Easy Child's Poncho Pattern


Easy Child's Poncho Pattern

This precious poncho is a quick knit for last minute gifts!


Easy Childs Poncho Knitting Pattern
Easy Childs Poncho Knitting Pattern

"Pattern shown is sized for a 4-5 year old girl. Pattern worked in one piece except for the collar. Piece measures 12" across the front and back and 15" from shoulder to hem. Can be made with or without buttons just be sure to attach the buttons to the inside of the back panel matching up with the buttonholes. The buttons shown are sparkly iridescent flowers that actually cost more than the yarn! But that would be your own preference. In hindsight I would probably make the collar a little bigger with more rowns for a more dramatic effect."

From The Editors: This knitting pattern is truly a great go-to for last minute gifts. It works up quickly, and there's very little fuss with complicated and intricate designs. Some patterns for children are needlessly overdesigned, especially for a garment that they're probably going to outgrow in a year or so anyway.


Knitting Needle Size7 or 4.5 mm, Circular Knitting Needles

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Materials List

  • One skein 7oz (198 g) Red Heart Lavender worsted weight
  • size 7 needles
  • size 9 circular 16" needles for collar
  • stitch holder
  • 6 buttons



With size 7 needles, Cast on 63 sts.
Knit 12 rows for front hem

Row 13: k6 sts, (k1, p1) to last 6 sts, k6 sts
Row 14: k6 sts, (p1, k1) to last 6 sts, k6 sts
These 2 rows create the overall pattern.


Row 15 (Buttonhole Row): *k3 (yrn k2tog) k2**, repeat from * to ** to the last 6 sts, then k2 (yrn k2tog) k3
Rows 16 to 29: work in pattern
Row 30 (Buttonhole Row): Repeat row 15
Rows 31 to 44: work in pattern
Row 45 (Buttonhole Row): Repeat row 15
Work next 38 rows in pattern.

Neck and Shoulders

Neck row: k6, work 15 sts in pattern, bind off next 21 sts (in pattern), work next 15 sts in pattern, k6
Shoulder Row: Work first 21 sts for 4 rows and move to stitch holder
Work last 21 sts for 4 rows, break off yarn at end.
Start with stitches on holder: k6, work 15 sts in pattern
Cast on 21 stitches (to form neck)
Work remaining 15 sts in pattern, k6


Work pattern (k6 beg and end of each row) for 71 rows
Rows 72 - 83: knit all stitches for back hem
Bind off in pattern


With size 9 16" circular needles, pick up 48 sts at the neck, then knit 1 row, purl 1 row for desired number of rows (collar pictured is 12 k rows and 12 p rows)
Bind off loosely in pattern.
Attach buttons to the inside of the back panel matching with the buttonholes on front.

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I want to knit this poncho--Can anyone tell me how to download the pattern? I have pressed every button on my computer, but----NOTHING! Geri Goodson

Hi Geri I had the same issue, however just under the title at the first page there is a 'more' button, click on that and the print button appears. Enjoy

The pattern is not a downloadable PDF format, so it cannot be downloaded to your computer, almost none of the patterns on this website are. To print the pattern from your screen, with the pattern page open, right click on your mouse, this will open an additional window, in the new window scroll down to and click on print, this will put you into print preview, in print preview adjust your settings from print "all" to only print the pages the pattern is on, otherwise you could be printing dozens of pages that you do not need. Hope this helps, happy knitting.

I have made the body section and starting on the collar. Is it knit in the round on the circular needle or back and forth then sewn up? Please reply soon. Thank you

Does anyone know the answer to my question? Please HELP!!!!

The collar on this pattern is knit in the round. If you look at the picture, the collar is garter stitch, the instructions to complete it are for garter stitch in the round, which is knit one round, purl one round. Hope this helps, happy knitting!

Whenever I come across an abbreviation or term that I do not know, I just put the info into the Google search bar and it is pretty easy to figure out. Just remember to add knitting or some other word that is specific to the word or you will find an endless list of useless info. This is a great pattern and I really love the buttons used in this project.

The only complaint I have about this pattern is that they don't define what "yrn" is. It is basically "yarn round needle" or yarn over. I understood it because I have run into that in other patterns but as they don't say you should not assume. Otherwise it is a lovely pattern and I know one little girl who will love this. It is fairly simple to follow and will knit up quickly. You can also do the outside edge and collar in a contrasting color if you want. Thank you for the pattern.

This is very pretty and I would really love to give it a try but I am just getting back into knitting after quitting years ago. The directions have confused and baffled me. I don't get the button hole deal. I think I better skip this before I get too frustrated and stop knitting again.

The buttonhole deal, as you put it is pretty common in knitting. You are doing a yrn/ yo and knitting 2 stitches together right after it. The yrn/yo, is serving two purposes in the pattern, it is creating a buttonhole on one row, while replacing the lost stitch for the next row..

OK - I need to know what yrn means? Is this a y/o? (that would be yarn-over). Since there are no abbreviations - ummmm - I can only guess that it means "yarn 'round needle" - which I SUPPOSE is a way of saying y/o??? And After reading the comments - I think I'll just skip row 15! Wow!

Hi rainfairy63, you are right, yrn means yarn round needle. It's just a different way of saying yarn over. Specifically, it's a yarn over between two purl stitches. If you want buttonholes, the comment by craftedbyfox below shows how to do row 15 correctly. Otherwise, like you said, you can just skip the buttonhole rows and work in the pattern instead.

I got confused after the initial 12 rows of knitting. To continue on, knit 6 sts at either end of row with K1P1 between. With casting on 63 sts and 12 at the ends, it's impossible to do K1 P1 between and have it work out.

It's actually not impossible. You knit 6 stitches at the beginning of the row, then you will knit 1, purl 1 until you reach the last 6 stitches, then knit them. It's basically a rib stitch on an uneven number of stitches, that's why the next row starts with a purl 1 instead of a knit 1. If it was an even number of stitches you would start every row with knit 1, I suspect you may be over thinking it.

A cute knit but as already stated by others Row 15 is incorrect and if you are not an experienced knitter you may not spot this mistake. After the first k3 (yrn k2tog) k2 you should then knit in pattern as per rows 13 and 14 until the last 6 sts and then as per instructions. Then each buttonhole row repeat this. I cast off fairly loosely so this is fine but if you do have a tight cast off you might want to use a stretchy one or switch to larger needles just for this bit. I think it will also be easy to adapt this pattern to make a larger version by increasing the number of stitches and rows but I have not yet tried this.

Such a cute knit! I think Igobleca4382635 is correct in that the buttonhole rows are incorrect. I would also do the super stretchy bind off for the next rows as my bind offs tend to be on the tighter side.

Row 15 does not make sense. Why repeat from to ---this would just make buttonholes across the row.

You are right, I think they're missing the k1 p1 ribbing so k1, p1 should be in between the asterisks

Why in the world can't I copy and print this pastern?

Hello heathermcantrell 9 447824! If you click the "Print" button directly under the title of the pattern, you should be able to easily print the pattern. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I can't understand Row 15. It says to go to the last stitches, but then gives instructions for 7 stitches. Also, work from to doesn't let me end with six stitches left.

I don't understand row 15 either. It appears you are making button holes thru the row. Please clarify

Easy child's pattern Could you show a photo of the front please? I am having a problem with this row 15 is a button hole row. When I got to the last 6 sts the pattern says 'k2,yrn k2tog)knit 3 but there are only 2 left to knit,and it reads as though there are button holes all across the row. lizzie

There is no pattern. I would love to make this for my daughter and nieces. Please update with a pattern soon. I am a new knitter so I am not confident enough to go based off the picture like I would if it were crochet. Thank you.

Thank you!!!!!

Only photo and name no pattern in my file. Where is the pattern?

Hello seshelman48 698953 3! The pattern has been updated with the full instructions. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Where is this pattern please?


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