Toilet Paper


Toilet Paper


Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

Have you ever knit some toilet paper? With this interesting free knitting pattern, now you can! It's kind of cute, don't you think?


Knitting Needle Size4 or 3.5 mm, 5 or 3.75 mm, Double-Pointed Knitting Needles (DPNs)

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

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Good idea

I'm right back with the first poster - Why??? Why would anyone want to waste time and yarn making something which isn't even funny, just childishly stupid.

I have a genuine interest in trying what some would consider unconventional materials for knitting and crocheting - wire, rope, twine, paper, newspaper, etc. For me, it's an experiment, to see what kind of result you get. You may get something that you really like - it's possible. I don't know if i would make this particular project, but I might try knitting with toilet paper, just to see what I get. I guess I would see it as an artistic endeavor.

I can say confidently that no, I have never knitted any toilet paper! This is hilarious. This would make the perfect bathroom prank / gag just as long as your guests are sober and dont try to actually use it. Oh my LOL. This looks like it takes it little time to make and I am not sure I want to invest my time in this but it is too funny. I would love to see one though.

Sometimes we do things for whimsy and this is one of those that would classify. There is not practical reason for this project but I am sure it will bring smiles to a lot of faces you make it.

I have made quite a few of these toilet paper scarves and they are a big hit. In fact I just finished one for a charity and will probably make more since the children loved it. It made them giggle and laughter is always the best medicine. Easy pattern and it will work up quickly.

This would be a great project to make up and give someone as a gag gift. Make it long enough to be worn as a scarf, and use a tube that with last over time and can be removed when it is time to throw the scarf into the washing.

I just realized the tube is knit too. Even better!

HAHAHAHA! This is sooooo funny! This pattern is an absolute whiz to knit up. Not much time investment here. I can think of a few April Fools pranksters that would get a real kick out of finding this guy in the bathroom first thing in the morning! I think that I will have to knit a few of these up this month to "surprise" some friends. Lol!

I do not trust the people in my bathroom with it....

This is the cutest thing ever! Look a the toilet paper's pouty little face...too funny :) I love to see people getting innovative with yarn and trying new and apparently controversial projects. Love it!

honestly , have people got nothing to do when they make a pattern like this. . make 10 and sew them together and make a blanket for goodness sake.

Not one of the site's better patterns or ideas. Have a rest and come back in a week. I did laugh at it though.

Why would you want to knit imitation toilet paper?


Stupid is a perfect word for this.

I just can't imagine why anyone would think this is "cute" or "funny". The word "Stupid" comes to mind. . . what a waste of yarn and time. :(

I think the tissue is just plain cute. Trouble is, my cat would play with it, and then teach the grandchildren to play with it together, both would learn to spread it through the house, most fun of all is either to stick it to their shoes,or to stuff their pockets full of it to go home and teach everyone there. Cute or not, this is one I had better stay away from. Thanks for the offer though!

I think it would be fun to knit this like the Sushi Scarf. Make it a fund scarf for an adventurous kid, thought the cat toy is a fun idea.

Doesn't appeal to me at all. A spin around this site, or around all the crafts sites on the web, shows you an astounding outpouring of creativity and beauty. Why waste your time on something that makes you think of wiping urine and feces off your bottom? A little smiley face on just about anything would be cuter and a much better mental association than this. If this makes you laugh, are you going to keep laughing every time you see this? Why not use the yarn to make a chemo hat and do some real good in the world.

why waste your time responding . . you should be out saving the world!

I think that it is silly. I would rather spend the time knitting a project for charity.

I think it is cute and would be fun. Unfortunately for me, I have carpal tunnel, so I have to limit myself to things that I can use more often than this. My little granddaughter is walking now and I can imagine if she saw this in my house and played with it, what she would do with the TP at home. Oh the joys of being a grandparent!

One question. What is the point? It's ridiculous.

I myself think it is the cutest thing yet, that u have shown to make. I myself would have a ton of fun making it. And to those who have a problem with it. While this may seem cruel, but I would say grow up and learn to have fun in life. Isn't that exactly what this site is all about anyway. Having fun with crafting projects.

Would I buy yarn for this project? No. Would I make it for my pets with scraps? Sure. It keeps them away from my projects with their own little woo lie toy.

C'mon! Where's your sense of humor? It's a great pet toy! All knitting need not be serious ... and anyone who's had a puppy 'wrap' the house with toilet paper, or has a cat who's clawed a roll of TP to death, or has a friend who's experienced either toilet paper mischief will get great satisfaction from knitting this! Poo-Poo on people who knit without humor!!!

I think this is cute as a baby or pet toy.

No, I would not knit it and would not like to receive one either. What is the purpose? It can only be placed in a bathroom which is usually a small room and it would just collect dust which you can't just wipe off.

Maybe if I lived in a trailer, or felt my knitting had no value, I would appreciate a pattern for a toilet paper roll. Okay fine, I am a snob. addie

Adorable! I think my puppy would think it was a chew toy! :o)

I don't know - I am thinking I might want to try this out - when I am in the bathroom, my 2-1/2 year old grandson thinks the toilet paper is there just for him! Maybe it will be a big enough distraction for him! I will have to let you know if it worksLOL. In any case, it made me smile!

What a waste of time! I'd rather spend my knitting time on something actually useful...

they are absolutely adorable. I am going to knit a bunch for silly gifts for friends and family.They will love them as much as i....anyone who thinks these whimsical knits are a waste of time..well they sure do need to get a sense of humor keep putting these out...and fooey on the sour pusses Sheila

I think the toilet paper is so cute! We need some whimsy in our lives !

Here, Here !!

I think the toilet paper is so cute! We need some whimsy in our lives !

It's cute, but would probably be stolen by our cats! One minute it would be in the bathroom and the next minute it would be flying all over the house.

i agree with mimis6...sort of cute but ...... i really like to spend my time on something useful.

Why not make this bigger around and use it as a toilet paper holder? Holders don't always have to stand up. This would be different as it would be laying down!

'Laughter is medicine.' GOD Sometimes "cute" trumps "useful". Where some homes flaunt towel warmers, for a fraction of the cost, you can have a t-paper warmer ;)

If you're looking for toilet paper cover patterns, there's a whole book of them! Toilet Roll Covers by Pat Ashforth. I love the book, I knitted the piggy cover as a gag gift for my mom, it is soooooo cute!

Cute but not real useful!. Does anyone have a pattern for a toliet paper cover? I made one years ago and lost the pattern. I was knitted, and resembles a hat! Thanks for any ideas. mimis6

Well, it just goes to show you...everybody has different tastes. I posted a picture of knitted toilet paper on my facebook page and laughed about it. A friend just asked me to knit her one because she loves it. Who knew? So, I am off to dig through my scrap bag to see if I can make it with what I have on hand. Thanks!


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