50+ Infinity Scarf Patterns You'll Love


50+ Infinity Scarf Patterns You'll Love

Regardless of your skill level, if you want to learn how to knit an infinity scarf, you've come to the right place.


Infinity Scarf Patterns Youll Love

No matter what the season, infinity scarves are one of the simplest ways to add a touch of style to your outfit.  That and they're also incredibly addicting to knit!  Depending on the weight of yarn your infinity scarf calls for, you can make your circle scarf suitable for sunny days, snowy days and everything in between. 

Given their versatility, I guarantee at least one infinity scarf will become a welcomed addition to your wardrobe — starting today.  Infinity scarves, which are just scarves with both ends sewn to one another to create a long loop, are excellent channels for practicing and experimenting with new stitches. 

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PLUS! Learn how to turn any scarf into an infinity scarf by seaming! Just watch the easy-to-follow video below.

Colorful Spring Infinity Scarves

Brighten up your collection of spring clothes with these light, lacy and colorful designs for circle scarves.  If you're wavering between two yarn choices, just look to nature for some inspiration — new flowers are budding and blooming into life every day during this season that's centered on regrowth. 

Once you've settled on a pattern and a yarn, just pair any of these spring knitted cowls with a flowy top and jeans to create a winning combination that's perfect for all your weekend endeavors — or for a drafty day at the office.  My personal favorite is the Cool Breeze Infinity Cowl; this scarf pattern has a basic design that provides an exceptional backdrop for bolder yarn colors.

Colorful Anime Cowl

Made with an art yarn that features various flecks of vibrant hues including red, green, yellow, red and blue, the Colorful Anime Cowl is a super long knit accessory, meaning it can easily be worn looped around your neck twice for an instantly chic look.

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Cool Breeze Infinity Cowl

Suitable for most yarn types, this easy-to-wear Cool Breeze Infinity Cowl is just what you need this winter.  Rich texture, made possible by the Cartridge Belt Rib stitch, blends elegantly with the varying shades of blue featured on this knit cowl pattern.

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Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf

The Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf is a great project for a lazy afternoon relaxing in front of the TV or catching up with friends. The neutral colors in this scarf is perfect for any season.

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Button Love Scarf

If you're all about the embellishments, then this Button Love Scarf is for you. The extra length allows you to style it tons of different ways, and you can always substitute beads or small pompoms for the buttons if you'd like.

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Spring Lace Infinity Scarf

This chartreuse-colored infinity scarf is pretty lace option for warm weather accessorizing. The Spring Lace Infinity Scarf features gorgeous lace edging and a simple body interspersed with few rows of dropped stitches for added interest.

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Fresh Spring Infinity Scarf

This refreshing mint-colored infinity scarf is the perfect accessory to brighten up your spring wardrobe. The Fresh Spring Infinity Scarf is a great weight for breezy spring days - not too light, and not too heavy.

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Two Hour Princess Scarf

The Two Hour Princess Scarf is a pretty pastel scarf that is perfect for all you girly-girls out there. This easy infinity scarf is perfect for the spring, from its light, fresh color to its open stitches.

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London Fog Knit Cowl

Take a look at this London Fog Knit Cowl. Ridiculously simple, even those who have never picked up a pair of knitting needles in their lives can manage this cowl.

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Totally Looped Infinity Scarf

The Totally Looped Infinity Scarf is a lovely piece to wear around your neck without any fuss. When it's warm, you can wear this knitted scarf long and loose and when it's cold, you can double it around your neck for extra coverage.

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Lavender Lace Infinity Scarf

If you've been searching for a spring infinity scarf, then this Lavender Lace Infinity Scarf might be just what you're looking for. With its soft lavender color, airy lace texture, and gentle drape, this infinity scarf knitting pattern is the perfect spring accessory.

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Sheer Elegance Sampler Scarf Knit Along

This beautiful knit scarf pattern is the perfect addition to your pile of knit accessories. The Sheer Elegance Sampler Scarf has plenty of stitch patterns to keep you entertained while knitting, and is the perfect weight and coziness for any season.

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Sailor's Infinity Cowl

We live in a pretty fast-paced world. As a result, quick and easy knitting projects are in high demand. Some of us simply don't have the time to devote to knitting an entire afghan. However, who says quality, fashion knits can't be produced in a matter of hours? This infinity scarf is proof.

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Arm Knit Infinity Scarf Video Tutorial

Learn how to knit a scarf that not only knits up fast but is also guaranteed to keep you looking trendy all year long with this easy-to-follow arm knitting tutorial! The chunky yarn is on-trend and the pattern itself is quick and easy enough even for beginners to follow.

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Burnished Rose Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves have been becoming increasingly popular in the wonderful world of fashion as of late, and it isn't hard to see why. These beautiful scarves are often quite versatile, providing a light and playful look for even the warmer months, which you can see in the Burnished Rose Infinity Scarf.

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Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf

If you've ever wanted to learn how to make an infinity scarf, this is the perfect pattern for you. Most people make a straight scarf for their first knitting project and sometimes it can be intimidating to move away from that, but there is no need to worry with this wonderfully easy knitting pattern.

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Tangy Moebius Cowl

Brightly-colored knitting patterns are beautiful and this infinity scarf is no exception. Add an extra flair to your favorite fancy dress, or simply toss it on over a t-shirt and jeans to create a cute and casual outfit for on-the-go.

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Canaletto Cowl

Infinity scarves are all the rage nowadays, and they don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. There's a widespread misconception that scarves can only be worn in the winter, but we're ready to challenge that with this Canaletto Cowl.

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Fashionable Fall Knit Circle Scarf Patterns

While it's easy to get swept up in the beautiful hues that autumn brings, let's not forget that the weather is also chilly.  Bundle up in style with these classic patterns that are ideal for a fall climate. 

Beginner knitters can put their skills to the test with the straightforward Cozy Autumn Cowl; while more experienced knitters can build upon existing talents with the attractive Lavender Magic Scarf, which boasts large, twisted cables.

When it comes to knitting, the possibilities are simply endless.  Browse these great ideas, find the style that speaks to you, and get to work.  You will have a beautiful addition to your knitted infinity scarf collection in no time.

Brioche Rib Infinity Scarf

There's something to be said for knit scarf patterns that are not only quick and easy to finish but also incredibly fashionable. The Brioche Rib Infinity Scarf is everything you need to keep warm while still maintaining your sense of style.

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Cozy Autumn Cowl

Made with style and comfort in mind, this Cozy Autumn Cowl features warm, bulky wool and can easily be wrapped around your neck twice for additional protection from cold winds.

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Elegant Waves Infinity Scarf

This beautiful cream-colored scarf is fashionable yet understated, giving you a sleek and chic vibe. The Elegant Waves Infinity Scarf is thin enough to drape nicely, yet thick enough to keep you warm.

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Brickworks Thin-finity Scarf

This easy knit infinity scarf is great for beginner knitters who want to learn how to knit a scarf with some style and flair. It also works great as a stress-free knitting pattern that can be taken up between big projects.

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Cozy Weekend Infinity Scarf

It may seem impossible to find a scarf that is cozy yet chic but this Cozy Weekend Infinity Scarf does the trick! This beginner's knitting project makes for a simple and lovely scarf.

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Coral Corduroy Infinity Scarf

This Coral Corduroy Infinity Scarf is soft, chunky, and super easy. Using chunky weight yarn and circular needles, this free knitting pattern knits up quickly and makes a very cozy infinity scarf.

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Infinity Waves Scarf

The Infinity Waves Scarf is an incredible scarf easily knit using DK-weight yarn. You will love wearing this easy knitting pattern all season long and the multitude of colors will surely catch your eye.

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Favorite Circle Scarf

The Favorite Circle Scarf is one of those lovely infinity scarves that fill my heart with joy. This adorable knit infinity scarf is about to become your new favorite neck warmer, outfit enhancer, mood lifter, and smile maker.

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Lace and Mohair Infinity Scarf

This beautiful knit infinity scarf is the perfect addition to your pile of knit accessories. The Lace and Mohair Infinity Scarf has a delicate lace design but is substantial enough to keep you warm all season long.

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Fast Fashion Infinity Scarf

Have you tried arm knitting yet? With the Fast Fashion Infinity Scarf, you get a beautiful knitted scarf in less than half the time. This knit scarf pattern comes in the form of a step-by-step tutorial to create your special scarf.

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Braided Cables Winter Infinity Scarf

This thick and luxurious winter scarf is perfect for keeping warm during the deep freeze. Its long enough that you can wrap it around twice for added warmth, but it still looks and feels great just as is.

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Cane Stitch Infinity Scarf

The Cane Stitch Infinity Scarf is a lovely free knitting pattern that features an open fabric and an interesting design. This pattern features instructions for both a woman and a teenager, so you can customize the size accordingly.

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Diamonds Infinity Scarf

Traveling eyelets form a diamond pattern in this cozy, color-blocked infinity scarf. This unique design will surely stand out from the crowd on a cold winter day. You certainly do not want to miss this stunning pattern.

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Doubled Looped Scarf

One of the greatest things about knit infinity scarves is that they are just as versatile as the traditional knitted scarves. They can be worn wrapped double (or even triple) around your neck or left hanging open for a unique yet fashionable look. Learning how to knit an infinity scarf has never been easier.

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Leftover Yarn Infinity Scarf

Of course, one of the great things about simple knitting patterns like these is that they are great quick homemade gifts for friends and family. Everyone loves getting new scarves even if they're bought from the store... the fact that you are giving them something you created yourself is special. You don't need to tell them you used leftover yarn!

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How to Knit an Infinity Scarf for Winter

When the weather is particularly brutal, it's best to select a chunky circle scarf that can be looped around the neck multiple times to create a dense layer of warmth.  Did I mention that because these patterns require thicker yarn, you'll be able to whip up multiple circle scarves in a matter of hours?  Select your favorite yarn this weekend, sit down with one of these patterns, start knitting and watch as your new accessory begins to come to life right before your eyes. 

Now, there are many insulating patterns out there, but if you're having trouble choosing which one to knit first, know that you can't go wrong with any of these fabulous projects below.  Each one, with its unique charm and soft textures, is essential for colder seasons.

Openwork Infinity Scarf

The Openwork Infinity Scarf is not only a cozy option for a chilly winter day, it's a gorgeous, outfit-enhancing accessory. This beautiful knit infinity scarf is perfect for stylish fashionistas who hate being cold.

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Homespun Circle Scarf

This rustic and chic project is a wardrobe staple as well as a sweet treat for your neck. The Homespun Circle Scarf is a beautiful shade of warm brown with a lovely stitch texture.

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Cozy Eternity Scarf

Knit entirely in garter stitch, the Cozy Eternity Scarf proves that you don't have to toil over a complicated pattern for a beautiful result. Made with super bulky yarn, this is a great quick knit and one of the easiest knitting patterns for beginners you will ever find.

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Checkmate Knit Infinity Scarf

This super easy and quick Checkmate Knit Infinity Scarf goes with anything and can be finished in one evening. It is knit on big needles with super bulky yarn, making it a great beginner project.

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Half Fisherman Rib Stitch Scarf

The Half Fisherman Rib Stitch Scarf is a beautiful oversized knit infinity scarf you won't be able to resist. This scarf works up quickly and will keep you warm all season long.

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Stockholm Scarf

Elegant free knitting patterns like this one are great for kicking off the start of autumn. Wear your cozy Stockholm Scarf wrapped twice around your neck for instant glamor.

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Chunky Orchid Cowl

Just say no to dark and depressing winter weather and cheer yourself up by donning this chunky cowl knitting pattern. Made with two different types of yarn, the Chunky Orchid Cowl is perfect for showing off your favorite skein of specialty yarn.

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Chevron Delight Infinity Scarf

Knits like the Chevron Delight Infinity Scarf are just as versatile as they are trendy and fashionable. The many different color changes in this knit scarf pattern are sure to help you create a beautifully unique infinity scarf you'll just love reaching for again and again.

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The Easiest Elegant Infinity Scarf

The pattern for this simple circle scarf is so straightforward, you can catch up on your favorite shows or keep an eye on the kids while you finish it up. The end result is a lovely, sophisticated infinity scarf that you can wear in any season.

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Faux Cable Infinity Scarf

If you want the look of an oversized knit infinity scarf, but you don't want to blow your budget on expensive skeins of super bulky yarn, then this scarf can't be beat.

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Purple Ombre Infinity Scarf

This Purple Ombre Infinity Scarf is absolutely stunning. The lace yarn with its gentle purple fade makes this infinity scarf knitting pattern look soft and delicate. The open weave of the lace pattern is lovely as well.

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Ocean Star Infinity Scarf

Bulky yarn and an easy, openwork star stitch combine to form a great last-minute gift or quick project for when cold weather strikes! Check out this pattern that utilizes basic knitting techniques.

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Basic Knit Infinity Scarf

While many of these knit scarf patterns call for working in the round for a seamless finish to your newest knitted accessory, you can just as easily cast any of these beauties on straight needles and seam the finished product in the end. Straight needle lovers will adore this Basic Knit Infinity Scarf.

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15 Minute Arm Knit Infinity Scarf

Arm knitting is the new technique that is sweeping the knitting world, so it should come as no surprise that it's included on a list of quick-knitted infinity scarves. Toss those needles aside and get physical with these infinity scarves that are knit entirely on your arms. Without the hassle of small knitting needles, this knit scarf pattern can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes!

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Simple Infinity Scarf

Of course we know that beauty and brains can coexist. These smart, stylish knits are perfect for wear no matter what the weather. For knitters who don't need an infinity scarf done within the hour, this knit scarf pattern will keep you busy all through the night.

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Neon Striped Infinity Scarf

I'm one of the laziest dressers on the planet, especially in the morning. I like clothes and shopping, but I like sleep more. That's why infinity scarves like this one are some of my favorite accessories. I simply throw them on any outfit and I look cute, stylish, and like I actually put thought into what I'm wearing.

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Blue Ice Winter Scarf

If there's any season you need to learn how to make an infinity scarf for, it's winter. The biting chill of arctic air on your neck is enough to drive anyone insane. Thankfully, it gives you a really good excuse to wear a cute knit infinity scarf like this Blue Ice Winter Scarf.

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I love your collection posts because it allows me to see a variety of patterns for something that I am particularly searching for. This one does not disappoint because there is such a vast collection here for all types of styles and occasions. This one is definitely a keeper for future referencing.

I've made only one infinity scarf, I love its coziness around my neck and how fashionable it can be.


love infinity scarfs cuz they don't have to be up close tight around your neck. you can wear them loose and still be stylish. thank you very much

Infinity Scarfs are so stylish )

I love infinity scarfs because there a small project that is great for trying out new stitch patterns and new yarns. It doesn't take a big lot of yarn. You can use that special skien you bought while traveling. The project is portable and you can make one for every season depending on yarn choice

I love that they are so versatile.

i love making them because they feel great and look fantastic with any outfit

They are stunning to wear and I cannot wait to learn how to make them

It's so easy to work in rounds!

The thing I love most about Infinity Scarves is the neat and wonderful stitching.

My wife loves how easy they are to make.

they are so pretty

i love to make them and give them away to others and see them enjoy them. You can wear them year round because you can make them out of yarn that's light weight or heavy weight. It doesn't take long to make them and bless someone with them.thank you for the giveaway. God bless you today. and every day

Their 'Timeless' and 'eternal' appeal....

I love them because they are decorative, like a beautiful piece of jewellery.

I love their versatility. You can wear them all year round by changing thread.

The best part is popping one on to upscale your outfit and out the door you go !


They go with everything and make a great gift!!!

I love the Infinity Scarf for several reasons. Just a few are 1. generally easy to make. 2. very versatile 3. So very comfy in cold Michigan winters

I Love working in the round, it goes fast and the end result looks like you spent weeks making it!!

I have a few infinity scarves that I love. They are addictive to make!

I love them because they are usually pretty simple to make, but all usually have a unique pattern, they are pretty, and have just enough warmth to be warn all year long!

Infinity scarves are so cozy

What I love most about infinity scarves is the ease in which one can wear one and look so stylish. Infinity scarves = effortlessness to me and I can always throw one on a just go, looking great. Love that!

I love that they're a short knitting project, usually!

The versatility of the different patterns and yarn weights mean I can wear them year round! The lack of ends to get tangled in my coat zipper or make extra bulk is also a huge plus!

I love that I don't have to worry about it coming "undone" and falling off!

What I love most about infinity scarves is their infinite variety - in pattern, style, and ways to wear them.

they are warm and cozy and don't have the ends that fall into food and stuff and get messy P

I prefer finite scarves... infinity scarves give me claustrophobia ) I like being able to wrap a scarf in multiple ways and to loosen it as needed.

Just toss it on and go, voila! Plus, I love knitting scarves because they don't take forever.

i like infinity scarves because they do not fall off and the name itself is cool

I love the infinite designs and yarns used with infinity scarves. They go with everything.

If I'm going to live forever, a scarf called infinity sounds like a perfect match. I like that they stay put instead of sliding off when you aren't paying attention. Just watch that the loop doesn't catch on something and choke you.

I love lacy infinity scarves. They can be used with almost any type of outfit.

I love the lacy cowls.

Love it!!!!

I don't knit, I crochet, so I can't use these lovely patterns. I love the infinity scarves because they stay put and I don't have to worry about long ends getting caught in doors! )

They are easy to knit, there are many different patterns and it can be worn many different ways


The scarf can surround you. I like that.

Versitile, don't fall down

So much less likely to lose!!!

I love the versatility of an infinity scarf

I love how warm and cozy they look especially being a Vermonter

my favorite thing about infinity scarves is that they are easy to wear.

I love that they go over your head and don't fall off! I also love all the different patterns here for scarves, shawls and so many other items.

Infinity scarves are so versatile

Getting ready to cast on for the Spring Lace Infinity Scarf. I love the combination of lace patterns!

I love to experiment with different textures infinity scarves are great little projects!

looking forward to making my first infinity scarf ... maybe one of these

Infinity scarves are so easy to make wear. They can really transform any outfit.

I love scarves both infinity and regular. Being a new knitter about 9 months scarves really do help me to learn new stitches.

I love infinity scarves! They are pretty. I'm a big scarf lover anyway.

They are harder to lose!

I love the snuggly warmth of infinity scarves.

i love infinity scarves because they are flattering to my gracefully aging neck! And, of course, so easy and versatile, endless patterns.

I love infinity scarves because they are cozy go with everything.

Versatility is the number 1 reason I love these. They are easy and can dress up whatever you choose to wear. I love them.

I love infinity scarves most when I am baking! No worries of scorching scarf ends on the oven door!

Like what the finish scarve looks like lovely

They are small and portable.

I am going to have to start soon to get some done in time for family Christmas gifts x about 20 people...it is after all only 10 months away!

Infinity scarves are a great beginner project.

Infinite possibilities!

I love seeing the people I care about smile and gifting them with something handmade is one way to do that. Infinity scarves knit up so quickly and are always appreciated.

I love the way they not only keep your neck warm but they are a beautiful way to add a stylish excessory to your outfit plus I love knitting them.

They're versatile. So many varieties, long or short!

Love making scarves.

Infinity scarves are so easy to wear and fun to make!!! Great list.

I love that they feel like you are getting a hug the whole time you are wearing one, they're so snugly. I also love how beautiful they are and can be worn with most anything. They are a joy to make as well.

I like the infinity scarves.

I love the ones that are really wide, and not too long. I have 3 like this that I use as miniskirts with leggings and a long sweater.

I've been making infinity scarves for my bike-riding friends and they adore them!

Love knitting scarves!

With many sisters, nieces and grand-nieces. I love to see them in my handy work.

Infinity scarves are one of the most forgiving projects... and make me look like a more proficient knitter than I probably deserve. Yay!

They are a great way to learn new stitches

Infinity scarves are my daughters favorite. She wears one nearly every day.

I love that they can wrap cozily around the neck without coming open or "undone", and you can't lose them )

Beautiful scarves! Infinity scarves are the best because they go with literally everything

I love infinity scarves because they stay around your neck without falling off. You can either wear them double or single.

I love infinity scarfs, they are so warm and you never have to worry about them unwrapping and loosing them! I also love that made in different fibres, they can be worn in many seasons.

I love infinity scarves and the spring one is really beautiful!

I flat out just love the look of infinity scarves; there's nothing dangling like a regular scarf.

I love how warm an infinity scarf keeps me during cold, Chicago winters.

I like that it won't fall off your neck and you can double it up for extra warmth or a different style

Infinity scarves are so much fun to make! So many options! And they stay put! -)

Infinity scarves are so easy to wear. Warm, comfortable, and no chance of losing them (unless someone else falls in love with it and persuades you to part with it!)

Infinity scarves are great for practicing new stitch combos for warmth and beginner creativity.......so much knitting fun.....!!

Love infinity scarves, warm, cozy and don't fall off.

I like infinity scarves because they stay in place and don't fall in your food.

Classy looking - really make the outfit.

They can't fall off my neck, and I can make them out of any kind of yarn and pattern.

I love working on round needles. Spent my winter making baggy hats... now it's time for matching infinity scarves.

I love not having loose ends dragging along and keeping in place to stay warm!

I love making scarves in the first place, but I like infinity scarves because they can be any length, keep your neck warm in colder weather, look good with a winter coat, and really make statements when just worn over your everyday clothes long or short. Really makes your appearance "pop" with I love to do.

I love them because one side doesn't get pulled or out of place like a normal scarf. They are also fashionable

I love the colour it brings to my face and the fact that I don't have to worry about ends!

A pleasure to knit and to wear. Keeps me war.

They look classy, neat, professional. No ends hanging or getting hung in the car door, dragging around on the floor as your scarf falls off your coat...

Easy to make for friends and family and they all love them!

I love how filmy, intricate and delicate the spring infinity scarf is. It appears to be so lightweight that you'd barely feel it on. It would go well dressing up an outfit whether it were a night on the town or heading to lunch with a friend. Beautiful...just beautiful. Can't wait to put it on my needles.

Best thing ever knitted! They never fall off.

THey do not constantly have to be readjusted.

They are so versatile wrapped in many different ways they are a high fashion necessity

I always feel safe a cozy. When I tuck my nose in, it's like being in bed.

Any kind of yarn or fabric can be created with an infinity scarf. From delicate lace to bulky weight yarns. If you want a challenge or just need a fast gift. Infinity scarves are it!

love the versatility of infinity scarves- wear them log over a top for a lash of colour or wrapped round and over a jacket to give added warmth

I love infinity scarves because they are totally versatile! They go with everything )

These scarves are so easy to knit or crochet and work up so fast-such a pretty thing to throw on on a cold day!

I love these, they are so fast and easy to knit. I always make them throughput the year and in the fall I have a box full for the homeless.

I like that they stay in place and look good in any weight of yarn.

Since I am cold natured, infinity scarves are perfect for added warmth and the can be worn with so many different styles for a new look. Hope they never go out of style!

What I love most about infinity scarves is their versatility....you can wear them in so many different ways that it looks like you have this huge wardrobe of scarf accents.

Infinity scarves are ideal projects for beginning knitters.

I love making infinity scarves, They are in fashion and with all the pretty yarns out there the textures and the colors the scarves really are pretty, besides I like that you can not get hung up on anything like a long scarf. They are easy to take along to.

I enjoy making scarves. A quicker way to try a new stitch. Infinity scarves work up quickly.

What's not to love about them. They are flattering on everyone! They stay in place even with quick movements, they don't fall down or come undone when you bend over and they stay in place over the head when worn as a hat/scarf combo.

I love how they stay in place, not having ends that fall off my shoulders.

My favorite thing about infinity scarves is that you never have to worry about how to wrap or tie them. Thanks for offering this nice giveaway!

I like that infinity scarves won't fall off your shoulders constantly!

What do I NOT love about infinity scarves is the better question? My favorite thing about winter is sweaters and scarves. So cozy!

What do I love most about infinity scarves? They're so easy to throw on and run out the door in! I mean, I could go on for INFINITY about them, but...you know...

Okay, seriously, infinity scarves are the best thing ever. They're beautiful scarves without the flailing ends of a normal scarf. They are easy to wrap and go. I like that they loop twice unlike cowls, because cowls can be so finicky with how they lay. Just, infinity scarves are amazing. I have so many. I once knitted an infinity scarf and it took two years but gosh darn it, it was worth it. Because it's an infinity scarf. They are the best. The absolutely best. And they're simple to make because they're a big rectangle with the ends sewn together usually. Gauge usually isn't critical. I love them. That is all I think.

Love this scarf pattern. Infinity scarves are really nice, and they go with everything. Very comfortable to wear.

Infinity scarves are so comfy and versatile!

What I love about infinity scarves is that the possibilities are endless...because, you know...infinity. Also, they're less bulky than traditional scarves and they're typically way faster to make!

I love that they don't come untied. I feel like traditional scarves are also more difficult to drape - I always feel like the ends look weird.

I love infinity scarves because they are so much cozier than traditional scarves. They also look a little more polished than normal scarves because you don't have to worry about the tails!

I am trying to find Knitting Patterns for Toy Food items - knitting them for a Group of special small children, anything help in this matter will be very appricated.

My favorite thing about infinity scarves is that they're so easy to knit!! Perfect for beginners. And I ALSO love that you can style them in multiple ways, so they're versatile and cozy.

I love infinity scarves because they are cozy and cute! Plus, traditional rectangle scarves are a little more awkward to wear and can come untied. Infinity scarves are also a great way for beginners like myself to get into knitting.

I feel like the neck-warmth-to-fashionable-ness ratio is on point for infinity scarves, something that is sometimes lacking with "regular" scarves. Poor regular scarves.

I love infinity scarves because they always look great without having to tie them! You can just wrap them and go.

I love infinity scarves way more than regular scarves. It's easier to make them wrap around your neck and achieve ultimate cozy. Plus, they won't fly off your neck when strong winter winds hit you in the face.

I am a complete sucker for a good infinity scarf. I like that these patterns are fairly universal. You can use different weight yarns and get completely different results. These would make stunning and affordable gifts for any occasion! I'm definitely going to knit up a couple as Christmas presents. I'm looking forward to trying the Brioche Rib pattern next!

One of the things I like about a collection like this is, no matter what type of yarn you have on hand you can find a pattern that uses it. So if you just have regular yarn (worsted weight) or you have chunky (bulky) yarn you'll find a fabulous scarf for it!

Loads of infinity scarves in one collection - obviously meant for me. I enjoy knitting almost anything, but the infinity scarf and the cowl have become obsessions I have a basket full of cowls and infinity scarves and no idea what I am going to do with them LOL - more than I have people to give gifts to!! and still I am happy to find more

Red Cross would love them!

These are beautiful. I will be making several for presents as

The best one is the Pure Luxury Scarf

My favorite is Sunset Brioche Cowl

I logged in and you wanted me to rate the scarf. I did and submitted it and nothing happens. I would like to print the pattern and that is not possible. This is not a site that I find helpful for me. the picture of scarf prints, but no directions. Will have to look elswhere. Thanks anyway. Pretty scarves but too much trouble to copy

Hello! I'm sorry you're having trouble printing a scarf pattern. Which pattern, in particular, are you trying to print? In most cases, the pattern will have a "Print" button at the very top which should print the instructions in full. - Kathryn, Editor of AllFreeKnitting

Help! I'm looking for the Ashes to Ashes Cowl pattern featured on the AllFreeKnitting site. The pattern called for 10.5 needles and Bernat Roving yarn in Cobalt and Lazuli.

Hello! The Ashes to Ashes Cowl can be found on our blog, Stitch Unwind. Here is the link http//www.stitchandunwind.com/knit-cowl-pattern-fr == om-yarnspirations/ Hope this helps! -Kathryn, Editor of AllFreeKnitting

The link in my previous comment does not seem to be working. My apologies! If you head to stitchandunwind.com and click "Full Patterns," the cowl you are looking for will be at the bottom of the first page. Thank you!

broken rib cow scrves

Love the Gossamer Infinity pattern.

Looking for a pattern L30001 ?

So excited to arm knit an infinity scarf!

Excellent patterns - just can't finish them quickly enough x

I love these gorgeous patterns! You can really wear these scarves in almost any season.

i need help with a knitttng patterns

What if I don't have an ebook How do I get the patterns?

This is not actually an eBook collection. To find the pattern you want, just click on the pattern and then click through to the blogger's page.

After a bit of touring the site to figure the how's & where's I find it an enjoyable site to collect free patterns. I save all my fave's in the pdf format & print when needed....too kewl!! Thank you for providing awesome patterns in crotchet, knit & loom making. :)

Where do I find this pattern? I am not able to download any instructions

How do you open 12 infinity scarfs to knit?

You should not be asking for credit card info if your patterns are free. Just give the download if it is free.

How come there is no pattern for the one on the third row on the right?

Thank you for this wonderful pattern! It seems so simple to do, but it looks so elegant when it's done. This is a perfect pattern for a somewhat beginner such as myself. I'm going to make one of these for my mom. Thanks again!

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