't look like this scarf... This looks more like a K1

Are you getting the gauge specified in the pattern ("4.5 stitches per inch in rib pattern, slightly stretched")? It could be that you knit too tightly to get the proper gauge with the needles mentioned & you need to use a larger size needle for it to look right...good luck!

Be sure to go to the end of the pattern and hit print -- at the bottom of the page. That is the only way I can get it to work.

@donnafred11 9087930, maryretrnc, Go to the page and highlight the text, then right-click on it. You'll get a window that gives you the option to "copy." Do that, and then paste the text into a word document. You should be able print that document that way. --Editors of AllFreeKnitting


I have been very disappointed that I have not been able to print any of your directions on your free patterns WHAT GIVES??????????

I think for some things you could copy and paste into word or something then print. I have printed out some patterns fine. But, sometimes when something like this happens it is because I need to update Java or just give my computer a general update on suggestions that I have been ignoring.


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