Year Round Style: 20 Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Every Season


Year Round Style: 20 Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Every Season

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Year Round Style Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns

There’s nothing like coming across a good cardigan knitting pattern. This timeless wardrobe enhancer isn’t just a year-round essential—it’s a stylish fashion statement that can completely change the look your entire ensemble.

That’s right, free knit cardigan patterns aren’t just an outfit-finishers, anymore. The right cardigan knitting pattern may even be the focal point of your whole look.
The best thing about free cardigan knitting patterns is that there are so many creative ways to make one your own. Based on the season, there are a million ways to fine tune a timeless pattern into a personal masterpiece.

By starting with a classic pattern, you’ll have a template that will last you for years to come. Any one of these free cardigan knitting patterns listed below would make a wonderful canvas for creativity and experimentation.

Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Summer

The most important part about knitting for the warmer months is to choose fiber that are light and breathable, such as cotton and linen. These free cardigan patterns feature patterns full of airy lace designs and flowing silhouettes to keep you calm, cool and collected no matter how hot it gets. If they're still too warm for you, we recommend them for the warmer months anyway; there's nothing like that horrifying shock of walking into an overly air-conditioned building after being out in the warm sun and having nothing to cover up with!

Italian Summer Cardigan

Ciao! This romantic cardigan is perfect for the summer months and brings us to boating around Venice and exploring Rome hand-in-hand with a loved one. The cables give this cardigan a cozy, comforting vibe despite its lightweight construction.

City Girl Cardigan

If you don't like fussing with buttons, free cardigan knitting patterns that use shawl pins instead are your best friend. That's what this cardigan does; it's also great for when you're wearing a really cute shirt underneath that you want to show off a little bit from the front.

Midnight Rose Short Sleeve Cardi

Another great way to show off your outfit (and to keep from overheating!) is a pattern like this one, where the cardigan buttons only at the bust. The sleeves on this cardigan are also cropped super short, making it a great layering piece for the summer time.

Eyelet Cardigan

The stitch pattern of the cardigan itself can also help make it ideal for the season. In this case, this cardigan is made with a light and lacy eyelet design throughout both the body and sleeves. Paired with its open-front design, this cardigan is the best for ladies who get too warm very quickly.

Cute and Casual Cardigan

Long-sleeved options are still perfect for the summer, because you never know when you're going to step in from the sweltering heat to an Antarctica of a building. Just tie this bad boy around your waist and throw it on when you step inside! The neon colors, subdued by stripes of brown, help make this cardigan cheery and summery.

Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Autumn

As the weather starts to turn, it’s fun to start experimenting with heavier fibers and thicker stitch patterns like cables. These cozy cardigan knitting patterns are the perfect layering piece for casual outdoor activities and dressier indoor occasions. The challenge with finding cardigans for autumn is that you have to predict every day whether or not you'll need them, with the weather constantly flip-flopping. These are light enough for the warmer days in autumn, but warm enough to protect your skin from unexpected chills.

Walking Bird Cardigan

If these colors don't scream "autumn," I don't know what does! The shades remind me of a fall sunset, or the changing colors of leaves as September turns to October. The flare at the bottom of this cardigan really gives it an ultra-feminine look, too.

Armande Cardigan

Another great color option for autumn is mustard, so this classic, no-frills cardigan isn't likely to clash with the rest of your fall wardrobe. What I really love about this cardigan is the cable accent running down the center; it's subtle with the buttons, but just cool enough of a detail to spice up your outfit.

Bohemian Rose Cardigan

I don't know about you, but when it starts to get cold out, I want to just drag my blanket everywhere. That's why free cardigan knitting patterns like this one are perfect. The draping of this cardigan is like carrying an afghan over your shoulders! This is probably the most perfect sweater for people who get cold easily.

Autumn Rose Cardigan

Do you have cable fever? If winter is just too far away for you and you want to wear cozy cabled cardigans now, you're going to want to knit this one. Because it doesn't close up in the front, you're not going to be sweating in this cardigan, but you will still get that cold-weather-wardrobe vibe from the cables running down the length of the body and sleeves.

Lovely Lacy Cable Cardigan

Lace and cables are a match made in heaven for autumn. While the cables help give this pattern a cozy look, the lace helps keep it lightweight enough for a season that's still throwing you for a loop with its constant temperature changes. The calssic off-white coloring of this cardigan is also great for the office or a PTA function.

Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Winter

These warm and cuddle cardigan knitting patterns are sure to stand up to whatever winter throws at you. Thick, chunky cables and cozy fibers are the perfect choice for cold winter nights curled up by the fire. With winter cardigan kntiting patterns, you really want to go all-out; there is no space for lace when it's negative 10 degrees outside. Every layer counts, and a hand-knit, cozy cardigan is one of those layers you'll be thanking yourself for when the snow starts to fall.

Moon Shadows Cardigan

Can you think of a better way to bundle up for winter than with bulky yarn? Still, just because the cardigan is bulky, it doesn't mean you have to look like a walking marshmallow. Somehow, this cardigan pattern has all of the coziness of bulky yarn without any of the bulk. The deep purple coloring of the yarn is also stunning.

Drape Front Knit Cardigan

This cardigan is really the best for when you've already dressed up in a really cozy outfit but just need that one extra layer to be the perfect temperature. The lace panels on this cardigan help it from being too heavy, but the drapiness helps give your thighs a little extra boost of warmth. P.S.: this cardigan is great for plus-size ladies who want to look slimmed down.

Sapphire Skies Minisweater

If you're not a fan of big and cozy sweaters, but you still need to stay warm, just toss on this cardigan! Free cardigan knitting patterns like this one are hard to come by, since the only cropped cardigans you'll usually find are just shrugs or boleros. Since this buttons in the front, you don't need to worry about ruining your hair when you throw it on over your outfit, either.

Moonlit Cardigan

If you're just looking for a basic, warm cardigan for winter, look no further. This no-nonsense cardigan is great for anyone who needs to layer up for the coldest season. The stitch design is simple, so what will really steal the show is the subtle variegation of the yarn.

Free Cardigan Knitting Patterns for Spring

These delicate cardigan knitting patterns feature charming lace stitch work and elegantly draping silhouettes that are perfect for spring. Not only do all of these designs cater especially to any solid color pastel, they offer just enough warm for those days when winter tries to make a comeback. Much like autumn cardigans, you need to protect yourself against unforeseen chills, but unlike autumn cardigans, you're allowed more frilly, girly, pastel knits! Take advantage of this time as you gear up for summer and make yourself a cardigan knitting pattern perfect for the springtime.

Sunday Best Cardigan

What better than cheery, bright colors to warm up your mood along with the weather? This cardigan has a great, open design that will help show off your beautiful church dress or feminine spring outfit. Even if you wear it open, it's bound to give you enough warmth on your arms to fight the remaining chill from winter.

Classic Lace Cardigan

This cardigan is great for those of you who are just looking for a bit of light extra coverage in the spring. The airy and lacy design helps keep this cardigan from being too bulky, and since it buttons in the front, you can control how bundled up you are. Plus, check out those pastels for Easter!

Angel Lace Cardigan

This cardigan goes with any outfit. I mean it. the half-sleeves give this cardigan a casual vibe which contrasts well against the elegant laciness of the body. Since the coloring is so neutral, you could go bright, dark, neutral, or pastel underneath and still look cute.

Coastal Blue Cardigan

This adorable cardigan has a boho feel from the loose fit and subtle lace. Have you ever seen any cardigan patterns that are closed with a belt? I wouldn't have thought to do that, but it's actually so cute. This cardigan would be perfect for either the office or an event, but I especially love it for spring because of the loose-fitting construction.

Sucre Cardigan Pattern

The best part about patterns like this one is that you can dress it up or down in a pinch, since it's not much of a statement piece. Despite not being anything extremely eye-catching, you're going to find yourself reaching for this one almost every day because of its inoffensive design and overall warmth and comfort. Like a best friend you can rely on any time, this cardigan is always there for you.

Do you own a cardigan you wear all year round?

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These are excellent. I'm a big fan of cardigans, and knitwear in general, so I could see myself making and wearing so many of these.


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