36 Free Knitting Patterns for Children's Hats (and Scarves)


36 Free Knitting Patterns for Children's Hats (and Scarves)

Check out this wonderful collection of knit children's hats and find the perfect way to keep your little one's head warm all winter long.


Free Knitting Patterns for Childrens Hats and Scarves

The best thing about knitting for kids is that they’ll wear almost anything – that is, until they reach the tender age of twelve. After that, cooties disappear, boys are cute, and girls are hard to talk to. But up until then, kids don’t care about clothes - as long as they’re comfortable. They have to be loose enough to let them beat the next door neighbor in a race and warm enough to keep them focused during a competitive game of capture the flag.
With winter right around the corner, it’s important to remember that kids don’t always think about getting sick when romping about in the snow. All they care about is building the best igloo on the block or throwing the most snowballs. This collection of warm knit hat and scarf patterns is sure to dash any hint of a cold and keep your child warm all winter long. The patterns below are both mother-tested and kid-approved, so knit for your kids while you still can! It won’t be long until they refuse to wear an adorable cable knit hat with a fluffy pom pom on top.

FIRST! Check out how to knit a hoodie hat for any age, so your little one can bring their favorite hat with them from infancy to adulthood!

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Playful Animal Hats

Knit an entire forest of fuzzy creatures with this list of animal knit hat patterns. These cozy hats are not only adorable, but a great way to spot your little one while out ice skating, playing at the park, or going sledding at the neighborhood snow hill. Kids will love these playful animal hats for a number of reasons, but you’ll love them because they’ll keep their ears nice and warm. Let your child take his favorite animal with him wherever he goes with one of these playful animal hats.

Fox Earflap Beanie

There's no better way to keep little ears toasty than with an earflap beanie! If your child is a fan of foxes, this one's a no-brainer.

Happy Puppy Dog Hat Knitting Pattern

Who doesn't love dogs? For an adorable hat that your child is sure to love, knit him or her this dog hat. Your child will be so excited to match the family pooch!

Cuddly Critter Earflap Hat

Sometimes it's better to not be specific. If you give your child a hat with a pair of ears, they can decide which animal they want to be!

Cute Bear Hat

Your little bear cub will never be better-prepared for the winter than with this bear hat. He's more likely to actually want to wear his hat outside when it's this cute!

Cute Polar Bear Knit Hat

Polar bears are some of the animals best-suited for the frigid cold out there, so why not give your child a fighting chance with a little bit of that polar bear spirit?

Dinosaur Hat

I have never met a child, boy or girl, who didn't love dinosaurs. Have you? Just because they're extinct doesn't mean that your kids can't play pretend.

Froggy Hat

If ears on your child's hat is just a little too mainstream for you, suit him up with a pair of eyes! These giant googly-eyes are bound to elicit giggles from his classmates.

Just Ducky Hat

Is your child a fan of Donald Duck? He can pretend to be the famous duck himself every day if he wants with this cute duck hat! You can even knit it in black if they're more of a Daffy fan.

Whimsical Bear Hat

The only thing she'll love more than a cute, eared hat for winter is getting to match with her favorite doll. Can you imagine tea parties with their matching hats? Precious!

Warm Winter Hats

This collection of warm winter knit hat patterns is just as cute as the playful animal hats above. There’s a cozy hat to suit every child’s needs in this list. Keep that sweet little head warm in a classic cable knit hat, such as the Chill Be Gone Hat. For a colorful look, try the Farmer’s Market Hat or another striped beanie. There are so many ways to get creative with a child’s knit hat pattern – all you need is a little inspiration from this list of cozy, kid-approved hats.

Mighty Winter Warrior

Ready your little viking for the winter with this unique horned helmet-style hat.

Farmer's Market Hat

We love this hat for early autumn trips to the farmer's market. If he's warm, he's less likely to complain when you're deciding which variety of apple butter to buy!

Chill Be Gone Hat

Nothing in this world is cozier than cables. It's a scientific fact. For a no-nonsense, classic hat that's perfect for the winter, knit your child her very own Chill Be Gone Hat.

Fluffy Puffs Hat

Pom poms help keep winter hats fun, but the cords at the end serve a utilitarian purpose. Your child is less likely to lose his or her hat in the wind if it's tied beneath his or her chin!

Furry Beanie Hat

If there's any way to get a little girl excited about wearing her hat, it's to make it colorful and pretty. Slap a flower on some fluffy, rainbow-colored yarn and you have yourself a keeper.

Kable Kid

You want a classic cabled hat. She wants rainbows. Compromise with this hat that has the best of both worlds! Even with the variegated yarn, you can see the lovely braids.

Kid's Bubble Hat

Texture is so fun while knitting. In order to keep the hat exciting enough for the child to wear and for you to knit, try knitting up a hat like this one with a bubbly texture!

Pumpkin Hat Knitting Pattern

Doesn't the cuteness of a toddler in a holiday hat just melt your heart? Before he's old enough to be embarrassed by hand-knit hats, put him in a Pumpkin Hat, one of the cutest options for a little boy.

Pumpkin Pixie Hat

Speaking of cute hats for children, not only does this one tie under the chin, but it comes to a tiny little point at the top, like the stem of a pumpkin! This hat is great for autumn and winter alike.

Simple Child Hat

Rolled brims are a quick and easy way to give a knit hat some intrigue. Since all it takes is knitting in stockinette stitch, nobody will believe how little time it took you to knit your child's hat.

The Happy Hat

Sometimes, simpler is better. The Happy Hat will do just that: keep your child warm and happy without attracting any unnecessary attention.

Veronica Ear Flap Hat

If you live in a particularly chilly or snowy area, ear flap hats are really the way to go. Your little one won't be pulling her hat down every five minutes to keep her ears warm.

Super Mario Color Charts

Another benefit to ear flap hats is that they better trap the heat from your head. The adorable little Yoshis running around this Super Mario Color Charts hat are just a bonus.

Blue Ice Beanie

Everyone knows that blue is the color of winter. Combined with the classic pale brown color, this hat is great for children in the winter.

Sunny Stripes Hat

Stripes are an easy and quick way to put together a hat for your little one that looks like it could have come straight out of a department store.

Lollipop Hat

While everyone else's kids are freezing with their cheap hats, your child will be cozy and toasty with her handmade-with-love rainbow striped beanie. Plus, she'll be easy to spot with the bright colors!

Spring Dreams Hat

For the girly-girl out there, flowers are an absolute must. Just because the ground is icy doesn't mean you can't channel springtime!

Children's Knit Scarves

Sometimes kids are too fussy to wear hats, and other times, they're too cold to wear just a hat! In either case, a knit scarf is a great next project for your little one. These scarves are incredibly quick to knit compared to adult knit scarves, and they'll help keep your little angel warm on his way to and from school, as well as playing outside in the snow.

Cool Kid's Knitted Scarf

If any scarf is bound to make your kid the hit of the playground, it's the Cool Kid's Knitted Scarf. Rainbows are so popular with little ones, and its short construction means your kid is less likely to get it tangled up somewhere.

Kid's Moss Stitch Cowl

Cowls make an excellent option for kids who are clumsy or otherwise have a tendency to ruin dangly bits of their clothing. Since this cozy moss stitch cowl stays close to your kid's neck, it can go tucked under his coat, forgotten while playing, but still keeping him warm.

Pom Pom Kids' Scarf

If your girly girl thinks that the more bedazzling, the better, she'll be obsessed with this Pom Pom Kids' Scarf. This scarf stimulates the senses with its bright color and soft, fluffy feel. Plus, it's super girly, which makes it perfect for super girly-girls.

Kids Loop Scarf Knitting Pattern

On the other hand, some kids seem to think that the simpler, the better. An easy garter stitch scarf is quick to work up for your kid with the incoming chill of the winter, and this pattern has a built-in loop so your kid doesn't have to mess with any complicated knots.

Stylish Pom Pom Scarf

A twist on the loop scarf above, this Stylish Pom Pom Scarf is worked up in simple stockinette stitch with a little dose of "happy" in the form of a couple of adorable pom poms on the end. This scarf is perfect for the unique child who does want to stand out from the crowd... but not TOO much.

Leafy Lace Cowl

Just because your child is small doesn't mean he or she shouldn't be able to wear a beautiful lace knit! For the slightly warmer days, show off a gorgeous handknit cowl on your child, and get them to start appreciating lovely lace early on.

Scarf Snake

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, let your children's imaginations run wild with a snake-inspired scarf! You only get to be a kid once, so why not have some fun with your wardrobe before you have to show up to work with whatever you're wearing?

Knit Hat and Scarf

Everybody loves a matching set! If you're looking to knit your child both a hat AND a scarf, but you hate how none of them seem to match, then knit them up a set like this Knit Hat and Scarf.

Fiery Dragon Scarf

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with fantasy novels and movies. For the adorable little nerd in your life, you HAVE to knit this Fiery Dragon Scarf. Just don't be surprised if your child names his scarf and grows attached...

Kids' Bowknot Cowl

If you don't typically love knitting for children because the style can be rather juvenile or simplistic, this is the cowl for you. Not only can you learn and practice a brand new stitch, but the end result is absolutely stunning.

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This is yet another great ebook. I have twin grand sons so I can really use this. I can make them up an entire wardrobe in no time. These are such easy patterns that it won't be a hard project. The hard part will be deciding which one to make first.

I am just a beginner and working on my skills so I can make some of these adorable animal hats! What a unique gift for a child. #BestIdeaEver Sheila


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