Aspira One Button Tunic

Aspira One Button Tunic
Aspira One Button Tunic

This gorgeous Aspira One Button Tunic is a great little number to have in your closet this spring. With a loose-fitting shape, this sweater can be worn alone in the summer or with a long-sleeved shirt underneath in cooler weather. Learn how to knit a sweater with these instructions that come in small, medium and large.


Knitting Needle Size7 or 4.5 mm

Yarn Weight(3) Light/DK (21-24 stitches to 4 inches)

GaugeIn Stockinette stitch, using U.S. size 7 (4.5mm) needles, 18 sts and 24 rows = 4"/10cm

Finished SizeFor Sizes Small (Medium, Large) - Chest/Bust: 36 (40, 44)"/91.5 (101.5, 112)cm; Length: 26 (27 ½, 29)"/66 (70, 73.5)cm

Materials List

  • NaturallyCaron Spa Yarn (75% Microdenier Acrylic/25% Bamboo;): Color #0008 Misty Taupe, 10 (13, 16)oz/283 (368, 453)m
  • One pair size U.S. 7 (4.5mm) needles or size to obtain gauge
  • Crochet hook size E-4 (3.5mm)
  • Yarn needle



CO 3 sts.

Row 1 (RS): Sl 1, M1, k1, M1, k1—5 sts.
Row 2 and all even rows: Sl 1 purlwise, purl to end.
Row 3: Sl 1, k1, M1, p1, M1, k2—7 sts.
Row 5: Sl 1, k1, M1, p1, k1, p1, M1, k2—9 sts.
Row 7: Sl l 1, k1, M1, k to last 2 sts, M1, k2.
Row 9: Sl 1, k1,M1, k1, (p1, k1) to last 2 sts, M1, k2.
Row 10: Repeat Rows 7-10 until there are 53 (59, 65) sts.
Next and every RS row: Sl 1, k1, M1, work in patt to last 3 sts, dec 1 st (skp), k1.
Next and every WS row: Sl 1, purlwise, purl to end.

Repeat last 2 rows until left (dec) side measures 15 (16, 17)".

  1. Shape Sleeve

    Maintaining patt, inc 1 st at side edge every row 8 times—61 (67, 73) sts.

  2. Shape Neck

    Maintaining patt, BO at beg of neck edge 3 sts 4 times, then 1 st 4 times; AT THE SAME TIME, at sleeve edge, dec 1 st every 4th row 6 times. Note: 6 patt repeats have been completed—39 (45, 53) sts

  3. Shape Shoulder

    Continue to dec 1 st at sleeve edge every 4th row 4 more times; AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st at neck edge every row 5 times, then BO 5 (6, 7) sts at neck edge 6 times.


Work as for Left Back reversing shaping.


Note: Patt is worked sideways.

CO 4 sts. Work in patt for 2 rows.
Next row and every other row: CO 2 sts, patt to end.  Continue in patt until there are 54 (60, 66) sts.
CO 1 st every other row until there are 66 (72, 78) sts. Work 3 rows in patt.

Middle Pleat (RS): Purl.

Continue working in St st and short rows as follows:

Row 1 (WS): Purl.
Row 2 (RS): Knit.
Rows 3 and 4: P20, turn and wrap, knit to end.
Rows 5 and 6: P40, turn and wrap, knit to end.
Rows 7 and 8: P60, turn and wrap, knit to end.
Row 9: Purl all sts.
Row 10: Knit all sts.
Rows 11 and 12: P60, turn and wrap, knit to end.
Rows 13 and 14: P40, turn and wrap, knit to end.
Rows 15 and 16: P20, turn and wrap, knit to end.
Row 17: Purl.

Resume patt reversing shaping by dec 1 st at beg of every other row 12 times. BO 2 sts at beg of every other row until there are no sts.


With RS facing, pick up and k67 (73, 79) sts along side front top edge. Work in patt for 4" (6 patt repeats), inc 1 st each edge every 4 rows 6 times—79 (85. 91) sts.

Then on RS side edge BO very loosely 2 sts at beg of every RS row 26 times.

  1. Shape Sleeve

    Inc 1 st at sleeve edge every row 8 times. Then dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 5 times. AT THE SAME TIME, BO 5 (6, 7) sts at beg of side edge for shoulder seam 6 times.
    Reverse shaping for other side panel.


Sew shoulder, side and back seams.

With crochet hook and two strands of yarn, work 1 row single crochet around armholes and neckline. If desired, work a chain 6 buttonloop where button is placed. Work 1 row single crochet around bottom edges.

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I love this top and have thought about making it several times. However, the bad reviews have made me reluctant to buy yarn to make it in case it is impossible to figure out how to fix the issues. I currently have a surplus of yarn and I love a challenge. Wish me luck. I think I might really need it!

I like this top very much -- shall have to read through the pattern a few times to check out the problems previously mentioned in hopes that they can be overcome --

Has anyone succeeded in finishing this top?!!? Have just finished again, for the fourth time, the left front side panel joined onto the front middle (with middle pleat - confused much!!) and it STILL doesn't appear to match up with the back for the sleeves or ANYWHERE Grrrr. Giving up and moving on, enoughs enough!!

I only came back to this pattern today to see if any corrections had been added for it but, sadly,I only found all theses bad reviews ( Like others reviewers I'm a seasoned knitter and can usually work out any errors in patterns without too much trouble, but this pattern just about has me beat!! It is as vague as vague gets, most of the time you're just guessing as you go i.e the middle pleat instruction on making it but nothing else on what to do with it afterwards!! the front middle-to- front side(s) bit is hopeless (I've re-done this section alone 3 times trying to get it right!!) and don't get me started on the sleeve bits??!!?? SO wish I'd read these reviews before attempting to start this project. Such a shame too, as the top is so elegant looking(

I've been knitting 40+ years, and can't 'make' this pattern work! Thought it was lovely, but nothing matched up, even though my gauge was dead on.

ok, I'm very new to knitting, and besides scarfs and hats, this is my first project and I'm jumping in. Does the dec1 mean slip knit pass (skp) every time? What does BO mean? and it's very vague when it says maintaining patt and work in patt... maintain the pattern? I haven't seen any pattern established. each instruction is new and unique and at no point have they separately said... "this is the set pattern to work in, when we say, 'work in patt'"

ok, just found out that BO is the same as CO... These multiple acronyms for the same action are worse than military life...

Not sure who provided you with such poor info but they are most definitely NOT the same-Co is cast on, usually the start of a project, BO is bind off, usually the end of a project. Keep in mind both of these terms could be used anywhere in a pattern in order to begin or end new sections within a pattern as necessary. Hope this helps someone.

Wish I'd known this when I was very new to knitting -- search on You Tube for any stitch you're not familiar with; you get a video demonstration. It even works for left-handed knitters for many of the stitches.

Well, that's not the hard part... I already know how to look up stitches.... there's no videos on how to follow bad directions though. I'm working my way through, and am beginning to shape the sleeve and neck... I've had to think long and hard as to which side they're talking about, because the side 'name' changes each time the pattern does.... "Continue in pattern until the decreasing side measures..." ... "Start decreasing stitches on the side edge..." unless I have a picture showing which side they're talking about, it's not very clear.

I need to know how to make the m1 stitch . I know it's an increase stitch but is there a special way to do it?

There is a way to do M1-you pick up the stitch lying horizontally between the two needles, twist it and knit into the back of the loop. Hope this helps.

Why does anyone need a link? The pattern is here. Why not do as I did? Take a screenshot (I had to do this in 2 sections) open it in your paint program and crop the relevant parts. Then save as .jpeg and insert the picture into a Word document (or any office program) and simply print out. The whole process will only take a minute or two and saves tearing your hair out looking for a working link. I print all my patterns out using this method. Incidentally, I have just finished the first back piece. The shape kept me guessing right up until I spread it out on the carpet, then it all became clear. I kept thinking the pattern was wrong as the shoulder shaping seemed back to front to me, but I kept going to the end. The designer is quite simply, an absolute genius!

I am most grateful for some beautiful patterns in larger sizes. It is so hard to find really pretty and also delicate designs but for the larger figure, its a if the fuller figure person doesn't wish to wear anything so elegant. Oh please show more. Many many thanks from Nina in UK xx

i cannot seem to print any of the free patterns at all. The links dont seem to work or you are redirected to site after site, yet no free pattern. Anyone else experience this?

There is a new link to go directly to this pattern: The people at yarnspirations said since the yarn is discontinued, the pattern has been moved. If the link doesn't work, you can go to their site and, at the bottom of the page, under "RESOURCES" click 'NaturallyCaron Patterns'. There are tons of free patterns available.

I can't get it to pop up either. I have even found it listed on Ravelry and the link doesn't work from there! What a bummer...

I cannot find the pattern even though I have logged on and tried to find it by "click here for knitting pattern" . Please help.

There is a new link to go directly to this pattern: The people at yarnspirations said since the yarn is discontinued, the pattern has been moved. If the link doesn't work, you can go to their site and, at the bottom of the page, under "RESOURCES" click 'NaturallyCaron Patterns'. There are tons of free patterns available. Read more at

I would like to make this if only I could get the pattern!!!br I have tried "click here for knitting patter", I have tried "save this pattern", I have tried "search". Any other suggestions. I am very frustrated to say the least.

There is a new link to go directly to this pattern: The people at yarnspirations said since the yarn is discontinued, the pattern has been moved. If the link doesn't work, you can go to their site and, at the bottom of the page, under "RESOURCES" click 'NaturallyCaron Patterns'. There are tons of free patterns available.

What does "m1" mean and how do you do it? Thanks

Make 1 (M1) and I do it by making two stitches out of one so if it's knit then knit into the front and back of the stitch. Hope this helps.

OR you can knit the part of the stitch between the two stitches (its the horizontal thread between the two)

The front belonged to a different top to the back!


I have a question I have the back done and am in the front, I finished the section of the middle pleat is and its now saying to pickup 79 stitches along side of front top edge. Does anyone know how far down one should start picking up? it looks like in the photo that the side goes all the way down, which the pattern its not so. Thank you

I have the same question as "violetg 9849051". Has anyone answered her question? I love this tunic, but am stuck on the " 79 stitches along side of front edge. By picking up the 79 stitches I am at the bottom of the middle pleat section and this does not seem to work. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I could be a fan if I had an answer to this question.

The pattern starts out with casting on 3 stitches, but the first row seems to be working with 5 stitches. Do I just cast on 3 and do row one? The pattern is Sl1, M1, K1, M1, K1. I am wondering if they had made a mistake there.

M1 means "make one." You will be knitting in between stitches. Here's a link that might help:

Thank you folks for answering my question! Appreciate it- guess I should have read the pattern more carefully. On to knitting!

Having received no response to my previous comment re the stitch pattern, I thought I would try to contact the designer and ask her. Unfortunately, the woman who designed this vest died in 2010. Can anyone else help me?

I was just reading your post, and see that the pattern does start on row 5, with the p1, k1, p1. If you just follow the pattern, I think you'll see how the pattern starts to repeat. Knit On!

Hi, I read the pattern and on the knit side which is the right side you do a purl one knit one stitch. On the wrong side you just purl. That is how the pattern gets the textured look. Jean

The pattern states the stitch used is stockinette- but the photo sure doesn't look like it! And throughout the instructions, it says "continue in patt" or "patt is worked sideways" but never says what the stitch pattern is. I posted a comment on the Caron site and am awaiting reply from someone! It *is* lovely- just need accurate instructions!

:0 this is a beautiful tunic! love it x 10000000000


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