Cabled Velvet Fingerless Mitts


Cabled Velvet Fingerless Mitts


Staying warm during the winter will be simply enjoyable with the Cabled Velvet Fingerless Mitts. These cute mitts will keep your hands nice and warm, while leaving your fingers free to work. These knit fingerless mitts will make a great addition to your wardrobe. People who work outside or whose office is prone to be chilly will absolutely adore these cozy, functional gauntlets. The decorative cable on this pattern makes these mitts an engaging project that will still be finished relatively quickly.


Knitting Needle Size7 or 4.5 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

One size fits most women.


  • 1 sk Valley Yarns Stockbridge
  • US size 7 needles or size needed to obtain gauge

5 sts = 1” in St st on size 7 needles or size needed to obtain gauge.
Approx 5.5 sts = 1” in patt st.


CO 30 sts
Row 1 (WS): Knit.
Row 2 (RS): K2, p to last st, k1.
Row 3: K1, p to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 4: K2, *slip 1, k2; rep from * to last st, k1.
Row 5: K1, *p2, slip 1; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 6: K2, *c1 over 2 left; rep from * to last st, k1.
Row 7: K1, p to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 8: K2, *yo, k2tog, k1; rep from * to last st, k1.
Row 9: K1, p to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 10: K2, *k2, slip 1; rep from * to last st, k1.
Row 11: K1, *slip 1, p2; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 12: K2, *c1 over 2 right; rep from * to last st, k1.
Repeat Rows 1-12 a total of 5 times.

Bind off all sts.
Sew bind off and cast on edges together, leaving 1-2” gap for thumb 1” from left edge of knitting.

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What a great little pattern. So versatile too. I've tried it on several yarn plys and it works a treat. I did wonder what 'c1' was ??? However, it soon became clear on realising it meant 'cable' - doh! Thank you Kirsten Hypsky. Just what I needed for that extra Christmas presie.

I am trying to make the Cabled Velvet Fingerless Mitts. We do not understand what it means in row6, K2, cl over 2 left rep from to last st, K1. What does cl over 2 left mean?? Please help Norma in Rockford

Thank you JD for your quick response. I goofed on row 8 with yarn over not correctly applied. I unravelled from this row, and reknitted. Everything worked out with row 12 having 30 stitches.

I have attempted to make this fingerless mitts but never got past the first 12 rows (as I have to abandon project 3 times as row 13 was impossible to knit). It would help me if the pattern had listed the number of stiches after the 12th row? Row 8 had knit 2 together, therefore the number of stiches had decreased. How do you start row 13, obviously I no longer had 30 stitches? The pattern had not listed any increases anywhere?

Hi mleewo 7602900, The instructions indicate to "Repeat Rows 1-12 a total of 5 times," so it looks like Row 13 is all knit stitches (Row 1). Row 14 would be k2, p to last st, k1 (row 2) on and so forth. Also, you'll be doing yarn overs with the k2tog. The yarn overs will even out your rows because of the increased stitches. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Nice and easy to knit after I had worked out the C1 over 2 left etc. Thanks to the comments above and Google it was fine. Knit a pair in an evening will definitely knit again and maybe alter the cable pattern. Great base pattern to add a twist yourself. Thanks.

Maybe you can help me?? What and how do you do the C1 over 2 left??? Please help as I love this pattern

When I first saw this project I fell in love with the look, I was a little intimidated to start, but found myself sailing right through it. My first and only pair so far, was incredibly easy. Thank you for the share.

Love this pattern and its quick to knit. Will be doing a lot more for the homeless charity I knit for.

I think some was confused : c1 over 2 left looks more like a crochet move instead of a knit! No response from the editor either.

Confused me too. So I looked it up on you tube and there it was. It's the same as a "Right twist" or "Left twist". Simple if the codes were the same ;) Have a look. Easier to watch than describe. Happy knitting ;)

What does c1 over 2 left or right mean. Thanks

C1 over 2 left is a cable instruction. Written in full it would look like "cable 1 stitch over 2 stitches to the left." This means that you would place one stitch on a cable hook, knit two stitches, and then pick up the stitch either in front of or behind those two stitches and then knit the stitch. Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I'm thinking this would be a good project for a cables newbie.

These are really nice. I am interested in trying to make these. :)

These are very pretty. Shame they're knit instead of crochet!

I would love to make these because my hands are always cold and it would help keep them warm while making my jewelry.

These are so cute!

I am absolutely making myself a pair of these!!! Beautiful!

Red cabled mittens, not gloves. Leaves hands feeling warm and snug!

These look like they're a fast knit.

These will be great for my buddies at work. It gets cold in the PNW.

Makes me wish I knitted!

warm wrists for the texter

made a pair for my niece she loves them and they were very easy to make

love these

I think it time to find my knitting needles and make this! I love making finger less gloves!

Haven't learned to cable yet but these are really pretty.

This looks so cozy and easy to make. I'll try over the holidays

I am planning on learning to knit after the holidays. I already crochet. I would love to make these.

These are so pretty.

these look like a perfect gift for my best friends daughter. And a project to try while teaching myself to knit. I think I have crochet down, now I'm moving on to knitting.

These are perfect for someone like me who always has cold hands! Love the cabled pattern.

Love the cable pattern. I would like them longer and, yes, probably with the fingers.

It has been several years since I have tried knitting...crocheting has been my form of yarn work...but these fingerless gloves are so pretty and do not look to be to difficult to make. I think I'm going to give knitting another chance!

Very pretty!!

They really look warm and great gift for granddaughters!

Such a pretty pattern. I've always shied away from cable knitting, maybe it's finally time to try it.

These look very warm, something my granddaughters would love. If only I knew how to knit.

Love the texture and I would definitely make them longer!

I love wearing fingerless mittens and gloves, they really help doing crafts in my basement or garage. Fingers for dexterity and wrists and palms warm. Win Win

This looks like a great project to make and give as Christmas gifts.

Beautiful pattern.. I would make them longer too. That would make them more practical.

gorgeous and look very warm, I think after the holidays I will make some....

Nice I need to learn how to do this and to knit first

Beautiful! My girls love fingerless gloves.

Love that color

These are Pretty. I would make them longer, I have bad wrists and muscles in my arms so they get cold easy.

Pretty! I'm going to adjust the pattern to make mittens like this :)

If I should be lucky enough to win this I would have to get my sister to knit these for me since I do't know how to knit. I would love to have a pair of these. Very pretty design.

I would love to use this pattern to make cuffs on socks!

Loving these! xx

gorgeous project!



I would love to make these fingerless mittens for my mom. I try to knit her a new pair every year. She loves to wear them while practicing the organ in her cold church building.

These look like they'd whip together quickly for gifts!

These are really cute! I love the detail... and I have a skein that would work well for this!

Super easy!!! LOVE the pattern

These are adorable - I can't wait to make them.

I really need to learn how to knit

These would be great for my hands which are almost always cold and still allow me to continue to work on my thread, yarn, and other crafting projects.

I either need to learn to knit or figure out how to do something like this in crochet. So so cute!

I wish I had a pair of these right now.

Haven't made them but with the free pattern I definitely will...Thank you!

What is a c1 over 2 left and right on rows 6 and 12? I have looked in all of my books and can't find a thing about the letter c. Thank you

I wish I was better at knitting (crochet is my skill), as I'd love to make these!

these are so pretty, and look super cozy

I made some similar to these lay year. My daughter loved them.

Love these!

These look perfect for Texas weather! Keep the palms of the hands warm on the steering wheel and the fingers free to pick up items like coins for the drive through!!

love fingerless and easy gifts :)

Found the perfect pattern, can't wait to try this! I love the look of these!

I'm also a crocheter; but, dabble in knitting. Think I'll have to make these.

Fingerless gloves are cool!!!_

they help to support my wrists and keep them limber during these cold months. I may have to add a little extra to almost cover my palms and the upper fingers as my fingers get very cold.

I'll have to make these! I love fingerless mittens!

Ok, now I have to brush up on my knitting. My granddaughter would love these.

I'm a crocheter but love the look of these!

I'll have to make this!!!

Cute! I have a daughter who could definitely use these during winter inventory!

Love allfreeknitting don't needle knit bit do loom knit. Might try this one though


I would love to make a pair of these.

I haven't mastered knitting yet (I crochet) but these would be great for all the "texters" out there

I would love to have a pair.

I wish I knew how to knit. Would love to make these.

i love the pattern, but i would like them to be a little longer

Love the pattern!

I'll have to try a knitted pair, have already crocheted some.

I would definitely make a pair of these.

what do you mean by "c1" in the cabled velvet fingerless mitt pattern? I would love to make them thanks pretty girl

My niece would love these!

great gift idea

These are lovely!

I've never made a fingerless mitt, knit or crocheted ... hundreds of mittens and gloves, but nothing fingerless.

I can't wait to try this pattern

Love the color, great for Christmas season.

Very nice ! I think I will try it ! I like the colour too !

I so,wanna learn to knit! These are so pretty too! i am using a knifty knitter loom till one of my friends who knit's can find time to teach me. I also crochet, so either way.. i wanna make some fingerless gloves one day.

Can't wait to start. One question, what does c1 over 2 left mean?

Downloaded this pattern a couple of days ago, but haven't started yet - so many patterns, only two hands (sigh)!

Wonderful! Just what my granddaughter asked for but need a crochet pattern.

Great pattern. I have made these fingerless gloves before but not this pattern.

This looks like a quick 1 ball of yarn project.

Pretty pattern!

I'm learning to knit! I bet these would make a good project!


These are very trendy. They are also very warm looking.

Love these. I really need to learn to knit.

This is such a cute pattern. I think these are perfect stocking stuffers for young ladies.

These look awesome

These are really cute and I love cables - they're like magic!

These look so cozy. I love Webs!

Yep! I love these!

I'm a bit disappointed as this pattern came in a Crochet Newsletter & is obviously a knitting pattern. :-(

Lovely project!

This pattern looks simple enough to complete it in a couple of days. I can't wait to try it!

Hmmm....which color do I want to make these in?

While I prefer to have my fingers covered, I can think of several young family members who would like this design. smile

nice color!

I am not yet comfortable enough with crocheting or knitting to make these yet but they are sure cute. I can see this becoming very trendy since the leg warmers have recently made a comeback.

ALthough I have not yet attempted to make these fingerless mittens, they are beautiful and look soft.

I think I'd make these slightly longer if I were to make them so that I'd keep my wrists warm. It would be nice to have a "legend" to explain the "c1 over 2 left" as this is not terminology I'm familiar with. I've completed cable projects before but I'm not clear on that part.

I believe it's carry one over two left, and carry one over two right. Either that or cross.

These would be very useful.

I would love to make these, they're gorgeous! After my Christmas presents, I think the dark teal yarn has this pattern written all over it!

would love to make these fingerless gloves they are just the thing my granddaughters would love to have. they love to have the latest in winter wear so they are up with the latest fad at school.

These are very pretty, a great addition to any winter outfit.

I would love to wear the fingerless mittens. Many times while wearing gloves, I've had to remove them to do certain tasks, i.e., using cell phone, finding car keys, etc. The mittens would certainly eliminate the fuss of putting on and off.

Beautiful fingerless gloves. Should keep hands warm on a cool day.

loverly,can't wait to start!

This looks like a great project! I Love gloves without the fingers so that I can drive!

I love the diagonal pattern on these fingerless gloves. I think I will make them in red for the girls in the front office.

Hi, I just LUV, LUV,LUV your cabled velvet fingerless mitts, but do not understand what c1 over 2 right means??!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease email me and explain. I am very anxius to make these. thanks so muchbr shirley

These look cute and easy!

These look great. The office heating system is finiky and these would be a great accessory to keep my hands warm and cute.

This project sounds really very simple and I think I will make some for presents, since I think I could make one glove a day.

I have questions. Not sure what some of your abbreviations mean. Row 1 and 2 what does WS and RS mean. row 6 and row 12 what does c1 mean. I love these and would love to make them but I am new at knitting and want to make sure I understand. Since these are on needles I take it they have to be sewed up when done. When you say leave 1 - 2 inch gap at end - is that like a hole and you sew above it for an inch? Thanks for sharing

Looks great for busy hands!

Cute mitts!

These look so simple.

Will be making these for all my family this year!

They are beautifu.

i love these

I love this pattern. Can't wait to make a few pairs :)

They are beautiful. i have made mitts from different patterns but these are unique. I really would like to make a pair or two or six. Then, I would have a few pairs to share with others.

I just adore the look of these mitts; is it possible to give a crochet version? Unfortunately, I don't knit.

I think these mitts are beautiful...and just enough warmth for my office. :)

I'm putting this at the top of my to-make list for January--I bet they'll make great gifts for my sister's birthday.

Beautiful, and I love the color also!

That cable pattern looks a bit different than usual. I would love to learn to cable knit, it's such a pretty effect.

I love making fingerless gloves and this looks like an especially pretty pattern.

I HATE when my fingers & fingernails SNAG on the yarn :/

My daughter loves these - I think this will be a good stocking stuffer. I'll make them to match the legwarmers and hat I made for her last year!


These look perfect to wear when your sleeves are j-u-s-t a little too short. No more cold wrists!

I need to make these in blue to match the scarf I made my sister for her birthday.

These are very pretty, but not functional for me because my fingers get too cold.

so pretty :) easy and fast to make for last minute gifts :)

nice and not too difficult! a definite must have.

I just love these gloves, they look perfectleaves your fingertips free but keeps hands warm. I hope to try this pattern soon.

I'm just learning how to knit and this looks like a great beginner project.

Pretty pattern - my granddaughter would love these!

I love this pattern! Thanks for keeping us so well informed and filled with great ideas!

Very pretty!

Beautiful mitts, don't look too hard to knit up either. Think I know just the person to make these for.

Great gift for walkers to wear while walking and of course yourself

These look beautiful and challenging. I would love to make them. Also shooting for a pair of flip top mitts.

Those are really pretty. Will make a great gift.

Cute! These look like they'd knit up quite fast!

I would love to make these ..would be a lot of people getting the in the family.

These are beautiful and look relatively easy to make! Looks like I found another Christmas gift to make.

these are so cute, I am going to make a pair for myself and my daughter.

Very pretty. I would love to give them as a gift

There are fantastic!

Cute mitts! Perfect for the occasional cold day we have here!

Great way to keep your hands warm and knit at the same time! (Or I could wear these while playing my flute!)

Will make these for a Christmas gift. Lovely

These are lovely.

Very pretty for a quick gift!

I love this pattern. I will have to make a pair soon.

I would love to win this for my friend Charlotte. She is a awesome knitter.

Love the shell pattern! Definitely on my list for after Christmas.

I love knitting and wearing fingerless mitts. This is really a pretty pattern. I will have to knit a pair of them.

These are gorgeous! they look so luscious to wear and enjoy. :)


I need to make myself a pair! It's freezing at work and my hands get so cold

These should keep my wrists warm too. I haven't tried knitting yet that could be a future project they look cozy.

will give these a try...thank you

These look beautiful, I'd love to have a pair. Too bad I crochet, not knit. Maybe someone will make them for me :D


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