Tiffany Blue Fingerless Mitts


Tiffany Blue Fingerless Mitts


These beautiful blue mitts are the exact same color as every girl's favorite little blue box. The Tiffany Blue Fingerless Mitts are an adorable cold weather knit accessory that offer the perfect amount of warmth. This fingerless mittens pattern is a great way to add a pop of springtime color into a dreary winter wardrobe. The Tiffany Blue Fingerless Mitts make a great gift for anyone who appreciates charming knitwear.


Knitting Needle Size11 or 8 mm

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)


  • Yarn (Bulky Weight) 3.5 ounces, 120 yards (100 grams, 110 meters) per skein; 1(2) skeins
  • Knook Size L (8 mm) or size needed for gauge


  • Knitting Needles Straight. Size 11 (8 mm) or size needed for gauge
  • Yarn needle

Size: Small/Medium {Large/X-Large}
Fits Hand Circumference: 7½{9½}"/19{24} cm
Finished Length: 7" (18 cm)

In Stockinette Stitch (knit one row, purl one row), 12 sts and 16 rows = 4" (10 cm)

Exact gauge is essential for proper size or fit. Before beginning your project, make a sample swatch using the yarn and Knook/needles specified. After completing the swatch, measure it, counting your stitches and rows carefully. If your swatch is larger or smaller, make another, changing the Knook/needle size to get the correct gauge.
Keep trying until you find the size
Knook/needles that will give you the specified gauge.

ch(s) chain(s)
cm centimeters
K knit
mm millimeters
P purl
st(s) stitch(es)
tog together
YO yarn over

( ) or [ ] — work enclosed instructions as many times as specified by the number immediately following or contains explanatory remarks.
colon (:) — the number(s) given after a colon at the end of a row denote(s) the number of stitches you should have on that row.


Mitt (Make 2)
Knook: Leaving a long end for sewing, ch 24{30}, pick up 23{29} sts on foundation ch: 24{30} sts.
Knit: Leaving a long end for sewing, cast on 24{30} sts.
Rows 1-6: (K3, P3) across.
Row 7 (Right side): Knit across.
Row 8: K1, P 22{28}, K1.
Rows 9-24: Repeat Rows 7 and 8, 8 times.
Rows 25-28: (K3, P3) across.
Bind off all sts in pattern, leaving a long end for sewing.

Weave seam from bottom edge for 3" (7.5 cm) (Fig. 7, page 23), then weave seam from top edge for 3" (7.5 cm), leaving 1" (2.5 cm) opening for thumb.

(abbreviated K2 tog)
Insert the Knook into the front of the second and then the first stitch on the cord as if to knit (Fig. 1a), then knit them together as if they were one stitch (Fig. 1b).

Fig. 1a


Fig. 1b

(abbreviated YO)
Bring the yarn to the front under the Knook, then back over the top of the Knook, so that it is now in position to knit the next stitch (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

When instructed to pick up stitches on a knitted piece, insert the Knook from the front to the back under two strands at the edge of the worked piece (Fig. 3). Catch the yarn as if picking up stitches on the foundation chain and draw the yarn through, resulting in a stitch on the Knook.

Repeat this along the edge, picking up the required number of stitches.

Fig. 3

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Ooh, I just have to learn to knit!

not much of a knitter but would love to try these

these are an awesome color and i just love fingerless mitts.

gotta give this a try

Oh, I so need a pair of these as my hands get so cold when I am on the computer..

Hey, I'm Tiffani, but I'm not blue. These fingerless gloves look way too cool!

My granddaughters love these -- easy to make.

I really should learn how to knit. =)

So sweet I wish I knew how to knit

have never learned how to knit but bought the needles to try to learn

nice to have just in case

I haven't knitted in long time but this pattern makes me want to get my knitting needles out and see if I still remember how!

These look pretty simple but need to be a little longer for my taste.

These look very interesting. I think this is a good project for me to tackle. I like new and different ideas for both crocheting and knitting!

This looks like it would be great for me for work when they forget to turn the heat on

Looks like another great pattern for me to try and learn knitting.

These are so cute

Would be glad to make these and donate to the Clinic or Lord's Diner.

Huh, not sure about this fingerless the pattern itself, though.

Going to make cute!

I'm definitely going to try these

Another simple yet pretty knitting project I can try, as I get back to a little knitting instead of crocheting everything.

Though my fingers would be too cold for these, they are nice for texters.

This is a wonderfully simple pattern that would work up quickly for gifts!!

Sweet pattern, looks really easy and fun.

These look easy to knit and very warm!

I love the color

My daughters would love to wear these cute mitts!

A must for my daughter in law

This looks super easy, and I would love to learn! Very pretty and I love this color!

Looks super simple and fast = great for typing in a cold office

I'm putting this lovely pattern on my 2014 to-do list!

Love the fact that your actually showing how to knit. Now I may be able to make these for my granddaughters.

Simple knitting pattern. I have made these in crochet but will do them in knit and see which I like better. Who am I kidding, I love the projects I make even when they don't turn out how i expect. LOL

It's really nice yo see a pattern for the knoll included.

very simple pattern handy for a throw together gift for someone, I think I might make a few pairs for some friends

Nice quick and pretty!

I love fingerless mitts! Please more crochet patterns for such. Thank you and healthy safe holiday season for all.

My daughter loves fingerless gloves!!

I have a friend who would like to have a pair of these and they don't look too hard to make.

my daughters would love these - hopefully i can complete them!

Beautiful! Thank you! Fraisiperles

Love this color

What a great pattern. Nice and simple. I haven't made these, but I have been looking for the perfect pattern to knit up a pair of fingerless gloves. My hands actually get cold when I'm knitting so I want a pair to wear while I create...they'd also be great while playing games on my smart phone.

My daughter would love to learn how to make these.

I don't really knit but those are so cute, I might have to crochet something similar to give as gifts this year


Very nice. I sure could use these right now since the weather is COLD. I also like quick and easy projects.

I could sure use a pair of these about now. The weather is COLD.

Very nice but where I live I don't have the opportunity to use them.

I really want to try to make them.

So easy for everyone to do, perfect present too xx

I like that this can be completed quickly, maybe a few additional Christmas gifts!


I love these gloves will have to make them in the new year. too many projects going right now

I am thinking that fingerless mitts or convertible mittens are the way to go for my next foray into knitwear for the hands. I like that these are done on large needles and should be quick to make.

My daughter is 8 and loves to knit. I need to show her this pattern! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Love how these look, and how easy the pattern is to follow!!


So hot they're cool :)

I like these!

Absolutely love the fingerless gloves. These would be a great gift for anyone, male or female, young and old. Easy to make and the instructions are easy to follow. Well, here's another few stocking stuffers to make!!

I love this color, and the pattern looks really easy to follow. I'm looking forward to trying this when I'm done all of my holiday knitting.

This looks like the perfect fingerless mitten pattern for me to try. Love how simple it is.

These are cute and look easy to make. I appreciate the pictures.


I need to learn to do this would love to love the visual pics of how to

I'd like to learn how to make this!

looks lovey

I hope I win this. I have been waning to learn to use the knook and this would be a great way to try it.

i like

i like

I wonder if I could get my daughter to make these. . .she knits, I crochet!

Cute mittens. I will have to make these for my niece, she will love them.

Recently purchased the Knook and am excited to learn how to use it. Am also excited about the 12 days of Christmas giveawaY I love y'all's giveaways

l would love to try the Knook. These look great

Looks very easy! Will have to try it!

I love the it specified somewhere and I just am missing it?

Love mitts. These look quick and easy to make

These gloves look easy to make.

Love these!

I love these! Great for a guitar player too

These mitts look pretty easy to make. I love the colour that was chosen.


It doesn't look too hard. I would love to try it.

Very cute and would be perfect for working on a project while at a football game or any outdoor activity in the fall or winter. Will definitely have to check this one out! I love it.

These look easy enough -- love the color!

it looks really interesting

Haven't tried gloves or mitts EVER, but this looks like a good pattern to start with!

Not to sure about mitts. worried about doing finger holes

Easy peasy... thanks!

I will learn to use my knook so that I can make these!

I love fingerless mitts and these work up super quick

I like this pattern. I have made 5 pair of mitts over the past couple of months, and I enjoy finding a new project like this one!

I wasn't thrilled about having to seam this until I realized the way it's seamed means I don't have to make a thumb gusset. I just might have to make a few pair!

Have to try making this, love the pictures to show you how. Thanks

Think I will start on these tomorrow - warm hands sound so good with all our cold weather. Love the patterns and ideas they are awesome!

Those are cute and look really simple to make.

These look simply easy to do. What a great idea for warm hands in the winter.

Those look great! Can't wait to learn how to make them

Sometimes cute simple patterns are exactly what you need to get that next project going! Thanks

so soft and warm...

so soft and warm!

Love the tiffany blue! Merry Christmas!

Nice and simple gloves to make...would be GORGEOUS with cables running down the back!

Love this pattern. Have teenage girls that will love these! Thanks for the pattern and idea!!

look warm and comfy!

My 6 year old niece wants desperately to knit like her aunt but gets quickly frustrated trying to manage two needles. Maybe I should get her a knook for Christmas?

Thank you so much for this, and for all of your other, free patterns that you share. I hope to be able to make these mitts soon! Merry Christmas!

I love mittens and thought I already commented on this post but do not see my previous post...I do love the stitch detail on this pattern. I am actually wanting to CO a pair of mittens and have some local dyed yarn that would look lovely in this pattern... but I must finish my Christmas socks!

Very nice. my daughters and granddaughter would love to have a pair of these

glad you have projects for everyone!


I would love to learn how to knit. The only knitting I can do is with the looms. Maybe this will be a New Year's Resolution, learn to knit.

Looks like a good first project to try with the knook once I have one large enough...Or I might just knit some....

something I might really want to try!

Another project to try

Another project to try.

Very pretty, and a skill I haven't tried yet!

This looks like something I will try after the holidays

I have looked at this craft before but have yet to try. I always like mittens, they are usually small projects, easy to carry and complete.

My daughter totally wants a pair of fingerless mitts, and this pattern looks so easy. I'm a relatively new knitter, so this pattern should be right up my alley. Thanks! :)

Want to make these.

Another project to be added to list that never seems to get shorter. ;)

This is going to be my next project. Very pretty.

I haven't tried using a knook yet, but it doesn't look to hard as I know how to knit and crochet. I like the look of knitting but the ease of crochet.

Love the color of these. Need to knit up a quick pair to keep in my car for morning commute.

Ooh this looks like something I shall be adding to the 'To Be Knit' pile!

so pretty!!

So cute! Can't wait to make them.

I would love to get back into knitting. I did it as a little girl, but then switched to crocheting later in life. These finterless gloves are just the thing to get me back into knitting!

i love to knit anything

I don't knit but crochet and these seem like a good way to try my hand at knitting.

Cute pattern.

These look simple to make! Going to have to try these!

I love that there are pictures to go with the directions. I can't wait to make these!

These look nice.

I love these mittens. I hope to make some soon!

guess I have never gotten the idea of fingerless gloves or mittens, how do your fingers stay warm? now that being said I bet my great niece would love a pair of these in red and or black of course since those seem to be her preferred colors lol :)

nice pattern - looks easy, would make a great gift!

These look great! I would love to make them as a gift for my coworker. We share an office and it's crazy cold all the time, but we also do a lot of computer work so we need our fingers free. These would be perfect!

Perfect yarn to make mitts or mittens!

I'd love to make these. My husband has neuropathy in his hands from chemo and these would be perfect.

I need to make these - my fingers freeze at work!

This looks like a terrific pattern!!

These seem super simple! I only just started using the Knook kits and they are a fun craft!


I love mitts. I wish I had a knocking kit so I can try out the pattern.

I'm a big fan of fingerless gloves. These look nice and cozy.

I love Fingerless gloves!

Fingerless gloves are on my "to do" list!

I love clear tutorials. I have been obsessed with learning how to do this since I seen a lady from work do it. There is something so American and self-serving about knowing how to knook. I would love to be able to try this! I'm sharing this to pinterest!

I would love to learn how to knook so I could try this project.

I crocheted my daughter a pair of finger less gloves and she loves them. I haven't tried knitting a pair yet but it looks like it shouldn't be too hard.

I would love to learn how to nook!!!!

I can probably learn this.

I love this type of glove they can be super useful if you are cold at work.

Love the color - perfect for a teen girl

These are the best in Texas winters! Keeps the palms warm while holding onto that freezing steering wheel while driving!

these are beautiful- i love the color

This looks like a great detailed tutorial. I would love to try.

Love this pattern, but would be thrilled to learn how to knook. I do a lot of crafts, would enjoy to add this one!!

Would love to learn how to do this!!

I'd like to learn how to make fingerless mitts.

I enjoy crocheting and would love to learn how to knook.

I like the pictures that show the steps. my have to try my hand at these.

I've made similar crochet ones like these. Haven't learned to knook yet but would like to!

Looks so Cute! One day I may learn to knook.

Soo cute!! I LOVE to crochet but I haven't tried to knook yet would love to try it! <3

I LOVE to crochet but I have not tried knook would love to try sometime! these look soo cute!

My 17 year old daughter would adore these... warm hands but still can text her bff's... lol

I LOVE to crochet I havent tried knook yet but I would love to try it sometime!

I would love to make these. They are beautiful !!

I love these mitts, and since they are made with the knook, I just might have to make them!

This project has inspired me to learn the Knook. It looks to be the perfect beginner project!

I love to make and wear fingerless mitts. This pattern looks good

It looks like knooking would be great to learn! Is a knook the same as a cro-hook? I've seen that mentioned in some patterns. I'm bookmarking this page as my first project for when I get my first knook. :)

These are wonderful. Can't wait to try them.

These are so cute. I would love to make a pair for myself and all my girlfriends for Xmas/Holiday gifts.

These look lovely. Hoping to learn how to do this soon so I can make these for my girls.

This would make a nice gift for my 16 year old daughter...or I could get her the materials and she could make them herself.:)

They look snuggly, and you still have your fingers free!

Would so love to try the Knook!

I love the knitted look and have been so much wanting to learn to knook!

I enjoy crocheting and consider myself a novice. I read about the knook and have been wanting to learn how to knook! I hope I have a chance to win this giveaway.

Beginner here...self taught a few crochet stitches and New Year's "resolution " is to self teach some knitting....pretty much a disabled homebound crafter here

Looks easy enough for me

I wish I could learntoknook I love the look of knit but can't control two needles as well as I can one hook

Have to make these! They are adorable.

I have seen a couple of fingerless glove patterns but these fingerless mitts look so easy and I really like the look. Thank you for sharing.

This looks like something I would love to make

I may have posted comment to early for the Day 11 giveaway. delete this if the dec 10 comment is ok

These look quick and easy to make.

I am looking forward to making them, they are beautiful and I love learning new techniques

Lovely! These make a quick and easy christmas gift.

These are so darling, I can't wait to share the pattern with my grandkids! I think they could make these, and it will be a good excuse for us to spend some time together!

These are very nice

i love fingerless gloves... still keep you warm, and functional.

would save a lot of money making my own!

I love fingerless gloves!

I really wish I knew how to knit so I could make these, they would make great gifts.


Love these!!! I want to learn to knit so bad!!!

my sister was just saying how she needs some fingerless gloves

My daughter loves hand warmers! She is always asking me to find new patterns, can't wait to try this one!

Blue is cool!!!

I will have to try and crochet these..cover most of hand which I appreciate! I like the color too.

Have to try this!

Ooooh, a Knook, a Knook! I want a Knook! I have needles and hooks but yet to try a Knook! Then I can wear my mitts and continue Knooking about, and when Beloved Husband says he wants some Knooky-Knooky, I'll teach HIM how to Knook - Ha, ha, ha! (never get between a crafter and their project - I MEAN it!)

I might have to try this. I have been looking at the knook

not a knitter, but cute

Always wanted to give the Knook a try, and need to learn to knit . Tried it years ago, but I like crocheting.

One of these days I'm going to master knitting, seems to have much better patterns that crochet

nice that a tutorial was included

I knitted years ago and this would be fun to try and do to start knitting again!

I would love to knit me a pair of Tiffany Blue Fingerless Mitts . I am very cold natured and I know these would warm my hands right up.

I wish I could knit.


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