How to Do the Knitted Cast On


How to Do the Knitted Cast On

Also called the knit-on cast on, this knitted cast on method is perfect for beginners!

How to Do the Knitted Cast On

Calling all you knitting beginners here is a great tutorial for you! In this tutorial for how to do a knit-on cast on will show you a super easy way you can start casting on your stitches for your next project.

Most beginners learn how to cast on with the longtail cast on method, but this can be a little tricky, and when you watch someone do it, it's definitely a little bit intimidating. The knit-on cast on is a great alternative that's way easier to do.

You can use this cast on method for any knitting project you decide to take on. Plus, this the help of this video tutorial you can really learn how to master the knit-on cast on technique. This will soon become your go-to cast on method!

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Step 1

Make a slip knot and insert one needle into the stitch. This is the first stitch of your cast on row.

Step 2

Hold the needle with the slip knot on it in your non-dominant hand.

Step 3

Insert the other needle into first stitch on left needle as if to knit.

Step 4

Bring the yarn over the working needle, wrap yarn, and draw it through the loop.

Step 5

Then, take this new stitch that's on your working needle and slip it onto the needle with your cast on stitches.

Step 6

Repeat steps 3-6 until you've got the required number of cast on stitches for your pattern.

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Seriously one of the best videos out there for the knit-on cast on. Thanks )

Video doesn't down load, past the first few seconds. No matter how long I wait.

Hi bonnietobin123 450 4141, the video appears to be working fine on our end. Perhaps you can try using a different browser or reloading the page? If neither works, here's the direct link to the video on our YouTube channel: Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Great. Thanks. I just saw the cast on way I always wanted to learn.

This video proved extremely beneficial. The illustrations in books were difficult to understand.

great help video,can you tell me what ssk means

can you help me with terminalogy.when a pattern on socks calls for ssk what do they mean

Slip Slip Knit - slipping a stitch means to transfer a stitch from the left needle to the right needle without working it. Slip as if to knit, Slip as if to knit next insert left needle behind both knit together - makes a left slant decrease.

i think it needs to go slower because i couldn't see if you go in between the neeles or not but it was good

I love the two needle casting on video. I have been using the butterfly or slingshot method and have always had a problem with casting on too tightly. This method solves that problem. The instructions are very clear. Thank you. Great job.

I have a pattern for knitting a hat. Do not understand (Face Opening) Row 1 K 18 sts. bind off next 22 sts. k to end of row - 18 stitches on each side. Is this talking about 3 needles to do this? I have 58 stitches cast on my needles. Row 2 to face opening turn cast on 22 sts, turn end of row - 58 st. please help

On the first row you knit 18 sts next b/o 22 sts knit the next 18 sts. Row 2 knit 18sts next cast on 22 sts knit 18 sts then turn. This only requires 1 needle for your sts to be on worked on back forth.


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