16 Intarsia Knitting Patterns


16 Intarsia Knitting Patterns

This list of intarsia patterns for all skill levels is a go-to for any knitter.

Intarsia Knitting Patterns

"Intarsia" may sound like a scary word to new knitters, but it's much simpler than you may imagine. Unlike fair isle or stranded knitting, in which all colors of yarn are carried across the back of the work, color is worked in distinct sections in intarsia. Some people find this easier!

It's certainly a palatable skill, especially if you have experience using multiple colors of yarn in your knitting. Once you've learned how to knit intarsia using some of our easy patterns below, you can move onto more advanced patterns, or even take a stab at some of our intarsia patterns for children.

Beginner Intarsia Knitting Patterns

Getting the hang of intarsia knitting is easiest when you have some patterns to practice on. The intarsia knitting patterns below are perfect for people who are just learning how to knit colorwork. We recommend starting with a flat-knit intarsia pattern to really understand the technique, such as the Amplitude Cowl, and then moving onto intarsia patterns in the round like the Veintricuatro Hat.

Paintbox Scarf

This scarf is great for knitters just learning intarsia who know they'll get bored with a simple, two-color pattern. The frequent color switches on this project will help you familiarize yourself with the technique very quickly, and you'll be left with a groovy, unique scarf pattern!

Amplitude Cowl

The Amplitude Cowl is our ideal pick for a first intarsia pattern. Since you're only switching between two colors, it's an easy pattern to follow and a great introduction to blocked colorwork. Since this cowl is knitted flat and seamed together at the end, you don't have to worry about knitting intarsia in the round quite yet.

Veintricuatro Hat

In order to learn how to knit intarsia in the round, this hat is the perfect first project. While there is a lot of cutting colors and weaving in ends involved, once you've read the detailed instructions in this guide, you might actually find yourself thinking that intarsia is easier in-the-round than flat!

Bargello Easy Poncho Pattern

This poncho pattern is a great challenge for beginning intarsia knitters, since you're actually not switching colors at all, but rather you're using multiple balls of the same color of yarn and using the intarsia technique to create blocks of knitting where the variegation of the yarn lands in different places. This unique effect is perfect for those wishing to challenge themselves a bit.

Intermediate Intarsia Knitting Patterns

Once you're bored of all the beginner patterns above and want to improve your skills a little bit, these patterns are the perfect next step. Though they're going to take a bit more time and dedication to work through, the effect is really magnificent. You can choose a quick pattern like the Seashell Coasters for a cute accent to your home, or something a bit more lofty like the Patriotic Pullover if you're looking for a long-term commitment.

Intarsia Knit Washcloth

We heart these washcloths, and we bet you do, too! These easy washcloths are a great way to practice intarsia while simultaneously making a sweet gift for your loved ones. These would make great little valentines or hostess gifts for a party, and only take scraps of yarn to complete.

Seashell Coasters

If these aren't the most precious things you've ever seen, you're wrong. Intarsia knitting patterns like these are quick little ways to challenge yourself with your new skill, but they also make lovely, permanent additions to your home. They'll look especially cute in a beach house or nautical-themed home, and we bet they'd look good in any color.

Snowmass Intarsia Tee

This classy design is great for utilizing your intarsia knitting skills in a utilitarian way. The colorwork design isn't too bold or brash, and the effect is a lovely, inoffensive top you can wear in just about any season. We recommend you take this pattern slowly and pay attention to the details of the instructions so it turns out exactly as beautiful as in the sample.

Patriotic Pullover

Intarsia knitting patterns like the Patriotic Pullover are probably the reason you decided you wanted to learn how to knit this skill. The effect of intarsia in this project is so cool, since you are literally recreating the American flag on a sweater! This project is perfect for the month leading up to Independence Day or for an outfit to watch the big games.

Advanced Intarsia Knitting Patterns

You've done it, knitters! You've learned how to knit intarsia and worked your way through both the beginner and intermediate patterns on this page, and you're ready to tackle some really advanced stuff. With great skill comes great results; get ready for some seriously beautiful patterns!

Jeans and Old Lace Knit Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves combine a lovely, natural lace pattern with a unique colorblocking effect to make a pair of truly unique fingerless gloves. As long as you have experience with lace, fingerless gloves, and intarsia knitting patterns, even this advanced pattern should be a piece of cake.

Seitenstreifen Socks

Socks are some of my favorite patterns to knit, and anyone who's knit socks before will understand how addictive they are. The intarsia here is used with one solid light color and another brighter, variegated type of yarn, creating a really psychedelic (and incredibly cool) effect.

Sense and Sensibility Knit Cardigan

A cardigan pattern like this one is great for a person who really likes to dig into a project. If you're looking for a long, impressive knitting pattern to show off to your friends and pass down through generations, this cardigan is a great pattern to pick. This timeless piece is one you'll keep forever!

Follow Your Arrow Shawl

Shawls are so versatile. They can cover your shoulders and keep you warm in the chilly air conditioning of a building, or they can help you layer up while outside in the freezing cold. This beautiful shawl is unique because of the contrasting tip which, when knit in a complimentary color to the bright pink stripes, is truly attention-grabbing.

Children's Intarsia Knitting Patterns

If you're looking for intarsia patterns, there's a good chance you're looking for patterns for kids. Children love the intarsia effect because it allows their sweaters, dresses, and skirts to have such cool shapes and fun colors! We love these four intarsia patterns for children, and we know the kiddos will, too.

Girl's Stockinette Argyle Dress

Argyle just screams "class," so this pattern is perfect for a school dress for your little girl! Since children's clothes are so much smaller than our own, it will knit up surprisingly quickly, and looks just as precious in any color, so you can choose your little one's favorite hues in which to knit this dress.

Sweet Strawberry Backpack

It may come as no surprise to you that this backpack pattern is a total hit amongst children. Who doesn't want to walk around carrying a strawberry? We guarantee this pattern will be just as much fun for you to knit as it is for them to wear.

Mr. Monster Pullover

This is a great, easy intarsia pattern for children because the intarsia part of this pullover is actually quite small! Only the eyes are knit in intarsia, and if you decide once you've made it that far in the pattern that intarsia isn't your thing, you're more than welcome to embroider or use duplicate stitch on a plain stockinette background to add the eyes. This pattern is your oyster!

Little Birdie Dress

Cheep cheep! If ever there were a perfect springtime dress for girls, this is it. The little birds on this dress don't take much experience with intarsia to create, and they're just so precious and perfect for an Easter or birthday party. Just show this to your little girl and she will beg you to knit it!

Do you prefer intarsia or fair isle, and why?

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