61 Ways to Store Your Knitting Needles


61 Ways to Store Your Knitting Needles

Organizing a craft room doesn't have to be difficult with all of these different needle storage ideas!


61 Ways to Store Your Knitting Needles

Trust me, because I know your story: you've been knitting for years and have more knitting needles than you know what to do with! (It's okay to give this article a little "Amen!" if you want to.)

Knitting needle storage is difficult. Having a large assortment of needles is great for being able to work on a multitude of projects, but storage can be a little tricky. After all, where exactly is a good place for keeping pointy little sticks?

Thankfully, we turned to you: our knowledgeable readers!

Below you will find 61 reader-submitted tips for knitting needle storage. We know that organizing a craft room can be a daunting task, so we hope that these tips will give you a little direction. From old paint cans to empty pretzel containers, you'd be surprised how many inexpensive (and practical) ways there are to organize your knitting needles, whether they're straight, circular or double-pointed needles.

Here's what knitters said:

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How to Store Your Knitting Needles

  1. I have an old paint can full of my knitting needles. - Joanna W.
  2. I use mostly circular needles. I have three sets: Boye interchangeables, Denise interchangeables and bamboo needles. Two I keep in their original cases and the third set I keep in a case made especially made for circular needles where each size needle has its own pocket. I also put spare circs in this case. It just rolls up and ties for easy transport, like a jewelry travel case. - Kay H.
  3. I keep my straight needles in fabric needle rolls. I have complete sets of Harmony needles, bamboo needles and metal needles, all in their own “homes”. DPN’s (double-pointed needles) are kept in their original packages. My four sets of interchangeable needles are kept in their original packages as well. I guess I’m a needle collector! - Suzanne N.
  4. I have a quilted duffel bag where I keep some of my yarn. On each end is a huge pocket, so I keep the 16″, 24″ & 29″ circular needles in one and my 32″ & 40″ circular needles in the other. All my straight bamboo needles I keep in a quilted roll up holder.  - Pamela R.
  5. I store my DPNs in empty Crystal Light containers. They’re the perfect size! - Diana K.
  6. I have two hanging organizers for circular needles with sewn pockets along the backing.  I also have 2 needle rolls for straight needles and one for doublepoints. - Pat
  7. Sadly they are not very organized. I do have a canvas tote bag that hangs on side of my headboard with most of my needles in it!  - DeAnna C.
  8. I keep my crochet needles and other necessary items ready to go by sewing an envelope from scrap sewing projects. I sewed in several pockets to fit needles, measuring tape, scissors, stitch markers etc. The envelope simply rolls up and is tied with a crochet ribbon I made from scrap yarn. I often take my current projects with me when traveling, so having my needle envelope ready to go, I always have what I need at home or on the road. - Bonnie
  9. I keep my knitting needles, as well as crochet needles, in a duffel bag with handles. - Jacqueline Q.
  10. I keep cookie tins (the ones that Sam’s Club sells with cookies in packs of four containing shortbread cookies!) and pringle cans. The tins are different colors, have pretty designs on them, and most needles fit nicely inside. They're easy to keep track of and fit nicely under a dresser. - Jolan D.

  1. I use two-gallon Ziplock storage bags. All needles of one size fit in one bag, circular, straight and Double points. I just mark the bag with the size, stack them on a shelf and there they are.  If you're working on a project, the yarn and pattern usually fit inside this bag too.  - Mary S.
  2. I use the decorated cardboard wine bottle tubes from craft stores. I also use plastic page protectors marked with the needle size and cord length (for circular needles) and put all pages in a notebook.  - Judy W.
  3. I have a large vase and a painted terra cotta pot on my shelf. The knitting needles are in my vase and the crochet hooks in the smaller flower pot.  - BearyAnn
  4. I store knitting needles in cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls on a shelf with knitting supplies. I can easily see numbers on the ends of the needles. I store crochet hooks in a sewing box given to me for high school graduation in 1964!  - Marilyn M.
  5. I have a large spool rack that I hang on the wall and I’ve labeled the pegs with the size and length of my circular needles.  - Judi
  6. Most of my crochet hooks/knitting needles can be found a box that a pipe that my husband received as a gift. - Nancy
  7. I use mainly circular needles, so I have them in zipper style plastic bags. I have one size in each bag, and the bag labeled with the size.
  8. I have wine gift boxes (the rectangular ones work best) without the lids, stacked inside a cabinet. The open ends face out. I can see the needle sizes quickly. I store them by category: small sizes, medium sizes, large sizes, special types ( hairpin lace loom, etc.)  This way, I’m not searching through all of my needles every time.  - Maxine J.
  9. I have one of those crochet hook cases with individual space for each hook. Now since I just started knitting I haven’t gotten them straighten out. - Cindy

  1. I own a lot of needles! My crochet hooks are organized in zippered leather organizers that I purchased at Jo-Ann’s. One set carries all the finer steel hooks for delicate crochet work such as doilies. The other has the larger hooks for crocheting with yarn. My knitting needles are stored also by categories; the delicate sizes 0000 to 6 are stored in a firm organizer so there is less threat of breakage or damage, the sizes 7 through 17 are also separated by length-the 14 inches in a rolled storage pouch I created from pre-quilted fabric, the shorter versions of those sizes I keep in a pouch I received as a free gift from purchasing Simply Knitting magazine. I keep all my vintage steel pin double points in a cardboard tube I got in the mail from a needle order. - Marybeth P.
  2. I keep my interchangeable needles in their original cases. I keep my bamboo straight knitting needles in a fabric tri-fold needle case. I keep my aluminum straight needles in a tapestry tri-fold needle case. I keep my fixed circulars on a hanging needle case inside a closet door. I only have a couple of crochet hooks and I keep them in my knitting bag pouch will all my other small accessories.  - Knittingdancer
  3. For my double points I use the cloth roll up holders that artists use for their paint brushes. Each needle set has its own slot. For rest I use a tool boy with a handle.  It makes it really easy to take everything when we travel.  - Maryswen
  4. I just keep them in the package they came in (that helps me know what size) and then put them in a knit little container I made from playing cards.  - Sharon
  5. I bought a modular plastic drawer that can be hooked in a unit that I keep my straight needles in. For my circular ones I keep them on the plastic sleeve with the size tag so I know which ones I have quickly.
  6. I have clear plastic tackle box style storage boxes that I need mine in. all neatly stacked in the closet. But of course the ones I’m using are all over the place, need to get my WIPs organized next.  - Naomi H.
  7. I use a cd-case (meant for cars)it holds all my tips and cables in each pocket and zips and snaps close, very handy. For my accessories I use a little makeup bag that nail polish was sold in. It is black and clear vinyl and zips closed. - Brenda
  8. Most of my knitting needles are in a cloth roll up holder with pockets for each set of needles. - Diana
  9. In pretty vases, they come in different shape and sizes. Great for knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other sewing supplies. - Judy T.
  10. I have a zippered crochet hook case with individual pockets that keep them organized and protected. I use one of the pockets to store a yarn needle to weave in the ends. I also store my stitch counter, a pair of folding scissors, and a six inch ruler inside. I attach several different sized safety pins to the zipper pull tab to use as stitch markers. Whenever I want to grab a project to take with me, I just grab yarn and the case. Everything I need to finish the project is inside. - Saundra C.
  11. You know those pretty cardboard containers for putting wine bottles in when you’re giving a gift? They make an awesome home for straight needles. I can sort by types (bamboo, wood, etc.) or by size. You can also put the needles in the fabric rolls and put them inside the container. Since my knitting tends to be all over the house, having something decorative to stash the needles in is a triumph of form over function! - Deb B.
  12. I keep my needles in a mason jar my daughter decorated with tissue paper and glue. - Jennifer
  13. I bought a small tool box that I keep my supplies in-my dpn’s are kept together with a rubber band, the finer ones I keep in a sock holding tube. The longer needles are in a cardboard container. - Karen
  14. An old cigarette case is the perfect container for crochet needles. The little pouch on the outside for lighter, holds my scissors for easy access. Making lemonade out of lemons….smoke free but still useful. - Marsha
  15. I keep my straights, rubber banded by size, in a small plastic trash can with a lid. It keeps the dust off of them if I don’t use them often (like the pair of 000′s I have!). My custom made needles (made by my woodworking brother) are in a very tall pewter water pitcher I got at a yard sale. It is heavy enough to handle the large wooden needles. - Michelle
  16. I keep mine in a Longaberger ice bucket in the packages.  - Debbie
  17. I keep all of my crochet hooks and knitting needles in a clear plastic zipper bag. - Carolyn M.
  18. For my knitting needles, the long ones I put in a wine bottle holder and the dpn ones I keep in a crystal light container! - Patricia M. 
  19. My mother-in-law gave me a beautiful quilted bag that has several pockets on the inside. I keep my needles, crochet hooks, measuring tape, and scissors in separate pockets. I use circular needles the most and only have one set of straight needles. Those rest nicely on the bottom of the bag. It is a really wonderful gift that has served me perfectly well! - Kerri A.
  20. A friend gave me a cloth folder with ribbon handles. In the center are many stitched plastic bags, varying sizes, openings out. You can write sizes on the plastic bags. I sort by size, straight & curved.  The folder closes with a couple of 1″ Velcro tabs. - Anne W.
  21. I keep my straight needles in a pretty vase on top of my bookcase and the circulars in a small decorative bin next to the vase. It’s functional and decorative at the same time! - Michelle
  22. I use several old eyeglass cases–both “closed” and open varieties to keep my hooks together. The long afghan hooks are kept separately in a drawer in my yarn cabinet. - Marge
  23. I keep my straight needles (the ones that are not involved in an unfinished project) in an 8″ bud vase. My circular needles are threaded through a door handle on a cupboard in my craft room and my dps are kept in the pocket of my knitting bag. I will have to improve on this situation if I get any more needles though. - B.J.M.
  24. I keep my straight needles in a tall plastic jar. My Denise interchangeable stay in their case, and my double points stay in a tin can with my crochet hooks. The can had cookies in it and it has a screw on lid. For now this works, but I know it is not ideal! - Fran
  25. I store my knitting needles is small decorative gift bags. One for circular needles and one for DPNs. Long paired needles are stored in a wine gift box and crochet hooks is a smaller round box. - Linda
  26. Crochet hooks in a veggie can – loom picks in a coin purse, and my yarn needles (tapestry size) in a clear baby’s drink cup with Styrofoam in the bottom! Sewing needles in the packaging they came in – or a pin cushion.  I need them all at hand so they sit on the coffee table. - Jennifer T.

  1. I keep my gold plated needles in a felt lined case, my whale bone in quilted roll up cases, Tunisian hooks in quilted roll up cases, and my regular Boye hooks in their original zippered cases. My steel hooks are also in a protective case. All my needle cases stay in a large bin along with my crochet cotton until I need them. - Dorothy V.
  2. I keep my needles in a notebook with elastic loops to hold each size. I got the idea to use it when I was doing ceramics, as I had bought a for of these same notebooks to hold my brushes and tools. - Sandy
  3. For my knitting needles, I keep them in a floral silverware organizer designed to hold knives, forks and spoons. It holds them all upright and I can see at a glance what size they are.  For my crochet hooks, I either keep them in a zippered crochet hook organizer or my project bag that I am working on, because you never know what size you might want to try next. - Cindy V.
  4. I keep all my hooks in a metal candy tin. I keep some of my needles in a zippered pencil pouched the long ones in a plastic storage box.  - Dove H.
  5. My sister gave me cards in a decorated pail – I converted the pail to hold my needles.  Makes for a quick grab. - Teresa

  1. I keep all my knitting needles in a coffee can in my yarn closet. My circular needles are kept on a hanger in the closet! Not too organized but I know where they are at. - Wendy
  2. I have my circular needles in a round tin. My knitting needles in a tin pail. My crochet hooks are in an antique pitcher. My smaller hooks are in a milk glass vase. I love the way they look. - Bethany J.
  3. My knitting needles are in a two part sectioned cloth case with slots for each size that folds over and rolls up when not in use. My crochet hooks fit quite nicely in and transport very well in a large size mini M&M container (after the little m’s are gone, of course) I can fit quite a few in there, all but the largest sizes. - Carol
  4. I use two Bass worm binders for my knitting needles. My circs are sorted according to needle size and separated into plastic bags. My DPNs are in a smaller second worm binder, separated and labeled. Each binder has extra zippered pockets for scissors, stitch markers, cable needles etc. I just tote along whatever bag I need. very handy and inexpensive. - L.M.O.
  5. I use my husband’s emptied barrel from his pretzels and put all my knitting needles in there. I have been collecting them for years and years. All of my crochet hooks are in a plastic pencil box. It closes with a snap, I have about 75 hooks, row markers, scissors, and current pattern in it. These are the easiest to just pick up and go with!  -Donna
  6. Hooks and needles are stored in a sewing box my husband found for me at a garage sale. Opens to four shallow drawers perfect for hooks and short needles and notions with a deep long storage space underneath for longer needles. When taking projects on the go, a pretty pencil case holds everything I need in my favorite quilted bag! - Cathy K.

How do you organize your knitting needles?
Let us know in the comments!

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Over the door plastic shoe organizer. Each needle and hook size gets their own pocket and there's enough pockets left over for various notions too.

I have tried and discarded so many organizing methods but finally! My flexible double pointed needles are hanging on a strip of fabric to which I sewed strips of elastic with sizes grouped together (see photo). My short single points are in pretty pitchers, and my long single pointed ones are in a tube type container since I rarely use them anymore!

I keep my dpns in a couple of ice cube trays -- the kind that makes long skinny icecubes for water bottles. I made a wall hanging for all my circulars, each size has its own slot. And a pocket in the back.

All of these ways to store your knitting needles are better than my technique: throwing them in the yarn bin with zero organization or leaving them on my coffee table forever and ever.

I really needed these tips! My needles have just been all over the place. Some great ideas.

I have a pencil tray that I toss all my double pointed needles in. I'm getting ready to knit a folded square with straight pockets for my other needles. And as far as the rest of the notions go, I've got little jars (they're actually little plastic sewing jars from hobby lobby). I just toss them in a three drawer stand.

My question is, how many pairs, sets of needles and hooks does one person actually need. I had all of my own, then I inherited my mom's which meant it was too many. I even gave a full set of straight and circular needles to my niece (in all sizes). But, the other day I cleaned out my knitting, sewing, crafts, crochet etc. dresser and they all seem to have multiplied. I must have ten sets of size 8 needles, not counting the dpns. Do they have offspring or something?

I keep my straights and dp's in coffee containers and my circulars, I bought a deep zip up lunch box from the dollar store.

I store my crochet hooks in clam shell eye glass cases. The kind that snap shut. The ones that are too long, I put in a pocket page for binders that I puchased at Annies Attic. The page holds various needles and has a place to check the sizes and and lenghts. For straight needles I use the quilted roll up. I live with 2 cats so to keep my yarn clean, I use the plastic containers that I can see through. It works for me.

I display my straight needles in an old tea pot.

Straight needles - pvc pipe from hardware store. Circular - notebook with pencil holders and patterns

I save styrofoam packaging and stick the needles into them. I keep them organized by size and length. Very easy to choose which needles you need. Circular and dp's are kept in heavy zipper bags that pillow cases come in.

I keep my needles in zipper pencil pouches.

I use an empty chop canister to keep my straight needles in. I have my circular needles in page protectors labeled with the size and stored in a binder. I haven't found a good way to store my DPN. I want to be able to sort them by size as well as keep each set together.

I made a set of tubes for my straight needles out of PVC pipe joined them all on a small board they are of different heights and sizes I do not crochet but do have a set of hooks that were a gift from a friend who told me they were her great grandmothers all in a very nice wooden box that her grandfather made to store her hooks in I keep my circulars in an accordion type folder with tabs for sizes and lengths my Addi's stay in their respective cases I have a set of Lantern Moon wooden needles and they have their own fabric roll case For those starting out Pringle cans covered in contact type paper make excellent needle holders The shorter cans are great for storing odds and ends Also the plastic type pencil holders school supplies are great to keep scissors yarn needles the rubberRead More tip guards and a measuring tape in They work well in my knitting bag have used zipper type but I can always reach in and find this holder much easier I have many ideas just wish I had the space to have them all

I have a silverware & napkin holder. I put my DPNs in tubes and store them in that with the circulars I their pkgs in the "napkin" bin...also have a 4 x 5 photo album with bamboo circulars....the ones I really don't like or use. The needle tubes are all labelled. Sigh...of course there are all the needles in the felt-covered can by my work area. Handy and ready to go!

I have long single points, I bought an 18" welding rod storage tube at the hardware store it is 18" tall and approximately 3" in diameter, the top screws on and it has a clip on the side so it can be clipped to a welders belt. Mine is blue, and works wonderfully well for long needles. and I can clip it to the side of a tote bag so it stands upright in the bag with my knitting. I also have a plastic cracker keeper for my shorter needles and crochet hooks.

I use a thick, glass vase for all of my straight needles and a little glass jam jar for my crochet hooks. I tied pretty ribbon around both of them. They are easy to get to, organized, and look nice!

All the ideas for storing needles sound fine except for the clutter. I decided to make mine into wall art. I am in the process of making hangings for long, short, circular, ctrochet hooks, and accessories.

I have inherited needles from my Grandmother tiny old metal needles that she kept in a round metal calcium container with a round of foam to protect the points and mother-in-law kept in an oval cardboard wine-making kit I also have an oval metal garbage can with a picture of a vintage Singer sewing machine on it I keep this beside the old treddle sewing machine my husband inherited from his mom I store my most-often used needles and a few balls of wool or a small project in it -- a functional decoration I love the idea of fabric needles rolls with homes for needles My daughter has just started quiling so I think i'll get her to make one for me Why do I have so many needles -- I have stepdaughters daughters and daughter-in-laws an friends -- some who have expressed an interest in knitting -- I alwaysRead More have needles and wool scraps for a quick lesson -- and to share

I also gift away duplicates inherited from Mom, Grandmother, Aunt....so nice to see these vintage things being used by a new generation.

I love reading how everyone has great ideas for orginizing their needles! I have a craft closet; wish it was a room! I use a hanging shoe organizer on the inside of door. On each pocket I wrote needle sue with a sharpie. Easy reach!

I DO have a room and it is very cluttered. I must have 1000 circular needles in all sizes (probably at least 10 of the common sizes 8, 10.5, 11, 13 each)....... I've tried totes, but that is messy when you want to find one. I've tried cubby hole shelving (Ikea), but they just fall all over the place. So now I think I might try the ziploc bag solution in an empty dining room bureau/credenzaa that has both drawers and cabinets w/shelves. Maybe that will last until I move again! LOL. The CONCLUSION There is NO PERFECT SOLUTION to storing knitting needles, especially fixed circular!

Some good tips here

I keep my knitting supplies in an old tin milk can. It's the perfect height for all sizes and lengths of needles.

I keep my knitting supplies in an old tin milk can. It's the perfect height for all sizes and lengths of needles.

Wow! I love the way people's imaginations take them. Me, well, I store mine (& my Mom's) in a Rubbermaid box. Got some really old antiques -- remember the plastic coloured ones with the numbers on the end. That was before metric arrived in Canada--now lets just say there are even more. My favourites are bamboo or made out of wood, it is a real treat to knit with them cause the wool 'just glides' over them something like magic. Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas Ladies.

I use a really cute clutch purse, it's long enough to hold all my pins and has a pocket inside for other goodies. the fold over flap and magnetic snap keeps everything safe.

I use a Tackle box/2 sided, clear lids/carry handle (purchased from Sports Department Big Blue Box Store) to store all my straight,DP's and cable needles/counters/markers et. Love Love Love it!!

I use old mugs to store my needles!

I use several old travel toothbrush holders for my DPN's After a while the cardboard they come on gets torn I mark what size is in the holder Then they go into one of those nice wine bottle gift boxes that look like a hat box from long ago The long needles and other notions are in a tall wicker basket My crochet hooks are in a zippered pencil case My interchangeable needles are in the zippered pouch they came in in a knitting carrying bag My yarn needles are in one of those plastic Mentos candy containers with a snap on lid I have buttons in another Yarn is in several totes Books and magazines are in a box in the closet I have gone digital with my knit and crochet magazines in the last few years I love it I print out a pattern as I need it andRead More I can write on it and make notes all over the thing I back up my computer too

I use a chip clip to hold my circular needles.Gather them together and then clip 'em in the middle :)


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