Easy Saturday Cardigan


Easy Saturday Cardigan

Sit back, relax, and make a beautiful knit cardigan that won't make you want to tear your hair out!

Easy Saturday Cardigan
Easy Saturday Cardigan

Just the thought of learning how to knit a sweater can be frightening to some. However, it doesn't have to be. With the Easy Saturday Cardigan, you'll be changing your tune in no time at all. Step aside, Sunday. Now, we're easy like Saturday morning. This beautiful knit sweater pattern is completed entirely on straight needles, so you don't even have to learn how to knit in the round.

Perfect for beginner and veteran knitters alike, it only takes time and patience to get this super stylish and amazingly comfortable knitted cardigan into your closet. Great for work or play both inside and outside of the house, you simply can't go wrong with the Easy Saturday Cardigan.

NotesThe instructions are written for smallest size. If changes are necessary for larger size(s) the instructions will be written thus ( ). When only one number is given in, it applies to all sizes.


Knitting Needle Size11 or 8 mm, 13 or 9 mm

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

Gauge11 sts and 15 rows = 4" [10 cm] in stocking stitch with larger needles.

Finished SizeTo fit bust measurement: Extra-Small/Small - 28-34" [71-86.5cm]; Medium - 36-38" [91.5-96.5cm]; Large - 40-42" [101.5-106.5 cm]; Extra-Large - 44-46" [112-117cm]; 2/3 X-Large - 48-54" [122-137cm]; 4/5 X-Large - 56-62" [142-157.5 cm]. Finished bust: Extra-

Materials List

  • Patons® Misty Granite Dust (94004) (3.5 oz/100 g; 143 yds/131 m) - 6 (7,7,8,9,10) balls
  • Sizes U.S. 11 (8 mm) and U.S. 13 (9 mm) knitting needles
  • 2 stitch holders



With smaller needles, cast on 48 (53-59-65-75-85) sts. Knit 5 rows (garter st), noting 1st row is WS. Change to larger needles and work in stocking st until work from beg measures 20" [51 cm], ending on a purl row.

  1. Shape Armholes:

    Cast off 4 (5-6-7-10-10) sts beg next 2 rows. 40 (43-47-51-55-65) sts.

    Cont even until armhole measures 9 (9-9½-9½-10-10)" [23 (23-24-24-25.5-25.5) cm], ending on a purl row.

  2. Shoulders:

    Cast off 11 (12-13-14-14-18) sts. K 18 (19-21-23-27-29) (including st on needle after cast off ). Slip these sts on a st holder. Cast off rem 11 (12-13-14-14-18) sts.


**With smaller needles, cast on 27 (30-32-35-38-43) sts.
Knit 5 rows (garter st), noting 1st row is WS.**
Change to larger needles and proceed as follows:

1st row: (RS). Knit.
2nd row: Purl to last 5 sts. K5.
Rep last 2 rows until work from beg measures 20" [51 cm], ending on a RS row.

  1. Shape armhole:

    Cast off 4 (5-6-7-10-10) sts beg next row. 23 (25-26-28-28-33) sts.

    Cont even, working 5 garter sts at front until armhole measures 9 (9-9½-9½-10-10)" [23 (23-24-24-25.5-25.5) cm], ending on a RS row.

  2. Shoulder:

    Cast off 11 (12-13-14-14-18) sts. P 12 (13-13-14-14-15) (including st on needle after cast off ). Slip these sts on a st holder.


Work from ** to ** as given for Right Front.
Change to larger needles and proceed as follows:

1st row: (RS). Knit.
2nd row: K5. Purl to end of row.
Rep last 2 rows until work from beg measures 20" [51 cm], ending on a WS row.

  1. Shape armhole:

    Cast off 4 (5-6-7-10-10) sts beg next row. 23 (25-26-28-28-33) sts.

    Cont even, working 5 garter sts at front until armhole measures 9 (9-9½-9½-10-10)" [23 (23-24-24-25.5-25.5) cm], ending on a WS row.

  2. Shoulder:

    Cast off 11 (12-13-14-14-18) sts. K 12 (13-13-14-14-15) (including st on needle after cast off ). Slip these sts on a st holder.


With smaller needles cast on 27(27-27-29-31-33) sts.
Knit 5 rows (garter st), noting 1st row is WS and inc 2 sts evenly across last row. 29 (29-29-31-33-35) sts.

Change to larger needles and proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st each end of 3rd and every following 4th row until there are 37 (33-45-41-49-45) sts, then every following 6th row from previous inc until there are 49 (49-53-53-55-55) sts.

Cont even until Sleeve from beg measures 17½ (18-18-18-17-17)" [44.5 (45.5-45.5-45.5-43-43) cm], ending on a purl row. Place markers at each end of last row. Work an additional 6 (8-10-10-14-14) rows in stocking st. Cast off.


Pin pieces to measurements. Cover with a damp cloth, leaving cloth to dry.
Sew shoulder seams. Sew in sleeves, placing sleeve rows above markers along cast off sts of Fronts and Back to form square armhole.
Sew side and sleeve seams.

  1. Collar:

    With RS facing and smaller needles, K 11 (12-13-14-14-18) from Right Front st holder. Place marker on last st. K 18 (19-21-23-27-29) from Back st holder. Place marker on last st. K 11 (12-13-14-14-18) from Left Front st holder. 40 (43-47-51-55-65) sts.

    1st row: (RS of collar).* Knit to marked st. Kfb in marked st. Rep from * once more. Knit to end of row.
    2nd row: Knit.

    Rep last 2 rows until Collar measures 7" [18 cm], ending on a WS row of Collar.

    Cast off knitwise (WS).

  2. Belt:

    With smaller needles, cast on 7 sts. Work in garter st (knit every row) until work from beg measures 60" [152.5 cm]. Cast off.

  3. Belt loops:

    With smaller needles, cast on 8 sts. Cast off.
    Try on Cardigan. Mark positions of belt loops on side seams.


Knit into front and back loop of next stitch
Right side
Wrong side

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How do I get the print version of this pattern?

I loved the pattern, and had a whole load of small, middle and large sized balls of wool in different colours. I tried the gauge with two strands of colour, and it was too small, so I added an extra strand, and it was just right. I have made a wonderful cardigan with lots of colours, and diminshed my stack of wool. I live in a small island and have difficulty finding specific wools. But this lovely pattern has been a great success, and I am now making one for my sister, and my daughter is hankering for one too.

I am having trouble with the collar. Knitting according to the directions I have a very lopsided collar. Help

HI I have just started knitting the easy Saturday cardigan and I need help. I have knitted the back as an extra large size using the 3rd number along within the brackets but my back is 10 inches shorter width wise than it should be. I am using size 9 needles and chunky wool. What have I done wrong. At the moment this will fit a young child rather than a adult. Help me please

You are not using the correct needle size as given in pattern! Size 11 and 13 are the sizes used.

The real issue is that you did not obtain gauge, it is essential for the pattern to turn out successfully. You can use any size needle you need to as long as you obtain gauge. The other issue may be that you used a #5 bulky yarn, which is incorrectly notated on this website, Patons Misty is in fact a #6 Super Bulky yarn. Also the 3rd number in the instructions is for the large size, not the extra large size. I gently suggest that you may want to work on your due diligence in future, to knit successfully the knitter must always verify details, yarn weight, needle size and sizing of the pattern and gauge. all these elements are far more crucial then being able to read and knit the pattern stitches in the correct order. Hope this helps, happy knitting.


Hi Maureen, you can find the gray 'save' button along with the various social media buttons just above the picture of the pattern. It has a little 'plus' symbol on it. We hope this helps! Happy knitting! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

love the pattern, but do you have to use these specific needles sizes? or can you take it down to say a 9 and a 6?

Hi jayne, you're welcome to use whatever needle size you want, but do bear in mind that if you use smaller needles than the pattern lists, your knitting itself will end up smaller. In order to make this work, you could try knitting a size up, but we recommend knitting up a gauge swatch to see how close you are to the given gauge first with your new needle sizes. We hope this helps! Happy knitting!

In order for the pattern project to work out correctly you must use the yarn and needles to achieve the gauge given in the pattern. Proposing that you could reduce the needle sizes by more than 5 sizes and expect success simply would not be possible, achieving gauge is absolutely essential with fitted garments, otherwise you are just wasting your time and resources.

This pattern is rated Easy for a beginner crocheter, but it looks challenging enough for a more experienced crocheter also. Time, patience, and practice is what is required to achieve success in crochet. This is a lovely sweater that will compliment most casual outfits.

This is a knit pattern, not sure where you are getting crochet from?

I started knitting a few years ago because I am a HUGE sweater fan. To date I have never made myself a sweater ( Easy Saturday Cardigan caught my eye. I think this will be my first. I like the idea of a super bulky yarn. It will be a quick pattern to work up. And after reading the entire pattern I think I have the skills to complete. It looks extremely comfy to wear. Cute with jeans and a cute pair of boots. Or just snuggling up with leggings, slippers and a good book in front of a fire while the snow falls outside 3

I am unable to find Patons Misty yarn. It looks like they stopped producing it. What is a good substitute yarn for this wonderful project?

Yarn sub has a bunch of suggestions for this yarn here- https//yarnsub.com/yarns/patonsnorthamerica/misty

The gauge looks the same as Bernat Softee Chunky I plan to make it in a variegated color called Terra Cotta Mist.

That should work out nicely, since that is a super bulky yarn with a similar gauge, I may have to borrow your yarn suggestion since its so awesome! Happy knitting.

I have to admit that the thought of making a cardigan is overwhelming. That being said the title caught my attention and the pattern description hooked me! Also, the way the cardigan looks in the picture is wonderful. It looks smooth and warm, plus I love the color! If it is as easy as the description says I can see myself making these in various colors.

I printed out this pattern and discover that the yarn has been discontinued? Why would you do that? Any suggestions on substitute yarn?

Hello lbibler 5885493, we're sorry to hear the yarn has been discontinued. We suggest contacting the designer of the pattern, http://www.yarnspirations.com/, and asking them what they suggest as a substitute. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Patons Misty has not been discontinued. Admittedly this has happened many times on this site but not to this yarn. If you find you have to substitute, you should be aware that this yarn is in fact a super bulky not a bulky yarn, as stated here on afk.

Hello, the Patons Misty yarn is still available and can be found here: http://www.yarnspirations.com/yarn/misty.html. The description states this yarn is in the bulky category. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Every website lists this as super bulky except Patons- https//yarnsub.com/yarns/patonsnorthamerica/misty and https//www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/patons-north- == america-misty Based on gauge it is super bulky and anyone who has ever worked with it knows it's super bulky.

I keep planning to make this and then forgetting to start. This would make a great early autumn, late spring cardigan. It is nice to see that the designer has included so many sizes. I also love that it is made on straight needles. I just wish there were more pictures of it. I would like to see the back of it as well.

Nice patter. Thank you!

Very clear and pretty design. Thank you very much!!

cosy and grey and striking all in one sweater - could I ask for more? add simple garter and stocking stitch, straight needles -- and I cannot wait to start it

A cozy, grey sweater for the indoors and outdoors is somthing I could use, especially this time of the year. I like that the sweater is entirely made on straight needles - have never been very comfortable knitting with circular needles! Also like that it is in garter and stocking stitch - making it a project that goes on my to-make list!

I'm to the point of sewing the sleeves onto the fronts and back, but I don't understand the instructions. "Place sleeve rows above markers along cast off stitches of fronts and back to form square armhole", so far it looks great, but now I"m stumped!

Patons has a video showing how to knit this sweater and put it together. It is very helpful and available at http//www.yarnspirations.com/patterns/easy-saturda == y-cardigan.html

Could this be done leaving the collar off?

i knit this pattern exactly as it said except i knitted about 4 rows of stockinette stitch around collar area, looks good and get many compliments on it

Is stocking stitch the same as stockinette stitch?

Hello pmdusute 9308940! Yes, stocking stitch is the same as stockinette stitch. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

This looks wonderful, so cozy! I love the gray color as well.

Sleeve instructions how many stitches should there be for a medium size when the 4th row increases are completed? Instructions show FEWER stitches for medium than for small, (and fewer for XL than for L, etc. ) Surely this is a typo?

This is the reason I bought the yarn, but never made the sweater. I checked with the original pattern and it shows the same with no corrections. I shall use the yarn for something else.

The link to the sweater charts doesn't work. All I get is gibberish. Is there somewhere else I can access them??? Thank you

Hello! Thank you for getting in touch. The link should be working. Please try copying and pasting this link into your browser https//s3.amazonaws.com/mustang-prime-image-reposi == tory/2014/11/201143/easy-saturday-cardigan-chartsM == ASTERID-791124.JPG?v=791124 Thank you! -Kathryn, Editor, AllFreeKnitting.com

I'm confused about the collar. Are we increasing every other row? The pattern instructions say that row 1 to kfb in two sts. Is this to be done until the collar measures 7 inches?

yes, you are increasing every other row for the collar until it reaches 7 inches. I know this is late, hope it helps.

Thanks for responding. I had to work on another project and am just returning to this one. So your timing worked out well.

This was my first sweater and I'm super pleased with the results! A great and easy pattern

I am having the same problem with the sleeves. Knitting the medium size and the instructions for sleeves are very confusing. can anyone help explain in better detail?

I'm starting the sleeves and knitting the size medium. when I change to larger needles and 3rd 4th row until there is 37 sts for small - 33 sts for medium. Is this amount correct?

After you have changed to larger needles, the sleeve increases will occur on rows 3, 7, 11, 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45 and 49. Hope this helps. Happy knitting!


hi there, i love this pattern but could you tell me if it possible to convert it so i can use double knitting wool instead, thank you

I am in the process of making this sweater and need some direction. I have knit the back and both sections of the front and have them knit together. The directions state to start the collar and the right front corner, however I have working yarn at both the right and left front shoulders. Is this correct or should I have cut and woven in the yarn on the left front shoulder? If so, where does this state on the directions?

Not sure how you ended up with working yarn in two spots, but it doesn't matter, just continue with the pattern as indicated and finish the collar, any yarns not used would just be finished and woven in later anyway. The only working end you need is the one to do the collar, everything else had been cast off finished and completed. Hope this helps. Happy knitting!

Question...am in the process of making this sweater and need some direction. I have stitched the 2 fronts to the back and am ready to start the collar. The directions state to start at the right front, however I have working yarn at both the right front and the left front. Is this correct or am I to have cut the working yarn on the left front? If so, where in the directions does it say that?

This pattern is the best! I used Patons chunky because that's what I had in my stash, knit it up in 3 days and put it together on the 4th day, now its my go to sweater for everything! I would definitely recommend it to beginners as well. Happy knitting.

i would love to learn how to make this, but im just learning how to knitt. Is there a viedo on how to make it?

Hi drlnrw 4617046, Unfortunately there is not a specific video for this pattern. However, we have a ton of helpful video tutorials you may find very useful. Please navigate to the category list and select "Learn to Knit" followed by "Video Tutorials." Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Lovely pattern and I want to knit it!! However I can't find the yarn for sale in the UK - could you recommend an alternative please? Thanks.

Hi eirianhand 5299541, We recommend checking the Yarnspirations.com website to see if they ship to the UK. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Lovely pattern, but is the yarn available in the UK? If not could you recommend an equivalent alternative please? Thank you

Wow, I'd like to access my account, but the pop up ad is in the way. Guess you lost a subscriber

Hi Knittygirl443, Thank you for voicing your opinion about our advertising. We take your issues seriously and have saved and carefully recorded your inquiry so we can track any similar future complaints we receive. Patterns of complaints are reviewed weekly by our operations team and may lead to future advertising reviews. We appreciate the time you took to contact us. Thank you. -Editors of AllFreeKnitting


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