27+ Knit Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns


27+ Knit Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns

Check out these festive knit Christmas tree ornaments for the best knitted Christmas decorations in town!


Knit Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns

The Christmas season is always closer than it seems, so this year be extra prepared by checking out this collection of 27+ Knit Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns. Making these free Christmas ornament patterns together is a good way to spend quality time with family and friends and a fun way to pass the time.

One of the best parts of making your own ornaments is that these free knitting patterns will save you money! So select one (or a bunch!) of these patterns to work up for your Christmas tree. These ornaments also make the perfect knit gift, so if you make them now, your Christmas shopping will be easy peasy. 

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Even if you've never tried knitting a Christmas ornament before, there are some easy knitting patterns here, so you don't need to be intimidated. Or, if you're a pro at holiday knits, there are patterns here to challenge even experienced knitters. Whether you prefer funny and adorable or classic and traditional, there's something here to satisfy every holiday decor sensibility. You just have to choose your favorite, grab your needles, and cast on.

Simple Knit Ornaments

These simple knit ornaments are the best choice for those who want an easy way to add some beautiful color to their Christmas tree. Without a doubt, you can't go wrong adding fun projects like these to your tree.

From knit mittens to teardrops to pointed stars, you will love how these look when you're done. Your tree will be the best one in the neighborhood. 

The next time you are in the mood to do a quick and easy holiday knit, choose one from this list! They can also be great ways to use up your yarn stash with a flair. Enjoy!

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament

This precious little cookie man is quick to knit up and sure to please little helper elves of any age.

Santa Face And Head Ornament

This knitting pattern can even be altered to use your friends' and family's faces for a real special surprise!

Six Pointed Star Christmas Ornament

If you've got an interfaith family or just love the six-pointed star, this lovely little ornament is a quick and easy addition to any tree.

Knit Mittens as Ornaments

If you love the idea of knitting mittens but lack the patience to finish a full-sized pair, this is the pattern for you.

Silver Star Ornament

To add some easy glitz and glam to your Christmas tree, these silver star ornaments are your best bet.

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

Some people don't have color schemes for their trees and just go wild with a rainbow of color. This one's for you, you beautiful rebels.

Folksy Tree Christmas Ornament

Yo, dawg, we heard you like Christmas trees. Put a tree on your tree for some serious tree-ception. Bonus points if you duplicate stitch some little ornaments on them.

Tiny Toque Ornaments

As if you haven't knit enough hats this winter for you and your loved ones, now you have to knit one for your tree?! It's okay. This one will be a lot quicker.

Cute Mini Tree Ornament

Ready to take your tree-on-a-tree knitting to the next level? This mini tree ornament has little beads as ornaments. Yes, you read that right.

Jingle Bells Ornament

This classic pattern has been around for ages. If you haven't knit this bell ornament, are you really a knitter?

Quick n Easy Christmas Decoration

The best thing about free Christmas ornament patterns is that they don't need to be confined to the tree. Wouldn't these tree ornaments look great on a doorknob or hanging with some mistletoe?

Christmas Ball Ornaments

Many of these Christmas ball ornaments are more intricate than the simple knits. They may take a little longer to complete, so they are perfect for bad weather days. Plus, what better way to sharpen your knitting skills than with Christmas cheer?

Ball ornaments have a traditional feel about them, and you will love to have that as part of your holiday home decor. If you are looking for a stand-out piece to add to your tree this year, then any of these holiday knitting patterns are perfect for you.

Christmas Ball Ornament

The multicolored nature of the second yarn colorway on this ornament makes it look a lot more difficult than it actually is.

Knitting and Beaded Christmas Ornaments

If you're one of the types of knitters who are talented enough to work with both yarn and beads at the same time, this one's for you.

Star of Bethlehem Christmas Ball

The classic gold-and-white color scheme of this religious Christmas ball will help you remember the true meaning of the holiday.

Knit Beaded Christmas Ornament

Beads and lace together sure make for an interesting combination! Use your favorite colors or the classic red and green on this ornament.

Nordic Holiday Centerpiece

While this one is more of a centerpiece than an ornament, we still think it would look beautiful stuck on a tree somewhere.

Christmas Bauble Ornament

Embroider a message of season's greetings on your ornament and hand one out to all of your friends! They'll definitely feel obligated to put them on their tree whenever you come over.

Hand Knit Lace Mesh Ornament

Lace bauble covers can certainly look interesting, since you can see the bauble underneath! Try this out with a plain white shaper or with an actual metallic ornament underneath.

Two Strands Christmas Ball

This is a classic Christmas ornament that will look great on any type of tree. Try knitting some in green and gold to cover the whole Christmas spectrum.

Easy Knit Christmas Balls

If it exists, we must, at some point, put a heart on it. That is the way of humanity. These adorable Christmas balls are no exception.

Festive Knitted Christmas Ball Ornaments

If you don't need any of the fancy frills of these ball ornaments but still want to show off your knitting skills, look no further than these simple beaded baubles.

Unusual Christmas Ornaments

Tired of seeing the same Christmas ornaments on every tree? Then these unusual ornaments are what you have been looking for. Or maybe you have a friend who loves collecting unique and personal ornaments for their tree. These fun knitting patterns will make them very happy.

From Santa Claus to lovely angels to a partridge in a pear tree, these ornaments embody the spirit of Christmas unlike any others.

Of the patterns in this collection, these projects are the most unique. Set your tree apart from everyone else's by knitting these eye-catching patterns! You will be glad to see these hanging on from your tree's branches. 

Skate Ornament

Do you have a skater in your family? Do you not skate at all, but just want to try putting paperclips in your knitting? These knit skates are your next project, ma'am.

Santa Gnome Ornaments

Garden gnomes look a lot like Santas, don't they? Knit yourself a few Santa gnomes to replace your garden gnomes once a year and see if your neighbors notice a difference.

Despicable Me Santa Minion

You're not alone if you can't help but notice the minion craze lately. Whether you want to make a child happy or make an adult exasperated, these little Santa minions are a great holiday knitting option.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments

We're not recommending that you work your way all the way up to the twelve drummers drummin', but won't judge you if you make it to the five gold rings.

Felted Christmas Ornaments

What's that? You want more tree ornaments? Have some felted trees to go along with your knit trees and beaded trees.

Knit Christmas Angel Ornament

Knit some angels for your little angels! One for each grandson and granddaughter should be enough to keep them feeling protected each Christmas.


You've already knit your tree a hat and mittens; why deny it a sweater? Next up: socks.

Knitting Themed Ornaments

Anyone reading through this collection must have an undeniable passion for knitting. What better way to showcase that passion than by making adorable knitting themed ornaments for your tree? You'll love how cute these look adorning your tree.

Plus, do you need a great knit gift for one of your yarnie buddies? They would love to recieve one of these knitting themed Christmas ornaments, too! Knit them one of each, or give them a set in different colors. They will ooh and ahh.

Yarnie Ornament

Nothing screams "Buy me yarn for Christmas!" than this ornament sitting front-and-center on your tree when family comes to visit. This year, they'll get the message.

Knitters' Handmade Christmas Ornaments

If you're lucky enough to actually have a friend who also knits, she'll definitely appreciate this little ball of yarn and garter stitch swatch ornament.

Super Cute Yarn Ball Ornament

Knit an ornament that showcases the actual way you store your needles in real life: by sticking 'em in the ball of yarn.

Ornament for Knitting Lovers

These are cute because you can knit them in all different colors and pass out to your knitting group! Alternatively, you can keep them all for yourself and fill your tree with them.

BONUS! More Christmas Patterns

Because we know how much you loved the exciting collection of patterns above, we thought we'd throw in a few extra. Your home can never have too many pieces of knit decor, so we know you will love to make and use these patterns, too!

Have fun decorating the tree, presents, and more with these festive Christmas knits. Everyone who visits your home will be immediately filled with Christmas cheer and smiles. 

Have a happy holiday!

Circle of Leaves Knit Wreath

The white color of this wreath makes it perfect for snowy Christmas, the leaves make it perfect for autumn, and the shape of the leaves are similar to sand dollars or seashells, so you can even keep it up in the summer. Basically, you'll only have to take this wreath down in spring. Or don't.

Cute Christmas Bears

These little knit bears are so cute, you're not going to want to take them down at the end of the season! We recommend knitting them dresses in a different color, like purple, so you don't have to be embarrassed when friends come over in February and these are still hanging around the house.

Christmas Present Pillow

If you're the kind of person who will gladly spend their time knitting a pillow they could only put on display for a month or two out of the year: we are the same person, and this is our next project.

Tiny Sweater Ornament

Your tree is cold! How could you be such an inattentive tree-mother?! Make it up to your poor Christmas tree by knitting him a sweater. It's okay; it should only take you an hour, max.

Whimsical Tabletop Trees

Tabletop trees are a trend that isn't going anywhere. You can knit these in all different colors and designs to match your color scheme, or just in a plain green because using your imagination is difficult.

What are some of your favorite Christmas knits? Leave a comment below!

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Looking for pattern for miniature stocking being knit by an elf in a corner. There is a ball of yarn left it uses toothpicks.

I have already made some of these ornaments, but some I have missed. There are so many different kinds and I am glad to see them here all in one collection! Since I "do" Christmas year around, I will be making several of them that I missed. Last year I used some as gift toppers and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

A friend always gives hand-crafted ornaments for Christmas her ideas are amazing, but she can't knit. Now I can give her hand-knit ornaments and knit them for others too (and for our tree)

I am looking for a miniature cable knit scarf. Anyone find one. Not good at making up a pattern. Ornament size Kathy

I adore doing Christmas ornaments. These are great.

Love to see you sharing the pattern for Minutia. Are you planning on sharing the two other years as well. I made these for family members one year for Christmas. They were a huge hit.


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