26 Straight Needle Knitting Patterns You Need


26 Straight Needle Knitting Patterns You Need

All of these free knitting pattern use two needles. What are you waiting for? Find your next straight knitting needle pattern today.


Straight Needle Knitting Patterns

Straight needle knitting patterns are a mainstay of the knitting world. Most beginners learn how to knit on straight needles, and even advanced knitters love their straightforward simplicity.

Chances are good that you have straight needles in a variety of sizes just waiting to be put to use. But while it's a safe bet that most scarves are knit on straight needles, patterns with instructions on how to knit a hat with straight needles can be much harder to find, and knit sweater patterns harder still.

If you're on the hunt for these elusive patterns, you've come to the right place. Maybe you're a beginner still intimidated by knitting in the round, or maybe you're a seasoned veteran who's just not interested in dealing with double points and stitch markers at the moment. Whatever the reason, we've got you covered. These straight needle knitting patterns will are good for more than just knitting a hat with straight needles.

For knitters who are just starting out, the different types of knitting needles can be intimidating. If you're not quite ready to dive into the world of DPNs, circulars, and magic loop, we don't blame you! These straight needle patterns are perfect for both novices and experienced knitters, so you can experiment and find the best piece for your particular needs and skill level.

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These hat and sweater patterns range from the simple to the sophisticated, all of them wonderful additions to any wardrobe.

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Flat Knit Hat Patterns for Beginners

Can you ever have too many hats? At AllFreeKnitting, we don't think so! Knitting a hat can be a totally relaxing process that gives you an opportunity to flex your crafting muscles in a unique way. Straight needle knitting patterns come in all shapes and sizes and these knit hat patterns are fun and functional.

As a staple piece of any winter wardrobe, a good knit hat should do more than just keep your head warm. You want to make something interesting enough that you'll want to wear again and again. With their simple but attractive designs, these patterns are a great way for beginners to learn how to knit a hat with straight needles.

My First Knit Hat

If you can knit and knit two together, you can knit this hat. My First Knit Hat is perfect for the beginning knitter just learning how to knit a hat.

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Orange Sherbet Easy-Fit Hat

This easy knit hat pattern features a simple ribbed stitch, fold-over brim, and a yarn the color of one of our favorite summer treats.

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2-Hour Butterfly Beanie

This incredibly quick and easy knit beanie pattern is a gorgeous and cozy way to show off a skein of lacy butterfly yarn.

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Essential Berry Beret

This cold weather necessity is knit entirely on straight needles, so you don't have to worry about trying to learn a new skill just to get a knitted hat of your own.

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Nice and Easy Beanie Pattern

This cute and easy knitting pattern for beginners is the perfect pattern to knit for charity. The Basic Adults Knitted Beanie is an adorable knit hat in a beautiful shade of steel gray blue.

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Super Simple Knit Bow Hat

Dismal weather doesn't have to mean dreary clothing. Bright colors and a big knitted bow make the Super Simple Knit Bow Hat a cheerful and stylish way to keep the winter cold at bay.

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Ribbed Flat Hat

This knitted pattern is sure to keep you warm! Wear this hat on chilly or windy days to keep your hair in place. Knit it using your favorite colors.

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Flat Knit Hat Patterns with Texture

Once you've moved beyond the basic garter, rib, and stockinette stitches, the possibilities are endless. Adorn your head with the classic curls of cables, or knit yourself a beanie with textured striping. These straight needle knitting patterns come in a variety of beautiful stitch patterns keep your fingers busy and your head warm.

Cobblestone Hat

Travel back in time to a world full of cobblestone with this unique knit hat pattern. By using the garter stitch cobblestone technique, this adorable hat that mimics the shape of its rocky counterpart.

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Burgundy Breeze Cable Knit Hat

The Burgundy Breeze Cable Knit hat is the perfect knit hat pattern to add to your stash of adorable knit accessories. The fun cable knit design adds a classic touch to this contemporary pattern.

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Lazy River Beanie

Everything about this slouchy knit beanie pattern is cool and breezy. It's a simple knit, takes no time at all to finish, and sits loosely on your head for an relaxed, lazy day fit.

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Cable Crush Winter Hat

Behold a cable knit hat pattern that doesn't require the use of circular or double pointed needles! That's right, the Cable Crush Winter Hat is a darling cold weather basic you can complete with two straight needles.

Arctic Sunset Cable Hat

Dazzle your friends and family with the lovely Arctic Sunset Cable Hat. You can stay warm in true knitting style with this fun cabled hat, a modern take on more traditional patterns.

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Super Slouch Hat

Learn how to knit a hat that's not only cozy but also quite fashionable. The Super Slouch Hat is the gorgeous knitted hat you don't have to be a professional knitter to cast on.

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Flat Knit Swirl Hat

The Flat Knit Swirl Hat is a medium weight knit hat perfect for fall days. The swirl pattern adds a nice amount of visual interest and the tweed colors are perfect for crisp days.

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Flat Knit Sweater Patterns

When you first started knitting, you probably dreamed of knitting yourself a sweater, then took a look at a pattern and filed that dream in the “maybe someday when it's not so scary” folder, never to be seen again. Beginner sweater patterns take the fear factor out of that dream by showing you how to knit a sweater with straight needles.

When you break it into smaller pieces you can check off as you complete them, a sweater starts to look a lot more approachable. These beautiful sweater patterns feature all of the warmth and accomplishment without having to to worry about knitting yourself in circles.

Sapphire Knit Pullover Pattern

The Sapphire Knit Pullover is one of those knit sweater patterns that becomes only more beautiful upon second glance. The classic, slimming silhouette is enhanced by a visually stunning stitch design.

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Fitted V-Neck Pullover

This simple, knit pullover pattern is a wardrobe essential. The Fitted V-Neck Pullover is a great way to show off your figure while staying warm all season long.

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Peek-a-Bamboo Top

Try on this cute, flirty top for a fun night out. The Peek-a-Bamboo Top is a great beginning knitting project for those looking to push their needles and complete an interesting piece.

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Cozy Weekend Sweater

The ultimate garment of relaxation, this chunky Cozy Weekend Sweater is so comfortable, you'll find yourself longing to throw it on at the end of every workday.

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Favorite Fashion Sweater Pattern

You'll turn heads when you don the sleek and stylish Favorite Fashion Sweater. This simple two-tone sweater will always be in style, particularly when the cold weather rolls around.

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Easy Casual Pullover

You'll turn heads when you don the sleek and stylish Favorite Fashion Sweater. This simple two-tone sweater will always be in style, particularly when the cold weather rolls around.

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Flat Knit Cardigan Patterns

Every girl needs a couple of good cardigans. These light and versatile layers are a great way to dress your outfit up or down, or to keep your wardrobe prepared for autumn breezes and the arctic air conditioning in that one store. However you choose to wear them, you'll love the knit cardigans made from these straight needle knitting patterns.

Aidez Fitted Cardigan

Wrap yourself in this cozy sweater that's full of elegance and warmth. You'll love how the Aidez Fitted Cardigan goes with nearly everything in your wardrobe!

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Evening Allure Sweater

Make some midnight knitting magic with the Evening Allure Sweater. This pretty knit sweater pattern is a beautiful blend of purples, blues, and grays stitched together in a cool, short sleeved, cozy knit.

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Easy Silk Cardi

This beautiful, ice blue knit cardigan pattern is a year-round essential. The Easy Silk Cardi is thin enough to dash away a summer breeze, yet thick enough to keep you warm throughout the autumn and winter seasons.

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Soft Cable Sweater

An incredible yarn makes this one soft, luscious sweater you won't want to miss. Make this Soft Cable Sweater to challenge yourself if you're a beginner, since it's an intermediate pattern, or to relax if you're an expert.

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Straight Needle Shawl Patterns

These straight needle knit shawl patterns are so stylish and so versatile. The hardest part will be deciding which one to knit first! Beginner knitters will love these simple patterns using straight needles. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful piece you will cherish for many years to come.

Plus, many of these shawls can be used as scarves, too, so you get two for the effort of one!

Laid-Back Shawl

This printable pattern may look complex due to the lacey design, but you'd be surprised to hear that it's actually suitable for beginners. Patterns like these make you wonder why you ever bothered with circular needles!

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Sun Shawl

The border on this shawl just makes it shine... one could say "like the sun." If you're looking for a straight needle knit to really impress your peers, this is the one.

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Lemon Lace Shawl Pattern

This shawl is knit in the stole style, meaning that you could wear it either as a rectangular shawl or as a scarf, wrapped around your neck. The cheery color and lovely design is to-die-for!

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I have been knitting for 60 years and still prefer straight needles. I can knit really fast using the Shetland method . acircular knitting is much too slow and fatiguing to me. I have hundreds of patterns for straight but really enjoy collecting new patterns on this site.

I need help in straightening out my circular plastic loop between the two needles. I want to use this method of knitting a hat but the loop is very wavy and difficult to manage. Thank you.

Go at the dollar store and get an aluminum roasting pan (large oval or rectangular), put enough boiling water in it to submerge your knitting needle (it has to be completely plastic, if your needle tips are wood leave them hanging out) leave your needles for 5 or 10 minutes and that will straighten them.

I started knitting "my first hat" shown above in pink in garter stitch After a few inches, I decided to add a few rows in different colors as a border. The effect was like a rickrack strip (lovely) on the wrong side. I recommend this for different projects. Also when giving hat instructions, could also suggest buying extra wool and making a matching bag. That's what I'm doing now.

I definitely prefer straight knitting needles to circular, so I'm excited to try out some of these patterns!

Every Link takes me to a page that says error, page not found... It didnt used to do this and unhappy that it is. PLS Fix!!

Hi PureClover, the links for this page have been updated and should be working properly now. Our apologies for the inconvenience! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

another good collection a source of ideas for those times when the saved patterns don't catch the imagination - you know you are going to knit them but not today, so turn to a book like this one


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