Knitting for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials


Knitting for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials


How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials eBook

Get started learning a wonderful new craft!


You've seen your friends do it. You've heard celebrities--Julia Roberts and Amanda Seyfried--gush about it. You know that it's fun and incredibly addictive. What is it? Knitting, of course! Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? Knitting for beginners can seem intimidating at first, but with the right free beginner knitting patterns, anyone can learn how to knit. We know there are a lot of articles out there showing you the right way to get started knitting. For your convenience, we've put together a group of simple tutorials and free knitting patterns for beginners to make your learning experience less stressful.

"Knitting for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials" eBook

With our free eBook, How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials, you'll find tons of great patterns, tips, and step-by-step instructions that will make picking up knitting a breeze. Knitting for beginners doesn't have to be complicated, especially when you have the right tutorials at your disposal! With just a little time and practice, you’ll be knitting like a pro in no time at all--there’s really nothing to fear. Are you still a little nervous about trying to knit? Let's break it down a little. Did you know that there are only two stitches you need to know: the knit stitch and the purl stitch? All the other special stitches are created from variations of those two stitches. Isn’t that great news? Once you know how to knit and how to purl, you just need to practice with a few easy beginner knitting projects until the motion becomes natural.

Download your copy of How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials eBook today!


Table of Contents:

Note From the Editors

What's Inside this eBook

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Note From the Editors:


Dear Knitters,

So you’ve decided to learn how to knit – congratulations! The free tutorials in this eBook will help guide you through the first steps of your journey. The simple instructions and clear pictures will have you casting on and knitting away. Before you know it, you’ll be binding off your first project with pride. 

How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials eBook is a perfect eBook for anyone who wants to learn this time honored craft.  With step-by-step instructions and tutorials, you will learn all about what it means to knit and purl. With our three free knitting patterns, you’ll have beautiful scarves and practical dishcloths that you knit yourself! Whether you want to pick up a fun new hobby or become a master of a rewarding craft, this awesome eBook will help you develop the skills you need to become an avid knitter.


For more free knitting patterns, videos, and tips, visit 


Happy Knitting,

The Editors of AllFreeKnitting


"Knitting for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials" eBook



Download your copy of How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials eBook today.






What's Inside this eBook:

How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials eBook


How to Cast On (pg. 12) - In order to learn how to knit, you need to learn how to cast on. After you've learned how to make a slip knot, this easy tutorial will guide you through casting on the foundation for your very first knitting project.

The Knit Stitch (pg. 21) - Once you learn this stitch, you are officially beginning knitting. This step-by-step photo tutorial will teach you how to make the strong ridges of the knit stitch.

How to Bind Off (pg. 30) - Now that you've finished your first knitting project, you'll learn how to bind off your work. Feel the satisfaction of completing hours of hard work by binding off.

Knitting Abbreviations (pg. 51) - Congratulations! You’ve officially learned how to knit. It’s time to move onto your very first pattern. We’ll explain the abbreviations and symbols in knitting instructions so that you can tackle patterns with ease.

Bold Beginner Scarf (pg. 66) - In addition to the other two pattern at the end of this eBook, we’ve added this brand new pattern for you to try. Simple and stunning, this is the perfect beginner pattern.


...and more!


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"Knitting for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials" eBook



Download your copy of How to Knit for Beginners: 9 Free Tutorials eBook today.






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Do you have an easy tutorial for beginner left handed knitters?

This is great! I used to have a beginners book for knitting many years ago, but it is buried somewhere in my basement. This will be a great teaching aid when I teach my son how to knit. He prefers technology over paper, so having an ebook is an added bonus for him!

I use to knit years ago but switched to crochet when my family had twins. I needed something that I could do more quickly. Now that they are getting bigger I don't crochet them things as often so I am trying to get back into knitting. This book is my refresher course.

am knitting cute and casual sweater, don't know what to do with the stitches put on a holder for the back, no instructions

thank you for tutorial

I downloaded a pattern earlier today that will be new to me, as I am a fairly new knitter. Can you tell me what it means to slip a stitch off and where does that stitch go? Do I take it off with the right needle from the left, and place back on the right, or do I let it drop? I am looking at doing some shawls for the local hospital, and have stayed away from patterns requiring this stitch, but i want to know. Thank you, Tamie

When slipping a stitch it generally goes from one needle to another. I slip stitches from my left needle to the right.

I am also into knitting but just newbie in this interest, I really appreciate having this kind of guide, and it is just easy to follow with my Kindle reader.


The knitting for beginners 9 tutorials were a waste. I got photos of items, no printing, or bits of printing, but not consecutive. Wasted a bunch of my paper, and most is useless. Not happy!

Very good for beginners.

I am an avid knitter really but I've seen some abbreviations on some patterns here that I don't understand like K2tog. Pat 6 sts. I understand the K2tog. but what does Pat 6 sts. mean? I have also seen 'M' used quite a bit, anyone know what that stands for? Or know of somewhere that explains all the abbreviations?

I'm thinking it mean Marker

M stands for marker, so you need to place a stitch marker at this point and move it when required. Pat stands for pattern usually when there is a chart with specific stitches it will state how many of these stitches to do e.g. For this one Pat 6 means do six stitches from the chart or pattern section.

This book is useful for my students. However, 2 photos are reversed on pages 13 and 15: garter swatch where stockinette swatch should be and vice versa. (I cannot find a way to contact you privately, so I'm posting comment hoping that publishers see it.)

I just shared this free knitting ebook with my Facebook friends... My tip is check it is also cool.

If you are using mohair, it can be very difficult to rip out stitches to fix a mistake because the hair often becomes tangled together. If you put the piece in the freezer, the mohair fibers will not stick together and will be easier to rip out.

My knitting tip is to never drink and good can come of this. I know this to be true...

My tip is two-part for economical alternatives. 1. Use bread clips as bobbins when working with multiple yarns. I know, they can't hold much, but better than tangling multiple balls of yarn. 2. Use drinking straws cut into small pieces as (free) stitch markers. You can get larger diameter, in colors at your local 7-11. (they're usually really nice if you tell them what it's for) and you can get lots out of just one straw. Also, I find I almost CAN'T lose them, unlike purchased ones that disappear like ghosts!

Another thing I do when knitting, is put my yarn in a ziploc bag. There are 2.5 gallon bags for the one pound size yarn, and I keep it in the bag, with enough room left open to bring the yarn out. That way its enclosed, and away from animal hair. Of course you can buy those $10 containers with the hole in the top, but once you get into a project, you cant take it out of the container. This way, with the ziploc bag, you can take it out whenever you want, and also store your project in there, as well as the pattern and counters, and whatever else you need for the project. Then, zip it up, and all is protected. :-)

My tip is this.......don't try to knit when you're tired. You'll end up having to rip out mistakes that are so silly, which you wouldn't have done if you weren't tired!! :o)

My tip is: there is no wrong way to knit, lots of different ways, but no wrong way (in spite of what you will hear from people who know only one way).

My tip is if you have a Jack Russel, do not leave your knitting where he can get it you will regret it.

ALSO! What helps me a lot is the internet. Google and Youtube are our friends! You can google patterns or terminology, and then follow the links to youtube so you can see it visually.

I went back to edit my post to explain the lifeline, and the window closed up and wouldnt let me. So, here goes! All you do for the lifeline, is thread a spare piece of yarn through a needle (I use the blue plastic ones, very pointy), and you just slide it through each stitch to hold them all in place. Make sure you insert the needle with the spare yarn, through each stitch, between the needle and the stitch to hold the row. Then, you continue knitting as usual. :-)

MY favorite tip, isnt really 'my' tip, but something I found so helpful is weaving in a lifeline. Sometimes when you do complicated patterns (especially lace!), and you slip up on a stitch, you can always go and rip out the row until you get to the lifeline, and start over correctly. Saved me TONS of headaches already!

I know how to "yo" but how to I "drop yo's?

I know how to "yo" but how to I "drop yo's?

Dropping 'YO' is just sliding the next stitch off your left needle. You should have done a yarn over on the previous row, thus allowing you to slide this one off the needle. It makes a nice drop stitch. :-)

Hi,I"m trying to learn how to knit,but i dont know where to get the needles and the frames of different i can get the thread but other materials where i can get? please i want help

You can pickup the needles and other items at almost any craft store, your local yarn store, even Walmart carries a few items.

HELP! I'm trying to learn how to knit with a set of double pointed needles. Any help?

I would say you are brave to try double pointed needles for your first project. They are not impossible, they just take a little more patients. My tips to you would be to make sure that the cast on doesn't get twisted when you join in the round (since this is what double pointed needles are for). I would also caution you to center the stitches on the needles you are not currently working with so that you don't drop any stitches. Happy knitting to you.

I am stuck! How do I do slip slip knit, I forgot or maybe I am not understanding. Doesn't this add those slip slip stitches? Please let me know if I am reading this right? Thank you.

Slip slip knit (ssk) is just as it says. You slip the two stitches from the one needle to the other and knit them together. For me (a right hander) I would slip the first stitch from my left needle to my right then slip the second stitch. Now I would insert my left needle into the two stitches to knit them together. Make not on how you are to slip the stitches knit wise or purl wise, I can't remember which one is the normal way as I just finished a few projects that had me do it one way then the other.

what is stocking stitch?

on single pointed needles, stocking stitch is knit one row, purl one row, in circular knitting it is knit each round

how do I psso over a stitch??

I assume you slipped a stitch, then processed (either knitted or purled a stitch), psso is pass slipped stitch over, and it is just what it says, pick up the stitch you slipped with the tip of the left and needle and pass it over the last stitch processed and drop it off the end of the right hand needle.

@paulaharrison 2926493, Yes, yf stands for "yarn forward" --Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I think this means yarn forward.

I can't find any one who knows what yf means in knitting

Wonderful book! Simple to follow. Projects which followed lessons were easy and enjoyable to knit. Can't wait for the next book.

Please post your response when a comment is made.

i really like to learn on how to do the knitting.i hope your articles will help me alot coz it has all the contents for the beginner like me.thank u.

thank you


I love the step by step pictures! I have knit before but was not sure of some of the abbreviations, so when I had the opportunity to download and save it was great! Now I have the freedom of getting what I need without worrying about hunting through my books.Thank You Mary Helsell

Hi! my name is Alicia Espinosa I really like your article, but how do I get the free books on knitting and projects, and some of your other books? I would like to get a couple so I can learn. Thank you)

I really like your article, but how do I get the free books on knitting and projects, and some of your other books? My Address is Annie Pendergrass 4731 hwy 70 W Dickson TN 37055 I would like to get a couple so I can learn. Thank you

To annpendergras The books are 'FREE DOWMLOADS'....which means you just download them to a place on your computer...But you asked this 3 yrs ago, and I have no idea if anyone answered you....BUT --- it is not a good idea to put your full name and address on a message board or in a chatroom...just an FYI.


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