Grandma's Simple Knit Slippers


Grandma's Simple Knit Slippers

Check out this free knit slippers for beginners pattern and discover how easy it is to knit your own pair.

Grandmas Simple Knit Slippers
Grandmas Simple Knit Slippers

Check out Grandma's Simple Knit Slippers to learn how to knit slippers for your loved ones. Who doesn't love a comfy, cozy, handmade gift? This pattern is very beginner friendly as it utilizes basic stitches such as the garter stitch and purling method. Furthermore, this knitted slippers pattern can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from children's sizes to adult sizes.

This is the perfect knitting pattern to make as a gift, since the color can be changed and customized to match the person you are making them for. Plus, if you are more experienced with knitting, you can add embellishments such as pom poms to personalize the gift even more. Without further ado, let's learn how to knit slippers with straight needles.

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Knitting Needle Size10 or 6 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Gauge4 sts = 1 inch and 6 rows (3 garter stitch ridges) = 1 inch

Finished SizeInstructions are given in small size (medium size and large size) are in parentheses.

Materials List

  • Two skeins of yarn, colors of your choice
  • US 10 or 6mm size knitting needles
  • Large plastic needle
  • Regular sewing needle and thread
  • Two decorative buttons



Cast on 29 (35-41) sts using 2 strands of yarn.
Row 1: Knit across.
Row 2: K9 (11-13), *P1,K9(11-13), repeat from *once more.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until there are 15 (17-19) ridges on right side, ending with Row 2

Shape Toe

Row 1: P1, *K1,P1, repeat from *across row
Row 2: K1 *P1,K1, repeat from *across row
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 12 rows (14-16) then work row 1 once more, cut off yarn leaving an 8” end.


Draw 8” end through remaining sts and pull up tightly, then sew with large plastic needle from beginning of ribbing to form toe. Fold cast on edge in half and sew inside seam for center back.
Make 2 pom-poms and tie to each front side tightly and knot to inside of slipper. You will notice that the pom-poms on the brown pair of slippers were not cut but just folded and tied in the center. The pom-poms on the pink pair were cut and laid down in a half circle and then the heart button was sewn on. Get creative with the buttons and pom-poms and make each more unique.



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Great old pattern. Also look on for many more free slipper patterns, and try knitting with Phentex yarn,but it can be hard to knit at times.

I need some guidance to make these slippers for a man who wears a size 16 shoe. I am a woman who wears a size 10 (Men's 8) and I would probably make the large size for me. Any suggestions?

I would keep the 41 sts on size 6mm, then knit 3/4 of the foot size you want,then knit the toe piece until desired size.

What would be the cast on stitches for a toddler age 2 size ?it says use 2 strands of yarn would that be 2 Stands of DK WEIGHT YARN ? Can you use Dk weight / 2 strands ? Also do you use K2 tog for the very last row so you wont get a bulky toe ?

For a toddler, I would not use a double strand of yarn i would use a single strand and cast on about 8 stitches. There is an error in this pattern that they don't have you knit 2 together across the last row to create the toe.

I would keep the 2 strands and cast on 23 sts, when you get to the toe decrease to 19 sts. BTW tou do not need to decrease down to a few stitches on any slipper patter, Some people find a rounded toe more comfortable, in whcih case at the end of the knitting you would knit 2 tog, across the row, then slot yarn through these stitches and pull tight. Or you can ciontinue with a pointy toe castr off.

Sorry to be a mithering minni ,but, it would help if you could suggest shoe size for each number of stitches started with as l have the same problem as one of the other comments made , wan to mak each family member a pair ,but, all different shoe sizes .

I knit these in a small and they fit my ladies size 7 perfectly and would probably also fit an 8 comfortably. I found the toe way too bulky though - I think there needs to be a decrease row before the end. Found an old pattern that calls for a row of knit 2 together after you hit the target # of rows, then knit a row, then pull the yarn through - the next pair I make will have that. If 29 stitches made a bulky toe, I can't imagine what the bigger sizes would look like. Quick to knit though and easy enough for beginner knitters - my only issue was the bulky toe and a decrease row will solve that entirely.

You are correct, many of us learned to knit on this pattern, it's in the neighborhood of a hundred or so years old and it does have a knit 2 together row at the end of the toe to help gather it.

I am planning to make a pair of grandma's slippers for a man who has a size 12 foot, how many extra stitches or rows do I need to add? I'm a beginner knitter. Thank you. Great easy pattern.

Cast on 4i sts, then knit till your knitting is three quarters the size of the foot, then continue with the toee until you reach the size you want ,then cast off ( bind off)

Great pattern. Very basic slippers. These would be a nice pair of slippers just for every day use when you don't want to risk wear to a nicer pair if you wear slippers. Some people do some don't. Good project to have for an older person. They tend to use these more than anyone else.

Great pattern. Very basic slippers. These would be a nice pair of slippers just for every day use when you don't want to risk wear to a nicer pair if you wear slippers. Some people do some don't. Good project to have for an older person. They tend to use these more than anyone else.

I have noticed that the yarn weight is missing from this pattern. It should say #4 worsted. I use phentex slipper and craft yarn to make mine more durable.

What US shoe sizes fall under the small, medium, large sizes?

There are no sizing indications in this pattern, my best suggestion is to find a shoe size chart online.

Small. 5-6 US, medium. 8. Large, 8-9,10 etc,

With autumn only a few months away, this is the type of pattern I like to find on lazy days when I will be watching tv and need something simple to make. Having five young men in the house means wearing out a lot of slippers. They would make a nice stocking stuffer too.

I have two questions with this. I made this using the small adult size and it's bigger than both of my feet combined. I'm an adult female who wears size 7 shoes. My second question is about the double-stranded knitting. Is it necessary or important for slippers or can one make slippers with only one strand of yarn? I'm wondering if maybe that's why mine turned out so huge. I used two strands of yarn meant for size 13 needles on size 13 needles.

Based on what you have said here, you used both the wrong needles and the wrong yarn. The 2 strands of yarn are supposed to be #4 worsted weight yarn and size 10 needles, seems you used #5 chunky yarn and size 13 needles, they simply cannot turn out correctly using this pattern. This pattern has actually been around for a number of years, many of us learned to knit with this pattern over the last 60 plus years, so we know it works, if done correctly.

Instructions say to use two strands but video show only one strand as long tails. Cant see getting 2 strands on tapestry needle anyway. How do you get just one strand to finish off slipper?

This pattern has been around for many years and it is definitely a double strand pattern. As far as getting 2 strands on a tapestry needle, it is done easily and frequently using large eye blunt needles.

I'm trying to do this pattern, but there is something wrong. For the first size the cast on is 23 sts, knit the first row and have 23 sts, on the second row it says to K9, P1, K9 and to repeat the P1, K9, but that requires 29 stitches and the cast on is 23 sts? The pattern can't possibly work out the way it is written.

I am not sure what happened, but it looks like the pattern was copied from somewhere else wrong. The numbers are right but they are in the wrong place, or rather the parentheses are wrong. Anyway, this is the way it should read. Cast on 23 (29-35-41) sts using 2 strands of yarn. Row 1 Knit across. Row 2 K7 (9-11-13), P1, K7 (9-11-13), repeat from once more.

Thank you so much.

Can anyone explain the instructions? For example "Cast on 23 29 (35-41) sts using 2 strands of yarn.". Does that mean I should cast on 23? Or 29? Or 35? Or some number between 35 and 41?

The different number on cast on stitches indicates how many stitches to cast on for each size, the slippers require you to use 2 strands of yarn at the same time, this is referred to as double stranded knitting.

Casting on 23, what size foot is that? Also if I use a size 10 needle do I need to cast on more and how many?

You can use any size needles so long as you make sure to have the required gauge to make finished slipper the size you wish.

I just made these yesterday with the 23 sts cast on and they are very small, I'm a size 3 in shoes and they just fit me.

Size 10 US is also 6mm. Size 23sts is a childs foot .

Is it necessary to use 2 strands of yarn when casting on?

If you wish the slippers to last longer, be warmer, and more comfy, using 2 strands is best.

Yes, in order for the pattern to work out as specified it requires 2 strands of yarn.


This was a very accessible pattern. The instructions come up right away and so did the option to print the instructions. You can't ask for more. They look fairly simple to make and they are a great stash buster. I like to make slippers. It pays to make your own slippers. Most of us crafters already have the materials, the instructions are not hard and the slippers usually fit better. Thank you.

This is my favorite slipper pattern to work up and has been the go to pattern for my family for as long as I can remember. They are easy enough for a beginner to make too. I make several pair of these every year for my family. They love how comfortable they are, and I love how quick they are to make.

When I first learned to knit as a girl I made several things including slippers, and these look a lot like those. I like the little embellishments to dress them up. It's a great scrap yarn project, too. To reduce shrinkage, try using rug yarn or a cotton blend yarn and wash in cold water.

I have been meaning to knit a few new pairs of slippers because a couple of mine shrunk - no doubt I used the wrong yarn. These look cozy and I like the little pompoms on top.

I have made several of these and they are amazing ,to make them non slip I used the non slip mat fabric and stitched it to the bottom of the slippers to act as a sole.

I have been looking for a pair of slippers to make. My toes get so cold on winter mornings!

If you use a cotton yarn to make the easy knit slippers or adult knit slippers,they dont seem to make you slide an slip.

I agree that that may cut down on the slippage, but cotton shrinks 20-30% when washed and dried and if you are using cotton you may want to keep that in mind.

HI I am looking for a slipper pattern that I knitted when I first learned how to knit. It was almost like these but it had a fold over cuff around the ankle top. I have been looking all over for that pattern...can anyone help out??

I have that pattern with cuff sizesmall Child age - size mm needles using two layers of a soft chunky yarn cast on knit rows cast of stitches at beginning of next rows rib knit k P on remaining for rows knit two together across leave a good length of yarn thread back through remaining stitches and pull tightly to secure the toe fold and stitch up the top of foot and up the cuff Sew up the back seam turn rightside out and fold the cuff over for foot size - cast on knit rows then cast off at beginning of each of next two rows rib knit rows then knit two together and stitch together as above for foot size - cast on then knit rows cast off at beginning of next rows rib stitch rows and complete as smaller sizes I used a soft fuzzy boa type ofRead More yarn with a chunky for my second ball kids love these

How would u make these for a man with cuff. Needle size. ? How many stitches ? Please send me pattern thank. You

thank you SO much for that! I have grandbabies and these are just the right size -)

Beehive Bazaar Novelties and Gifts booklet has the pattern you're looking for in children's, women's and men's sizes. I'm actually knitting a pair right now. It's an old booklet, but hopefully, still available. Good luck with your slippers.

Grandmas pattern but for a man with a cuff. Please give me pattern

Did u get that pattern for a man.?

HI, I am confused about the size of needles to use, it says 10 or 6 mm ? are those US or UK sizes?

Hi Chloe, You can use size 10 knitting needles. That is the US size. 6mm is the UK size.

thank you so much for your prompt reply, as now UK has also adopted the metric size so it does get confusing .

Made these years ago, does anyone know what can be put on the soles so they are not slippery?

A lady I worked with put the none slip weaved material you put under the throw rugs. She just traced the bottom of the slipper, cut it out and sewed it on. It worked on the ones she made for my kids.

Hi Terry, there's a product called sock stop. If you can't find it, puffy paint works also! Just dot designs on the bottoms or do little circles or swirls. Find that in with tee shirt and fabric paint supplies at AC Moore, comes in a squeeze tube. Hope this helps! Let me know what you end up doing. michelle

There are products you can put on the bottom of the sole to stop the slip problem or you can use 3 lines of clear school glue on the soles-been doing it for years and it works well. Any school glue that dries clear will work. hope this helps.

I, too, am wondering what size foot fits the S, M and L. Anxious to get started. Judi

The pattern I have always used gave the sizes as Kids, Teenagers and Adult if that helps any.

i just love this pattern ,am making them for all the girls in my family ,for stoking fillers .thank you very much for the pattern sue

I love these!

I would like to find a pattern for toe hugs flip flop

I'm not sure what you are looking for. Are you looking got socks to wear with flip flops?

Search on YouTube for Knitted Ugg flip flop slippers ..... for tutorials.

We call these "Aunt Noni Slippers" because our Aunt Noni has been making these for the family for as long as any of us can remember. She's 91 now - and still makes these from her scraps.

I remember knitting these when I was about 10-12 years old. I am going to do these again. Thank you for bringing back memories to me.

Somewhere I read or heard of a product to squeeze onto the bottom of knit slippers to prevent slipping--thought it was called "slipper/slip stop". Anyone know where to find it?

do you have a hobby lobbys or micheals and ii think that walmart has it to i made a rug and bought some there you just spray it on

I have just bought some on eBay. none slip glue

Great pattern, so easy and quick. Thanks for posting the pattern

Thank you so much for reposting this. Like many oters on here, my grandmother made these for everyone iin the family and I had not been able to find the pattern. You are the BEST!!!

What weight yarn is used for Grandma's slippers?

2 strands of super bulky #6 weight yarn.

Lisa, do you have a picture of the slippers you made with bulky yarn? It would be interesting to compare them with others, who seem to have made theirs with two strands of worsted weight (#4) yarn. Thanks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Grandma's Slippers! My Great-Grandma made these for everyone in the family - all of the time when I was young and I'm in my late 50's. Since she had the pattern in her head and never wrote it down - it was lost with her. Thank You! I'm am thrilled that I will be able to recreate my dear Gramma Louise's slippers for those in my life!

I am a very new knitter and I don't know what "fold cast one edge in half and sew inside seam for center back" means! Can you help? I am making these for my Mother. Thanks Martha

Hi Martha, It should say:"fold cast on edge in half....." let me know if it makes sense read that way

Hi Ethel, Questions are both asked and answered in the comments section of each project page, so if another knitter has answered someone else's question, you would just be able to see the answer on the page. Hope this helps! -The Editors of AllFreeKnitting

i do so enjoy reading the comments - i have a problem trying to find the answers to the questions that are asked what do i do thanks ethel

i am so anxious to knit these slippers - i have a great deal of plymouth yarn encore chunky bulking knitting weight i would so much to use 75%acrylic 25% wool can i use this if so what would my guage be how many stitches to an inch thanks so much anxiously await your reply ethel egozcue ps my granddaughter is 11 would i make her medium size

Does anyone know if the sizes on these Grandma's Knitted Slippers are adult sizes or children? Jacquita

They look like ones I used to make called cuddlemocs.

I agree these look like and work up as the cuddlemocs I made as a young girl. I still have that beginner pattern and still use it to make slippers which are my favorites to knit. Another favorite pattern is the Pocketbook Slipper Pattern which look like a Mary Jane style. Both are beginner patterns and work up fast.

I made these slippers as a young girl (I am now 66) and I have recently been looking for the pattern. Thanks for publishing it!


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