What is Hygge? 24 Hygge Knitting Patterns


What is Hygge? 24 Hygge Knitting Patterns

Hygge style knitting has taken the fiber world by storm and we can't get enough! Check out some of our favorite comfy, cozy knitting patterns.

What is Hygge 24 Hygge Knitting Patterns

What is hygge? The Danish term, pronounced “hoo-gah,” has seemingly taken the Internet world by storm in recent years. Hygge refers to a feeling of happiness, coziness, and comfort and it has inspired people to throw on a bulky sweater, curl up with a good book, and sip their favorite soothing tea or mulled wine as they enjoy the cozy contentment and simple joys of life.

In The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets of Happy Living, author Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, says hygge is an incredibly important part of being Danish and is considered “a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA.” Since Denmark is consistently ranked #1 for happiness in the world, it certainly seems like they’re on to something when it comes to living the hygge life.

Since hygge is all about embracing the simple, small pleasures that make life great, it should come as no surprise to learn the key elements of hygge include warm blankets, woolly socks and sweaters, hot drinks, and fireplaces.

When you are savoring every morsel of a cozy, comforting meal or relaxing on the couch under your softest blanket, you’re experiencing a “hyggelig” moment (a moment that is very hygge).

For us knitters, hygge can be achieved by working on a new pattern as we relax by candlelight or focusing on the gratitude we feel as we create hats or blankets for a special charity donation.

At the core of hygge is the idea of staying inside and hibernating through the cold winter months, so knocking off some items on your knitting to-do list while your relax at home sounds like the perfect match.

Keep in mind the meaning of hygge does not only apply to cold and snowy days. Since hygge is a broad approach to living that embraces positivity and enjoyment of everyday experiences, you can practice it all year long.

Hygge Knitting Patterns

So now that you can define hygge, you’re probably wondering how it relates to your love of yarn. When it comes to hygge style knitting, it’s particularly important to focus on patterns with a thick yarn weight such as bulky or super bulky. Cable knit details and oversized designs are also a great way to emphasize the cozy aspect of hygge. Think oversized sweaters, extra thick blankets, fuzzy socks, and super scarves.

It’s easy to get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you’re finally able to throw on the super soft sweater you’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Lucky for us, hygge and knitting seem to go hand-in-hand.

If you’re looking for the best hygge knitting patterns, take a look at the collection we’ve curated below.

Hygge Knit Blankets

Get Fresh Throw

The cheery colors of this throw combined with the ultra-soft feel of the yarn makes this throw blanket the definition of 'hygge.' We love this for snuggling up under while watching your favorite movie for the twenty-third time.

Endless Cables Knit Throw

You may be looking at this pattern and thinking "well, cables are the opposite of calm and comforting!" The truth is, these cables are super easy, and the blanket they make is so cozy, you'll forget about any frustrations you may have had knitting them up.

Wonderful Big Stitch Throw

If the idea of taking this blanket in your bare hands and squishing it doesn't just thoroughly delight you, are you really a knitter? The classic color and stockinette-and-garter design of this throw will bring a simplistic comfort into your living room.

Cabin Comforts Knit Blanket

Garter stitch makes for a hygge experience and a hygge blanket! Because the stripes are extremely simple to pull off (and very alterable if you have a different sort of design in mind), this blanket adds intrigue while still exuding coziness.

Chunky Arm Knit Ribbed Blanket

Yes, you can knit this with your arms, so you'll be cozy even throughout the knitting process! The enormous yarn in this project just screams 'hygge...' or, rather, whispers it in a comforting fashion.

Hygge Knit Sweaters and Cardigans

Sucre Cardigan Pattern

Don't lie and say you wouldn't walk around wearing a blanket if you could! We all wish we could just be snuggled up in bed all day, and this will help you feel that way in the office, going grocery shopping... wherever!

Wonderwool Sweater

This simple cardigan doesn't have any bells as whistles, which already gives it a hygge vibe, but it certainly doesn't hurt that the yarn is ultra-soft. Anyone would adore this cardigan.

Big Comfy Sweater

Doesn't this sweater just look perfect for winter? Maybe it's not the most flattering thing, but it's certainly trendy, and when the temperatures are reaching the negatives, you don't care about 'flattering' anymore—just 'hygge.'

Peachy Keen Oversize Knitted Sweater

Loose-fitting sweaters are just the greatest. Having nothing to restrict you or hold you back makes this the ideal sweater for any situation! We'd love it for a cozy night in, reading a book.

Easy Big Knit Blanket Sweater

Blanket lovers, rejoice! Here lies yet another blanket you can conceivably wear in a social setting without getting the side-eye. This one has a clean, minimalist look that would look great on anyone.

Lazy Sunday Relaxed Sweater

Does any day of the week really say 'hygge' the way that Sunday does? If you feel more relaxed just looking at this sweater pattern, we highly recommend knitting one up and living your best hygge life.

Hygge Knit Scarves and Cowls

Street Chic Seed Stitch Scarf

The routine of the simple knit-purl-knit-purl of seed stitch drives some people mad, but for other people, it's a welcome comfort that produces just the most lovely fabric. The density of this scarf will feel like you're getting hugged all day long.

Oversized Fluffy Blanket Scarf

Oversized scarves are perfect for that distinctly hygge feeling. The slight stitch definition in this scarf helps it look high-class while still feeling ultra comfy.

Honeycomb Stitch Scarf

This scarf is so big, it could be a stole! That makes it perfect to act as either a blanket or a scarf, and could really serve as a comforting article of clothing for someone in need.

Cozy Plaid Super Scarf

Super scarves are super hygge because of their size alone! They have a ton of weight to them, typically, making them comfortable as heck and often times extremely cute.

Regal Ruby Knit Scarf

The quilted look of this scarf pattern makes it completely snuggleable. Something about it just reminds you of cozy, late weekend mornings. We love this for anybody looking to inject some hygge into their winter wardrobe.

Cloudwalker Easy Knit Scarf

This scarf's white color helps it look good on anyone, and the coziness of the yarn combined with the simple stitch pattern means that anyone would be a welcome recipient to this gorgeous scarf as a gift.

Super Duper Knit Scarf

Talk about heavy and comforting! When you've taken even super scarves to the next level, you know that you're not playing around. This scarf is only for people who take hygge VERY seriously.

Hygge Knit Slippers

Grandma's Simple Knit Slippers

The best part about these slippers is how quickly you can make them! So much joy in life comes out of knitting for others, so you can knit yourself a pair of these cozy slippers and then knit a pair in all different colors for all your friends.

Traditional Fair Isle Slippers

These fair isle slippers have a look to them that will delight just about everyone. They look cozy, feel cozy, and are perfect for lounging about the house on a lazy, hygge day.

Basic Chunky Slippers

Anyone can knit these slippers, and they make a perfect gift! Since these are perfect in any color and alterable to work on any feet, they'll bring a sense of 'cozy' to everyone.

Mountain Chalet Boot Slippers

These cozy slippers will keep your feet warm on even the coldest of days, and we especially love the sewn-on soles. It really gives the pattern a cozy, hygge feel to it!

How do you incorporate hygge into your daily life?

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I am all about the new hygge trend ever since I found out about it. I immediately bought the book and love it so far. It makes so much sense to find happiness in cozy contentment! I think we're expected to always feel we don't have enough or there is something more to reach for, and there is merit to goal setting and all of that! But I think hygge reminds us to be in the moment, grateful for what we have. Contentment is certainly not a bad thing, and what not a better way to be contented than, say, knitting with friends on a Thursday during your lunch break, or generally cozying up with a good book. We have so much to appreciate!


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