How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns


How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns


Free Knitting Patterns with AllFreeKnitting: How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns eBook


As snow covers the freezing ground and the temperature dips down well below freezing, you're happily strolling along with your family and wooden toboggan in hand.  Your breath can easily be seen in the chilly air, but that doesn't bother you.  Why?  Because aside from your poofy winter coat and fleece-lined boots, you've brought along your own secret weapon: your handmade knit sweater.  Adorned with cable stitches, a ribbed collar and made with 100 percent alpaca-and-wool blend yarn, knitted sweater patterns like the one you're wearing are meant to thrive against the cold, even in the most arctic of conditions.

Even if you haven't knit a sweater before, it's no secret that when free sweater patterns are paired with the right bulky wool yarn, they can be one of your most reliable ways to fight back brisk winter winds.  Thanks to our latest eBook, How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns, you'll be treated to a collection of free patterns for knitting during the coldest months of the year with the end goal of staying as warm as possible throughout the entire season.  Inside the How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns, you'll find all the free knitted patterns for sweaters that your wardrobe requires.  From knit classics like the Mens Weekend Sweater (p. 18) to the fabulously retro Downton Abbey Cardigan (p. 20), you will find a wonderful assortment of knitted sweater patterns to get you through the chilly months — just look within the pages of this free eBook.  Once you begin knitting sweater patterns for yourself, your family and your friends, you'll find it hard to stop.  Not only are these free knitting designs super cozy, but they're stylish, too.  Make this winter the one you'll always remember by knitting up and donning one of the free sweater knitting patterns found in this selection of knits.



Download your copy of How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns eBook today.







Knit Mens Sweater: Mens Weekend Sweater

This simple ribbed sweater is the ideal free sweater knitting pattern for men.  While basic in design, it's a practical piece that will keep out the cold and trap in the warmth, whether you need it during a long winter hike or for  wear during a fun-filled afternoon of skiing.  Made with bulky wool yarn, this scoop-neck sweater comes in a variety of sizes.  This means you'll be able to create a cozy version for every member of your family — even little ones!  So grab those large knitting needles and some of your favorite wool, and start creating a sweater that will become a staple in every man's wardrobe. 











Knit Sweater Patterns: Downton Abbey Cardigan

Elegant and feminine are just two of the words you could use to describe this fantastic cardigan.  Modeled after a pattern that was first concstructed in the 1900s, this timeless sweater is the perfect companion to afternoon tea or a late-night soiree. Pair it with anything — from flat shoes and jeans to your favorite sparkly black dress and tights — you're destined to feel like the prettiest bell at the ball.  As an added bonus, you'll also feel warm!  So have fun indulging your inner vintage admirer with this charming cardigan that's truly a treasured piece of the past.   













Download your copy of How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns eBook today.








Even as winter breathes its final breath and spring begins to come to life, you'll rest easy knowing you'll be reunited with your favorite sweaters again next year when you retrieve them from the back of the closet.  And each winter, you'll enjoy pulling out every last one of the free knitting sweater patterns that kept you warm and toasty over the years as you made loving memories with family and friends.  When you open that old, wooden drawer at the very back of your closet, you'll throw on a cozy knit sweater over your head and fill up with delight as memories of winter's past come flooding back into your mind.  Eager to create your own cozy memories?  Just download your own copy of the How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns eBook.


Sweater Patterns for Women: Grandma's Favorite Sweater

If you're hoping to knit patterns that will stand the test of time (as well as pass the cold weather test), this classy, scoop-neck pullover is just what you've been looking for.  Skillfully designed with rows of matching cables on the sweater's sleeves and waist, Grandma's Favorite sweater not only looks great in a variety of colors, but it will keep you extra warm too.  Whip one up in bright red yarn with a bit of shimmer for a special Christmas outfit that everyone in the family will admire.  Or, if you crave more simple attire, stitch up a version in your favorite shade of gray for a versatile garment that can be worn every day of the week, no matter what the occasion.








Download your copy of How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns eBook today.









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Thanks to the our latest eBook, How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns , you'll be treated to a wonderful collection of free sweater knit patterns that will stand the test of time, no matter how harsh the winter weather.  And once you subscribe to receive our newsletter, Knit Picky Patterns, you'll see how incredibly rewarding it is to be a part of the knitting community! If you've ever searched for free knitting scarf patterns, free knitting designs, free knitting patterns sweaters or anything in between, let deliver quality patterns and ideas from talented designers straight to you! Check out this free eBook and the site to draw tons of knitting inspiration!






Download your copy of How to Knit a Sweater: 7 Free Sweater Patterns eBook today.










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I knit for charity and looking for free patterns for children up to 4 Years old. Knit Top down in the round. Who can help.

I have an NGO/nonprofit agency in Nepal. We do things like build shelters after the earthquakes and provide volunteers for our village and do other types of projects to help our village. We are starting a women's innitiative for knitting and quilting. We are looking for a pattern for a pollution mask whereby we can put some bamboo fabric to absorb the pollution inside. Don't know if the wool would be too rough for the face, pull of with men's wiskers, or if it's possible. I am not a crafter, so I have no clue. i just want to help this lovely, ancient village. It's my retirement home and I love living in Nepal. We'd appreciate any help or suggestions. http//

These were suppose to be for plus size, I see no plus size here

Thank you for the free offer. John

Love the patterns in this book, especially the Pullover Cable Hoodie...gorgeous! Thanks! )

I am trying to find a shrug sweater for a girl size 7 - can you help?

Search for "kids sweaters" in the search at the top left of the page.

would like to know, how to knit the topsleeve of a sweater

Hi irmagrollitsch 4071155, Was there a particular pattern you had a question about? Thanks! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Look on YouTube for tutorials

Looking for a pattern for a cardigan that will fit an 11 year old girl. Can be Fair Isle or plain stockinet stitch. Know of one?

Looking Pattern for a coat sweater

Hi polka109 9973951, We have a couple sweater coats on our site that we think you'll love! Please search by "Deep Woods Textured Cardigan," "Chunky Sweater Coat Hoodie," or "Autumn Fields Jacket." Happy Knitting! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I have been just studying the patterns and are so easy to follow, I know I will enjoy knitting some of them over the next few months

would like to only look at book & pick out only a few patterns to get free & ,print those out . not the whole book

Download and delete when your done

I dn't want to download the book if I can't see what patterns are in it!

Spoole 0752244, All of the books are free. Download one, look at the patterns, and if you do not like them just delete the book. I have downloaded almost all of the books, and have found at least one thing in each one that was interesting to me. There are no risks, secret charges or mailing lists to get sucked into.

Four of the patterns are shown on the cover, two others are shown in the article below it. The men's sweater and the blue cardi. That's five of the sweaters in the book. You can always download and delete.

Great patterns!!!! Blessings to the author.

they are all very attractive


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