Melon Pocket Bag


If you've been looking for easy knitting patterns for market bags that go beyond traditional patterns, then you'll love this Melon Pocket Bag. The clever watermelon design and lacy construction make this bag a must-have accessory. For your convenience, the bag also folds into a handy pouch for easy transportation. Just like a Watermelon, I'd say this pattern is pretty sweet!


Knitting Needle Size7 or 4.5 mm, Circular Knitting Needles, Double-Pointed Knitting Needles (DPNs)

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Approx 17 x 17" [43 x 43 cm], excluding handles.


  • Lily® Sugar’n Cream®
    • (Solids: 70.9 g/2.5 oz; 109 m/120 yds)
    • Contrast A (01740 Hot Pink) 1 ball
    • Contrast B (00001 White) 1 ball
    • Contrast C (00084 Sage Green) 1 ball
  • Lily® Sugar’n Cream®
    • (Twists: 56.7 g/2 oz; 86 m/95 yds)
    • Contrast D (20244 Green Twists) 3 balls
  • Set of four size 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) double-pointed
  • knitting needles. Size 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) circular
  • knitting needle 16" [40.5 cm] long or size
  • needed to obtain gauge. 8" [20.5 cm] long zipper.


20 sts and 26 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stocking st.

Alt = Alternate(ing).
Approx = Approximately.
Beg = Beginning.
K = Knit.
K2(3)tog = Knit next 2(3) stitches together.
P = Purl.
Pat = Pattern.
Psso = Pass slipped stitch knitwise.
Rep = Repeat.
Rnd = Round.
Sl1(2) = Slip next 1(2) stitch(es) knitwise.
Ssk = Slip next 2 stitches knitwise one at a
time. Pass them back onto left-hand needle,
then knit through back loops together.
St(s) = Stitch(es).
Tog = Together.
WS = Wrong side.
Yo = Yarn over.

**Base: With pair of double-pointed needles
and A, cast on 5 sts.
1st rnd: *K1. yo. Rep from * around. Divide 10 sts onto 3 needles (3, 3, 4). Place marker on first st for beg of rnd.
2nd and alt rnds: Knit.
3rd rnd: *yo. K1. Rep from * around. 20 sts.
5th rnd: *K2. yo. K1. yo. K2. Rep from * around. 28 sts.
7th rnd: *K3. yo. K1. yo. K3. Rep from * around. 36 sts.
9th rnd: *yo. K4. yo. K1. yo. K4. Rep from * around. 48 sts.
10th rnd: *P1. K11. Rep from * around.
11th rnd: *P1. yo. ssk. K3. yo. K1. yo. K3. K2tog. yo. Rep from * around. 56 sts.
13th rnd: *K1. yo. Sl2. K1. p2sso. K3. yo. K1. yo. K3. K3tog. yo. Rep from * around.
15th rnd: *K1. yo. K1. yo. ssk. K7. K2tog. yo. K1. yo. Rep from * around. Break B. 64 sts.
17th rnd: With B, *K1. yo. K3. yo. ssk. K5. K2tog. yo. K3. yo. Rep from * around. 72 sts.
19th rnd: With D, *K1. yo. K5. yo. ssk. K3. K2tog. yo. K5. yo. Rep from * around. 80 sts.
21st rnd: With C, *K1. (yo. K1. yo. ssk. K1. K2tog) 3 times. yo. K1. yo. Rep from * around. 88 sts.
23rd rnd: *K1. (yo. K3. yo. Sl1. K2tog. psso) 3 times. yo. K3. yo. Rep from * around. 96 sts.**
24th rnd: Knit. Place marker at end of rnd.

Break C.

With D only, proceed in pat for body of Bag as follows:
1st rnd: *K2tog. (yo) twice. ssk. Rep from * around.
2nd rnd: *K1. (P1. K1) in yo. K1. Rep from * around. Knit 2 sts of next rnd. Place marker for end of rnd.
Rep last 2 rnds until work from marked rnd measures 11” [28 cm], ending with knit rnd.
Next rnd: Purl.
Next rnd: With C, knit.
With C, rep last 2 rnds twice more. Cast off purlwise.

Handles: (make 2).
With C, cast on 65 sts.
Knit 6 rows. Cast off knitwise (WS).
Pouch Back: Work from ** to ** as given for Base. Cast off.
With RS tog, sew bottom of Bag to Pouch Back, leaving 8" [20.5 cm] opening.
Turn Pouch inside out, folding Bag inside Pouch.
Sew in zipper.
Sew sides of each Handle to top of Bag.

Ties (make 2).
With C, cast on 15 sts. Cast off.
Turn Bag inside out. Fold Bag into Pouch. Sew
ties to each side of opening.

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This is very cute and practical. But it would take me too long to make. When that happens I grab my crochet hook and make up a similar one. The idea is the same but it's a lot easier and faster. I also noticed this project is rated intermediate yet the description says easy.

What does K1. (P1. K1) in yo mean? I undertand to knit 1 abd then purl one and knit one IN yarn over? How is this done? Never seen this before. Please someone assist me. Thanks.

I would not make this bag for the following reasons a crochet bag is faster easier stronger acrylic yarn is stretchier than cotton so makes the bag expand better to carry more handles are too narrow wider handles don't dig into your shoulder when carrying the loaded bag Sewing in zippers are a pain an unneccesary cost and catch the fabric when closing I fold my bags in thirds roll up from bottom to top and tie the handles around to secure much easier and no added cost or fussiness in construction I have made a half dozen or so bags of my own design because I couldn't find a pattern to fit all my needs I haul everything from produce to kayaking gear in them The bags fold so small they take up almost no space in the kayak and the acrylic yarn dries much faster than cotton if theyRead More happen to get wet

How about posting your pattern ?

I love it!! It reminds me of the "quillow" my mother in law had. It was a quilt which folded up into a pouch to make a pillow. This is a very similar idea, but much more practical. I can take it with me and then, if I need to carry things in a bag, I have one instantly!! It will make great gifts too!!

I like it, I am going to make a few of them for myself and as a gift for others. I like the idea that it folds up so small and that means alot to me (no bulk)

Great design, and so functional. I will make several of these - a perfect "anytime" gift!

If I ever needed another bag like this, then maybe. More likely I would make it for someone else than myself.

Cute design..and I love that it stores so small....will definitely make this bag ;-)

If I were YOUNGER, I would definitely love to have it (make it)! I like anything different and colorful. This may be a way to get the young people into knitting!

Yes, I want to make it. very nice looking to carry.

No, would not make it

I would make it , I think it's really cute !

Definitely would make the bag.

How CUTE is that!? Definitely a must-make!

I would make this bag and use it for going to the Farmer markets. Or going to the grocery store.

This bag is adorable. I can't wait to make it!

Fabulous bag! Not only is it a knit bag (nice change from the multitude of crochet patterns), it's also really sweet. Best of all, it's environmentally friendly. I have a fabric bag that folds up into a pouch, and they're the best thing ever. You can carry a whole bunch of bags that fold in, in your purse, for grocery shopping. Love it!

Love it! Anything watermelon has my attention!

I will definitely be making this bag as I love watermelons and this is a great way to carry things around. Thanks for the pattern!


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