29 Ways to Know You've Been Knitting Too Much


29 Ways to Know You've Been Knitting Too Much

We've all been there. Here are some signs you've been knitting a little too long!


Ways You Know Youve Been Knitting Too Much

Did you have one of those close-the-closet-door-quickly-before-the-yarn-falls-out moments when you last braved the deep, dark pits of your craft room? You're not alone. If you've been knitting for a long time, chances are you've collected a large amount of yarn over the years, which can get a little out of control if you don't know how to organize the craft room.

Along with a passion for yarn in all shapes, sizes, and colors, comes an intense desire to knit and create. But you must be careful because if you get too involved in free knitting patterns and forget to take breaks, you risk injuring yourself. 
As we've done in the past, we decided to reach out to our talented readers for their insights. We asked our readers on Facebook how they knew they'd been knitting for too long, and the answers had us in stitches.

Enjoy this collection of answers — some serious and some humorous — to our Facebook question. 

You Know You've Been Knitting Too Much When...

Your own immediate family starts avoiding eye contact when you want to talk about new patterns you've found that they might like! - Kelly Gross Williams
The T.V. station goes off the air. - Cindy Floyd
You measure your kids in stitches per inch. - Kerry Newton
You realize you have not seen your husband in a week. - Crystal Shiffert
You go to sleep and continue your project in your dreams. - Katie Pak Rhodes
You knit in your sleep. - Cindy Bailey
You can no longer focus and your shoulders start to ache. - Tracy Oxendine
You run out of yarn. - Cindy Schott
You get "rug burn" on your finger from the yarn! - Wishya Knew
When the dust bunnies tickle your ankles. - Nancy Sweetzir
You feel nervous about finishing a project and lost without a project to start. - Estelle Newton
You close your eyes and see your current project. - Jennifer Massanelli-Wiseman
You pick up your project again, only to see that what you were knitting is totally, totally wrong! - Edna Willming
You have tendonitis in your wrist and the doctor tells you to back off for a month! - Sarah Soucie Eyberg
You fall asleep. - Joanna Cassebaum
You can't straighten your pinky finger. - Kris Kastning Patton
Your fingers go to sleep. - Lynn Davis Kalkbrenner
You go to take your son to baseball practice and realize you've brought your knitting but forgot your son! - Deb Louk
You look up and your eyes still see stitches. - Jamie Santa Cruz
You're still doing the pattern in your head while you wash the dishes. - Saundra Dee Callender
You dream about correcting mistakes. - Sandra Fisher
You stand up and find out you can't walk because your legs are asleep. - Chandell McNew Straley
You can no longer focus your eyes to view anything past your lap. - Liz Tomlinson
You lose the feeling in your hands! - Debra Ann Pawlak
You practice with utensils at the dinner table. - Laurie Murphy
Your hands have more muscle than your legs. - Elaine Zirkle
You wake up from a dream about knitting to find you've been knitting! - Linda Bogolin
Your stash becomes manageable. - Alexandrina Tartaglione de Simone
Your husband calls himself the Knitting Widower! - Anne Pluth Schneider

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Lol very funny! you know you bin knitting to much when police break down your door cos no one seen you for a month and last sighting was at local wool shop!

You know your knitting too much when you cant get into your loft any more.

You know your knitting too much when you curse every time the phone rings.

You know your knitting to much when you get bored in school so you straiten out two paper clips and happen to have a tiney ball of yarn in your purse and start knitting a tiney little project

LOL! I've done #6! I actually fell asleep knitting a scarf, and woke up at the end of the row, and was surprised to find no mistakes. Seriously, though, issues such as tendinitis (which I have, though not from knitting) should be taken care of, and if your doctor says stop, then STOP. Ruining your wrists permanently can ruin so much more of your life than just not knitting for a while.

i dream about knitting too very much and day dream i cant even listen to the tv or to people one time i was thinking and my sister call me then she came she call my name once more i was lost like WHAT HAPPEN and im only 11 years old


So true. May I translate it into Italian and publish it at www.cosedilia.com ?

I laughed until I cried. My family avoids eye contact especially after I have spent days searching for patterns tagged with lace and answer every question with "have you knitted a swatch for gage!!!!


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