10 Creative Knitting Projects


10 Creative Knitting Projects

If you're looking for interesting things to knit, you've come to the right place.

Creative Knitting Projects

There's nothing quite like knitting to get your creative juices flowing. While it's easy to get stuck in a rhythm of knitting the same ten tried-and-true patterns as gifts for friends and family, we all need to take a step back every now and again and knit something truly unique and out-of-the-box (yet still beautiful!) in order to shake things up a bit. After all, knitting burnout is a real thing and it's not fun! These creative knitting projects are great easy-references when you need to escape a funk, but if you're feeling extra innovative, simply use them as a jumping-off point for your own unique creations.

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1. Creative Collar Shawl

Let's start with an easy one. If you're not totally comfortable breaking from your own knitting habits quite yet, why not try adding an unexpected detail (like a collar on a shawl!) to your usual patterns? Go ahead, knit pockets onto your scarf or a hood onto your cowl. There's no rule telling you that you can't.

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Creative Collar Shawl

2. You Have My Heart Knit Applique

Do you hate patching ripped-up clothes? I'm in the same boat, and so often I find that I end up just purchasing something new to replace it rather than doing the responsible thing and sewing it up. A fun way to make your torn denim jacket or summer shorts fresh and unique is to knit up an applique as a patch—heck, you could even do this to clothes that aren't in disrepair. Any shape will do. Let your imagination run wild.

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You Have My Heart Knit Applique

3. Cabled Chicken Sweater

Laugh all you want, but this pattern gets you thinking, doesn't it? What unusual pet needs a sweater? Your daughter's guinea pig? Your cousin's snake? Challenge yourself to knit a sweater for an animal that isn't a dog or a cat and see what you can do. Just make sure that whatever you knit is safe for the animal and don't force them to wear it for more than a few seconds (for the perfect photo op).

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Cabled Chicken Sweater

4. District 12 Cowl Wrap

I frequent a lot of knitting forums, and always get so excited when someone has seen a sweater that they like on their favorite TV show, or a unique accessory that someone was wearing in a magazine, but need help finding a pattern to make it themselves. A great way to flex your creative knitting muscles is to try and recreate a pattern from fiction (or even out on the streets).

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District 12 Cowl Wrap

5. Easy Knit Pumpkin

Knitting projects that look like food are a quick, entertaining way to break your streak of sweaters, scarves, and socks. Love oranges? Knit a whole basket of them! Looking for an autumn cornucopia decoration for Thanksgiving? Why not knit it yourself? You'll find knitting up these quick and fun pumpkins may ignite a fire in you to fill your home with woolen delicacies.

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Easy Knit Pumpkin

6. Beekle the Unimaginary Friend

It always surprises me to learn how many knitters have never tried knitting stuffed animals or amigurumi. If you have someone in your life who's obsessed with a certain book or television show, I'll bet there are cool knitting projects out there for exactly the character you're looking for. Alternatively, decorate your home with your own favorite characters! You're never too old to have fun.

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Beekle the Unimaginary Friend

7. Upcycled Knit Pantyhose Scrunchies

Yes, I am, in fact, recommending to you to knit scrunchies. If you're not a bold enough person to wear sweaters or tops in crazy color combinations or unique stitch patterns, start small with a one-of-a-kind scrunchie that is guaranteed to get you tons of compliments (as well as many questions).

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Upcycled Knit Pantyhose Scrunchies

8. Creative Key Cozy

The bane of my existence is my two keys (one to my house, one to my garage) that look identical. I tried painting one with nail polish, but it all chipped off. Do you have any identical objects in your house that drive you crazy with how often you mix them up? Knit something to tell them apart! We love a pattern that's not only fun to knit, but practical.

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Creative Key Cozy

9. French Press Coffee Cozy

Cozies aren't just for mugs and teapots. Nobody is out there telling you that you can't knit a cozy for your French Press... or your notebook, your favorite bottle of wine, your iPad, your pencil cup, or your stand mixer. Yarn bomb your own house with cozies that nobody needs. The different shapes and structures you'll have to come up with patterns for will help keep your creative juices flowing.

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French Press Coffee Cozy

10. Mermaid Knitted Sack Blanket

That's right: I'm telling you to take a standard knitting pattern and turn it into something else entirely. Make a hat with a unicorn horn or a pair of socks with long claws at the toes. It may seem silly and frivolous now, but it will be so fun to knit and show off to your friends so you can laugh together.

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Mermaid Knitted Sack Blanket

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