8 Hour Lace Shawl


Simple yet stylish, the 8 Hour Lace Shawl proves that elegance can be achieved in a hurry. This lovely knit shawl pattern is a light and lacy way to finish an outfit, keep warm in an over-air conditioned restaurant, and give off an air of mystery. This gorgeous shawl is knit with worsted weight yarn, giving it a flattering drape with just the right amount of weight. It's hard to believe a stunning lace knitting piece like this can be such a quick knit and look incredible on you.


Knitting Needle Size8 or 5 mm, 10.5 or 6.5 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)


  • RED HEART® Soft®: 2 balls 9779 Berry
  • Susan Bates® Knitting Needles: 6.5 mm [US 10½]
  • Straight pins


GAUGE: 11 sts = 4” (10 cm), 10 rows = 4” (10 cm) in pattern.

CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needles to obtain the gauge.

K = knit
mm = millimeter
P = purl
st(s) = stitch(es)
Yo = yarn over
* = work directions following * as indicated
( ) = work directions in parentheses as indicated.


Shawl measures: 16” (40.5 cm) wide x 56” (142 cm) long


Special Stitch
PSSO = Pass Slipped Stitch Over – Insert the left needle into the front of the slipped stitch, passing it over the previously worked knit stitch, the yarn over and off the needle.

Cast on 45 sts, loosely.
Row 1 (Right side): K1, *Yo, slip 1 as if to knit, K1, Yo, PSSO; repeat form * across.
Row 2: (P2, drop Yo) across to last st, K1.
Row 3: K2, *Yo, slip 1 as if to knit, K1, Yo, PSSO; repeat from * across to last st, K1.
Row 4: P3, (drop Yo, P2) across.
Repeat Rows 1-4 for Shawl until piece measures approximately 54” (137 cm) from cast on edge.
Bind off all sts loosely in knit.

Soak Shawl in warm water. Gently squeeze out water and lay shawl on flat surface.
Straighten out edges and pin to Finished Size.
Allow to dry.


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I always need shawls because I need that additional warmth no matter what time of year. It may be hot outside but you go into a movie theater and the air conditioning may be too cold. You can make one of these to match every outfit and it will be lightweight to carry. The instructions look easy to follow. Thank you.

I've been searching for a worsted weight, easy summer shawl. I think I found one! Can't wait to try this!

This is a very pretty shawl, and the pattern is not too hard. However, I have to laugh at the 8 hour title because I can never seem to make things in the time a pattern says. Not only because I get interrupted but I guess I must just be slower than the average knitter. Maybe if I made the pattern more than once I would be faster at it.

I love that you can make this amazing shawl in such a short amount of time!

The shawl looks very chic, especially worn over the black dress as the model has done. I would like to make this shawl to go with a new black dress that I am wearing for a dinner next week but I am afraid I might not finish it on time. Has anyone completed this shawl in the 8 hours it says it should take?

H E L P Can someone please explain row1. I k1, then yo, then slipped 1, k1 and then I am confused. Do I do yo and psso over the yo or what? Someone please explain....thanx

I would say yes, pass the slipped stitch over both the last knit stitch and the yarn over. Take a look at the "Special Stitch" explanation under the shawl measurements, I think that is what it is saying.

I went to the red heart website and got the explanation, which is missing from here- Special Stitch PSSO = Pass Slipped Stitch Over Insert the left needle into the front of the slipped stitch, passing it over the previously worked knit stitch, the yarn over and off the needle.

Several comments. Is Maria's shawl the same as the 8 hour lace shawl? Second, I found the 8 hour lace shawl difficult. I knitted several pattern repeats 3 times. No of them looked liked the picture I kept finding dropped stitches or more stitches than I should have. Any suggestions?

Maria's shawl is an entirely different pattern. There should be some dropped stitches in this shawl pattern because you are dropping yo's on the second and fourth row of the pattern. The dropped stitches in this pattern shouldn't unravel because they are created on the first and third rows and dropped on the second and fourth rows. The stitch counts will vary because of the yo's being created to be dropped later. If the pattern is not looking like the picture, I suggest placing markers every 2 stitches for a few rows until you can establish the pattern and see from your knitting what is going on. I know this is really late, hope it can help someone.

Just finished my shawl and it did take a great deal more time than eight hours but it was well worth it! As you can see, I added fringe for a bit more pizzazz and I did a row of double crochet along the sides because I did not like the edge roll when completed. The yarn is a metallic red which will work well for the holiday season. P.S. The white tablecloth underneath was my wedding from my mother. She used a pearlized silk lace yarn and made her own popcorn pattern. It is a treasure at almost 30 years old.

I'm making this with a very light-weight mohair/acrylic blend yarn, and it is turning out quite different, but so pretty. Very lacy, and light for summer nights. I am using 71 stitches because if the small size yarn. It's working well! No photo yet, may do that later.

Have you complete your shawl. I was thinking of making one for a friend in a lighter weight yarn but was not sure how it would turn out. She wants a longer and wider one but before I begin, it would be nice to know how you liked it. Thank you.

I found this shawl very difficult to do, and had to frog it over and over again. The final time I had knit 5 or 6 inches, the "lace" had uneven "holes" and I gave up. Looking for something easier... -(

In rows 2 and 4 do not understand drop yarn over

Hey there, nursesusan! To drop the yarn over, you simply take the YO you did from the previous row and slip it off of the lefthand needle. Do not knit or otherwise work the YO. It's as simple as that! Happy knitting!

does anyone know similar yarn in uk

when you "yarn over" are you actually making a stitch, or are you just holding the yarn in front for the slip stitch? Sorry for my ignorance I am teaching myself to knit

you are making a stitch that is to be dropped on the next row.

I am knitting this shawl and it is growing off my needles! How many stitches should you end up with? Nancy

you will always end up with 45 sts. you are only adding stitches until the next row, then you drop tham to create the lace pattern.

While this was my first foray into YO and PSSO, and I did make mistakes along the way forcing me to rip the shawl. Once I got the hang of the 4 row repeat, it was easy for me to make it. I had to go to youtube to see how the PSSO was made, it helped me quite a bit. However, with that in mind, it did take me 24 hours to make, not the 8 hours as the title of the shawl states. I will make another, keep track of the time to knit, then will come back and let you know how long it really does take.

would you please tell me what row 2 is saying by p2 drop yo? does it mean just "yarn over" to increase stitch? please help! lanee

No-you created the yo on the previous row-so on the next row you drop the yo off the needle. so when you P2 you just slide the yo off the needle with the stitches you just purled.

I am working on Maria's shawl, but do not know if the first 3 rows are repeated after row 14

Its a four row pattern repeat, so you will repeat the same four rows in order until you get to the desired length. hope this helps.

I just realized your question is posted on the 8 hour shawl pattern and it is in regards to another pattern. I had an issue with the Maria shawl, but it has been sorted-I went to the red heart website for clarification and the pattern there states after row 14 to repeat rows 1-14 until piece measures approx. 51 inches or desired size. If you go to the red heart website and look it up, there is an entire paragraph on the website that is missing from here. sorry about the misunderstanding and hope this helps.

Being kind of a beginner I guess this will take me longer than 8 hrs most likely! But I love it-so stylish. Going to make for sure:) thx

This shawl is lovely. I would like to make it for a friends' wedding but I would like it a bit wider. Say 22" wide. Can you convert the pattern for me to do this? Thank you. Kathy

The pattern does not belong to this web site, no one is going to convert another designer's pattern for you. However you can do it yourself, the gauge is 11 stitches to 4", so you could add 11 stitches to the pattern to make it wider. Hope this helps.

This pattern is worked on a multiple of 21...so just make sure you have an odd number of stitches. EG. 75 = 37x21 I upped mine to 55 sts and it works fine!!


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