10 Interesting Things to Knit When You're Bored


10 Interesting Things to Knit When You're Bored

If you're looking for cool things to knit in a sea of garter stitch scarves, you've come to the right place.

Interesting Things to Knit When Youre Bored

It's not hard to get stuck in a knitting rut. Maybe you've been knitting so much lately that nothing really feels special or attention-grabbing anymore. Maybe you're stuck at home and you're in need of something truly entertaining to knit or you'll just go crazy from the monotony. The knitting community is truly one of the most clever out there, and the types of cool things to knit that you can find never fail to surprise me. I truly believe that if you're ever bored of knitting, it's because you haven't spent enough time looking at patterns. That's why I'm here to help.

A problem that a lot of knitters have is defaulting too much to knitting wearables—after all, when people think of knitting, they typically think of scarves and sweaters. It's truly amazing the variety of knitting patterns that you can find, including everything from tea cozies to stuffed animals. Some of the most bizarre patterns are the most fun to create! Check out the funny, interesting, or unique knitting patterns below to bust your boredom.

A Baby Hat With a Twist

An easy way to get out of your knitting rut is to take something normal and put a unique spin on it. You've probably knit a bunch of baby hats by now, but how many of them have had a pair of headphones attached? Just imagine the newest baby in your family or circle of friends and how adorable they would look rocking a pair of knitted Boses.

Headphones Baby Hat Pattern

A Set of Circular Dishcloths

If you're looking to knit something that you'll actually use, but you might just go nuts if you knit another standard dishcloth, try knitting a circular one! You'll find that this pattern is weirdly addictive, so if you're up to knitting an entire set, pick a color scheme and knit one in each color for your kitchen.

Crazy Eights Circular Dishcloth

A Slip Stitch Colorwork Project

There are some styles of knitting that you just can't put down. Slip stitch colorwork has been, for me, one of those styles; it's just so entertaining to see the color pattern develop before your eyes, and you think, "Just ONE more row and I'll be able to see how this next part looks!" Those kinds of cool things to knit are exactly what you need when you're bored.

Brick and Mortar Baby Blanket

A Yoga Mat Strap

If you're truly becoming a bit bored of knitting, maybe it's time to pick up a new hobby. I'm not saying stop knitting (heaven forbid!), but break up your knitting sessions with another healthy habit. I've taken to using my elliptical and doing some yoga at home, because it's a nice, low-pressure way to better myself and diversify my day. Of course, it wouldn't be a fun new hobby if you couldn't knit for it!

Easy Knit Yoga Mat Strap

A Roll of Toilet Paper

Never run out of toilet paper again! In all seriousness, sometimes you just need to let loose and stop taking your knitting so seriously. Nobody doubts that you can knit the finest and most intricate of lace shawls, but the knitters who are truly having the most fun are the ones who challenge themselves to knit complicated and beautiful patterns, but also allow themselves to have fun and knit something goofy... like knit toilet paper. Talk about a conversation piece!

Toilet Paper

A Unique Cord Holder

I'll be honest: I didn't even know that cord holders were a thing until I saw this pattern. That said, trinkets like these are not only useful but beautiful, so this pattern can keep your headphones from tangling while also making for some stunning decor in your living room or office. The best part is that you can knit some for your friends, and there's no feeling like knitting for other people.

Knitted Rose Cord Holder

A Cool Pair of Fingerless Mitts

If you're bored, maybe it's because you aren't challenging yourself enough. Sometimes I choose to knit simple patterns because, for instance, I'm working with a lot of colors or variegated yarn and I don't want my finished project to look too "busy." However, in cases like that, I'm not learning anything new—just knitting something pretty. Take the time to really test your knitting chops with patterns like this and you won't be bored... but maybe you'll be a little frustrated.

Shooting Star Fingerless Mitts

A Bobble Sheep Pillow

I'm obsessed with this pattern and I'll share it wherever I get the chance. Not only is this the perfect sort of pattern for when you're stuck at home (why not knit something you'll use inside your actual home?) but it's also just too stinkin' cute. I especially love having this pillow out on display during the springtime, and your family is sure to love it, too.

Bobble Sheep Pillow

A Giant Lemon

Don't let anyone ever tell you that knitting a giant lemon pillow is a waste of time. How you use your time, energy, and yarn stash is completely up to you, and if you think knitting a giant lemon would be a fun way to de-stress and get creative, then knit the dang lemon! I love getting goofy with my knitting, and it's exactly that kind of thing that just gets the serotonin going.

Lemon Pillow Knitting Pattern

A Cowl For Your Dog

When the only reason you get out of the house anymore is to walk your dog, why not do it in a stylish way? Be warned that some pooches don't take too kindly to knit dog sweaters and accessories, so this pattern may not be worth your time, but if Spot is particularly tolerant (or, better, actually likes wearing clothes!) then this is a great way to knit something useful, stylish, and ridiculously cute.

My Furry Valentine

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