Cable Crush Winter Hat


Cable Crush Winter Hat

This knit hat pattern uses straight needles. No circular needles or double point needles required!

Cable Crush Winter Hat Pattern
Cable Crush Winter Hat Pattern

Behold a cable knit hat pattern that doesn't require the use of circular or double pointed needles! That's right, the Cable Crush Winter Hat is a darling cold weather basic you can complete with two straight needles. Knit flat with a sewn seam up the back, this blue beauty of a knit hat pattern proves that coziness doesn't have to be complicated. Finish off this fun hat with a giant pom pom for a whimsical touch and start showing off this gorgeous cable knitting pattern.


Knitting Needle Size10 or 6 mm, 9 or 5.5 mm

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

Gauge1 stitches, 2 rows, 3 inches. stockinette stitch

Materials List

  • Shetland Chunky (100 g/3.5 oz;136 m/148 yds)
  • Contrast A Oxford Grey (78046) - 1 ball
  • Contrast B Steel Blue (78105) - 1 ball
  • Contrast C Soft Teal (78209) - 1 ball
  • Sizes 5.5 mm (U.S. 9) and 6 mm (U.S. 10) knitting needles or size needed to obtain tension
  • Cable needle

One size to fit average woman's head.


  1. With smaller needles and A, cast on 73 sts.

  2. 1st row: (RS). *K1. P1. Rep from * to last st. K1.

  3. 2nd row: *P1. K1. Rep from * to last st. P1. Rep last 2 rows (K1. P1) ribbing for 3" [7.5 cm], ending with a 2nd row.

  4. Change to larger needles.

  5. 1st row: (RS). With B, K3. *M1. K2. M1. K3. Rep from * to end of row. 101 sts.

  6. 2nd and alt rows: Purl.

  7. 3rd row: K5. *C8F. K4. Rep from * to end of row.

  8. 4th to 10th rows: Beg with a purl row, work 7 rows in stocking st.

  9. 11th row: (RS). K1. *C8B. K4. Rep from * to last 4 sts. K4.

  10. 13th row: Knit.

  11. 15th and 17th rows: With C, knit.

  12. 19th to 27th rows: With C, rep 3rd to 11th rows once more.

  13. 28th row: Purl.

Shape Top:

  1. 1st row: (RS). K1. *K2tog. K3. Rep from * to end of row. 81 sts.

  2. 2nd and alt rows: Purl.

  3. 3rd row: K1. *K2tog. K2. Rep from * to end of row. 61 sts.

  4. 5th row: K1. *K2tog. K1. Rep from * to end of row. 41 sts.

  5. 7th row: K1. *K2tog. Rep from * to end of row. 21 sts. Break yarn, leaving a long end. Thread yarn through rem sts and fasten securely. Sew back seam.


  1. Wind 2 strands of A around 4 fingers approx 50 times. Tie tightly in the middle and leave a long end for attaching to Hat. Cut through each side of loops. Trim to a smooth round shape. Attach to top of Hat.


Slip next 4 stitches onto cable needle and leave at front of work. K4, then K4 from cable needle.
Slip next 4 stitches onto cable needle and leave at back of work. K4, then K4 from cable needle.
Knit next 2 stitches together.
Make 1 stitch by picking up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and knitting into back of loop.
wrong side

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As the amount if stitches is wrong has anyone managed to make this with any success ??

With casting on 73 stitches, I have just graphed out the increases that should give me 101 stitches as per the pattern, following the instructions exactly. I, too, have calculated 93 stitches by making 1 stitch 20 times. Please let me know where I have gone wrong. I have just come home excited with my purchased yarn but am afraid to begin knitting. Thanx much.

Hi xyuler, we just checked our version of the pattern against the one on the Yarnspirations website, and it appears to be identical. If you have done the math and believe there's a problem with the pattern, we recommend contacting the Patons design team over at to ask about their 'Patons Striped Cable Hat.' We hope this helps! Happy knitting! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

The increase on this row is actually 28 stitches, not 20 stitches. You are increasing 2 stitches for every 5 stitches on the needles, so there should be 14 increase of 2 stitches, not the 20 you have calculated, I've made this hat and the pattern is correct as written.

I have just increased after the ribbing and ended up with 93 stitches, not 103. Is there a mistake somewhere?

How would I convert this pattern to knit on circular needles

Love the hat the colors

This is a cute hat and now that the contrast B is settled, I know a thirteen-year-old who will enjoy it when the snow flies... thanks for the pattern and for the help

Hi i am a little bit confused. I am on row 2 and alt rowspurl. For how long do i need to put in a row of purl? And if so do i on the 4th-10th row of stocking stitch, continue to put in a purl row inbetween each one row of stocking stitch? Sorry i think im over thinking it but i dont want to do it wrong. Please help!

Stocking stitch is a two row repeat of knit one row, purl one row, so your question does not actually make sense, you do appear to be way over thinking it, the only difference here is that they are instructing you to start with a purl row instead of start with a knit row, so its reverse stocking stitch for 7 rows, you are not "adding" anything to the pattern or the instructions, if the instructions are followed exactly as written all will be well. Happy knitting

Does anyone know what color contrast B is??? I love the colors. Oxford grey and teal but not what to order for contrast B. Due to health issues, I have a hard tine getting put to stores, so ordering online is soo much easier. Any help is appreciated..

Hello sznedz 9394342! Here is the information for contrast B: Steel Blue (78105) - 1 ball. Hope this helps and sorry for the inconvenience! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Does anyone know what color contrast B is???

Hello sznedz 9394342! The pattern has been updated to include the complete information for contrast B. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

What happened to the 12th and 18th rows

How does one save the pattern. I am not ready to print it at the moment

Hi, up at the top, just beneath the pattern name, there is a button that says Save Pattern. Just click on it. You'll have to sign in first but it will save to your patterns.

I am signed in and don't have a button under the pattern. There used to be a button, but for the last 6 months or so there is no longer a button.

Hi indymindi, we have moved the placement of the "Save" button. It is now at the bottom of the pattern. Look for the gray button that says "+Save." Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

This looks amazing!!! I need to make this hat!!

These colors are so soft and soothing. Definitely a must-knit for the colder weather!

Finally, a hat pattern on here which isn't either on a circular needle or on four double ended ones! I'm in the UK and absolutely hate not using just two needles! Thank you!

Hello Member 7079074. You knit 3 then repeat from to . So you K3 M1 K2 M1 K3 M1 K2 M1 .......... I hope that helps.

super beau dommage que je ne lise pas l'anglais

i noticed that after you change into color B, it tells you to k3 m1 k2 m1 k3 until the end. however, with 73 sts cast on, doing that pattern will end up with 93 sts after the row and not 101. I can't seem to find that i made any mistakes and i am very confused, can anyone tell me what i did wrong or how this is supposed to work?

2harts I'm having the same problem and I haven't done anything wrong. Has anyone answered this problem yet or has anyone found the same problem when trying to knit this hat?

I explained the issue to another knitter a few years ago as an answer to her question about the pattern. You appear to be reading the pattern incorrectly, the first Knit 3 is not part of the repeat, you only repeat what is between the quotation marks, so the M1, K2, M1, K3, if you follow these instructions correctly you will be making 28 stitch increase, which will bring you to the 101 stitch total for that row. You are increasing 2 stitches for every 5 stitches on the needle after the initial K3, so 14 increase of 2 stitches. Hope this helps, happy knitting!

I would like to do this pattern in the round. I know how to do the ribbing but I am fairly new doing cables so I'm not sure how to do the top. Would I be able to just skip the purl row?

If you are knitting in the round, you will knit the purl round, you cannot skip rows in the pattern and expect the project to turn out correctly. To achieve stocking stitch in the round you knit every row, so the purl rows are a knit row in the round. Hope this helps, happy knitting!

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the gauge for Cable rush Winter Hat. I'm using worsted weight yarn.I cannot figure out how many stitches I need to have the pattern to work out

It won't work, because of the cable pattern. You could gauge it out and see how many stitches and rows you get for a 4x4 swatch, the stitch count for the pattern is 12 after you finish the increases plus the edge stitches. A heavy worsted weight would probably knit to this gauge on the same needles. Happy Knitting.

Would love this in a larger men's size.

Lindo proyecto


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