Easy Little Black Owl


Easy Little Black Owl


Do you know anyone who loves owls? If you do, then you need to get your double pointed needles ready and make yourself this Easy Little Black Owl toy. Create your own little owl using bulky yarn and felt pieces for the face. Both children and adults will get a kick out of this cute pattern.


Knitting Needle Size8 or 5 mm, Double-Pointed Knitting Needles (DPNs)

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

Love this adorable little guy? Check out How to Make Stuffed Animals and Amigurumi: 32 Ways for even more cute-as-heck patterns.

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What an adorable pattern! The instructions are easy to follow and gives you alternatives on making the ears and wings. It uses felt and buttons for eyes but I may just use those go the the ogle eyes since I don't have any little children in my home and the owls would just be for me. I like the idea presented in a prior post to use it as a door stop. I am applying for an apartment with a balcony so I would make one in a day glo color to brighten the night. Thank you for the pattern.

I plan to make this knit owl to use as a door stop in my bathroom. Plus one for each of my friends with tots.

I am in LOVE with owls and this is just so adorable. I've saved 43 patterns so far but this just might be the one (or two or six) I do next.

this adorable owl looks lovely to make. julie

lovely and easy xx

It's adorable! Is there a version with knitted eyes and beak? I'd like to make one for my son, but the thought of the felt coming off and being a choking hazard bothers me.

Oh I can't wait to use up my yarn leftovers and make a whole parliament of owls for my son!!

Sooo Adorable! I wish I were more experienced so I could make it. Ooohhh

He is just adorable! I am starting little animals for my granddaughters who are 19 months and 3 weeks and this is definately a project to do!!! Thank you so much

This is really cute. My sister-in-law has an owl collection. I need to get busy for her Christmas gift.

Cute owl. Looks like it would be fun to make.

A cutie. I'll have to make one, or four...

@pennymaytaylor 0047207: We have a crochet owl pattern on our sister site, AllFreeCrochet.com, here: http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Crochet-Amigurumi-Patterns/Cute-Crochet-Owl/. Enjoy! -- Editor of AllFreeKnitting

This is cute and I'll will add him to my "list" of projects/things I want to make. I'm currently in the middle of making a new bedspread, in Entralac. This is my first attempt at Entralac and don't know what all the fuss is about. Entralac is one of the most intimidating and most easy...if you can count to ten, you can make Entralac.

It's cute but I don't think it will be my next project...got something else I'm working on--an afghan--which will take up all my time for a while...

This is adorable - I'm always looking for cute animals/toys for charity knitting. This one just got added to my list!!!

This is SO CUTE. I always have a fall get together with friends who I do not get to see very often. We always create small presents for each other and this is absolutely perfect season-wise and just perfectly crafty! Thank you so much.

Going to try to make this for my daughters boy, a huge American Bulldog. He has to get presents at Christmas with the rest of the family...

Haven't tried any of the little animals yet--this will be the first! I am going to make him out of some brown heather yarn I have. Should be real cute. Thanks for the pattern!

I have been looking for an owl to make and this one might be the one! thanks for sharing the pattern

I love this little owl. My aunt collects owls and I have not seen a crochet pattern before this. I want to make this for her.

who gives a hoot?? I do ! it's adorable cannot wait to try this pattern.

This is definitely something I want to make!! I'm on an owl kick lately, and this one is begging to be my first one made! I'm eyeballing my stash as I type to see what colors and how I can personalize it to my style!! I also want to make a penguin because my boyfriend that passed away nicknamed me "snooty booty" from the movie Happy Feet, it's been 2 years, so I think I can make it without breaking down now! I love the patterns on your site, keep them coming!!

so cute! I'm sure I have some yarn to use on this!

I will be making this! It is adorable! Thanks for providing such great patterns!

Too cute! I love to make this type of project

This is a cute pattern. I have never knitted a critter before, so I'd probably need to start with something easier. But I really do think this one is cute!

Adorable. These would make great little gifts for friends and family.......you could use all sorts of colors for fun too!

This is a really cute owl! I would definitely make it.

That is the cutest owl I've ever seen!!

How cute is that...my oldest daughter is really into owls these days...stocking stuffer!

that is so cute!! It would make a great stocking stuffer.

He's so cute. I can think of several other things I can make following this pattern. Thanks!

My oldest daughter is really into owls. I'll have to give this a try for Christmas :)

I just love making quick cute critters!!! I will sooo be making this

so very cute!!

Adorable owl!! Just in time for Halloween, but good for other holidays too and any ole' time. Owls are one of my very favs! I am going to make a whole bunch of these!

LOVE IT! It is so cute and I am looking at getting into making some cute toys for my lil' man soon check out my site: http://maxwellsmommy.com I post knitting patterns there and also link to ones I find on the net that are awesome.

This is perfect! I collect owls for my "office", am a librarian and will need this one! Awesome!

This is so cute! I have a friend who love owls and I can't wait to make it for her. Thank you for a great pattern!

Love the patterns this site offers. Great variety! The owl is too cute! Just add a graduates hat to it and it would make a cute gift!

This is such a cute little owl! My mom would have loved it. You could also use just worsted weight and make him a little smaller as the gauge would be smaller, but you would have to check that first. I could even see this as a baby toy (appropriately baby-proofed, of course!) with a bell inside his little tummy!

I usually shy away from patterns for stuffed animals because of all the sewing pieces, but this one looks pretty easy using double pointed needles. Might just give it a try.

I would love to make something like this but I am much better at crocheting than knitting. Think I need a lot more practice with the needles before I even start this project. Think there is a pattern out there for a crochet version?

While I'm usually not fond of knitting toys, this one would be great to add to an owl collection - he just seems to have personality.

Super duper cute!!!!

I love this! I've always been afraid of knitting stuffed animals but this looks so easy and cute! :)

This is SO cute.....my kids would love this as a new little toy!

I certainly would knit this lovely little owl, hoping that while I am knitting I would become as wise as that beautiful bird. But, first I would knit it white to be true to our snow owl, which is my favorite owl. Then I would knit a black one so the white owl would'nt be lonely. I may make one in variegated yarn and call him Zoom Zoom for my friend Ghyslaine, a retiered vet who collects owls. Louise LeBlanc Deux-Montagnes Qubec

"Whooooo's" the cutest project for owl lovers? Really adorable for anyone who loves our wise 'ol friends.

This owl is so cute, my daughter graduated from Bryn Mawr college and the owl is the mascot for the school. I will knit this one for her.

ahh he is soooooo cute! love those great big eyes!

Perfect timing... I have a granddaughter who loves owls, and happily she loves everything her grandmother knits or crochets for her. I'm getting out the needles, I have the yarn. Off to work on him right away! Thanks so much, you've made a little girl quite happy, I'm sure.

This little guy is so cute. I can't wait to start working on him. My granddaughters want one and to give some to their friends.

ohhh!!!!!that little owl is so wootiful....he looks like he should be sitting on a tree branch.....

This is the cutest owl ever! Can't wait to make this in many fun colors.Thanks for this fun and easy pattern. From one owl lover to another,Diane

I think he's adorable and anyone would be happy to get him. Would be cute sitting around in the house somewhere.

This little hand made piece is very beautiful! That was very creative of you to knit an owl. It is cute and adorable. I would love to win this. Thanks for sharing this.

Cute owl just right for the grandkids. Will see how many I can get done. Only need 6. Another excuse to get more yarn..

I think this little owl is just too adorable and would be a great practice piece to try because it's not very big. I also think any child would love it!

This cute little owl would make a great accessory for someone who collects owls, any teen, or child. I think it would be a fun project to work on.


Toot cute!!

Such a lil cutie! I'll have to try to squeeze this into my knitting list of must-dos...

What a great looking owl. I would love to make it for my little grandson! Thanks for the pattern.

What a CUTE little owl!!! Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing this adorable pattern with us!! Blessings to you!

I want to knit this cute little owl soooo bad. This is perfect for the halloween season too! I love the round body and big eyes. Wonderful!

Awwwwww. I love this! Too bad my Ulnar Tunnel syndrome won't let me make it this year. But I'm putting it on my list for next year. Super cute!!!!!

Such a cute little guy! I work in a school, and I definitely could see him sitting on a teacher's desk! Only problem will be if I make one...I will have to make more!!!

This is the cutest little owl! Funny coincidence too, because I just saw live owls at my mall today and wanted one so much. Now I can have my own owl!

Funny coincidence, last night I was trying to find a stray kitty that ran from the yard when we let the dogs out. Every time I called " kitty kitty" I was answered by "whoooooooo" from an owl. Then today, I see this cutie, does he have a kitty friend. I feel I should try to make both.

He is very cute with his big eyes.

So cute! I'd make in a heartbeat!

Put a little graduation cap on this little owl for the perfect graduation gift or decoration! Really cute. I will be using this pattern. Thanks.

I love the little black owl I will definitely be making him . Thanks for the great patterns keep up the good work Louise

Everyone should have an owl in their library. This pattern will do perfectly. Thanks for the pattern.

My friend doesn't collect owls but she does go CRAZY for them. I'm sure she'd love to get this for her birthday. =D

My friend doesn't collect owls but she does go CRAZY for them. I'm sure she'd love to get this for her birthday. =D

My friend collects owls. This is an easy pattern that I will do for her Christmas gift. Thank you

What a cute little owl!!! My mother-in-law collects owls & would LOVE this!!!! Thanks for the patterns!

What about to pension off the old penguin to put this cute OWL, over the refrigerator? Will be merry Kss...

Absol-hoot-ly adorable !!! I can not wait to make this for my daughter ! She loves owls and i am sure will love this big eyed guy ! Thank you !

The Owl is adorable. Friend is a teacher and she is doing her baby's room in Blue with Black trim. This is the Perfect Unique Gift. Thank you!

This little black owl would be a great gift for a nature lover!

I think I will make this owl

Love it. I think if I make it bigger, my dougther can use it as her pillow..

This owl makes me smile every time I see it. I can't wait to knit it.

Yes I would knit this owl. Any child would know what it is, and have fun playing with it. I know adults who would like it also.

My adult daughter is addicted to owls, so I will use this for sure! Thank so much!

This is very cute! My niece would like this with her other collection! Thanks for adding this to all the great animal knitting you always have!

With three kids aged 4 and under, I can't imagine a scenario that this owl wouldn't be welcome in my home.

Very cute. Going to make this as a Halloween door accent/air Freshener by filling it with used dryer sheets, whole cloves & cinnamon & dried orange peels. By hanging it from the knob the movement will refresh the fragrance. Thanks.

I love quick projects! This little owl would make a swell beanbag for a halloween party beanbag toss!

I was trying to decide what to use my black yarn for--crow or owl, but this little guy made up my mind!

OMG, he is sooo adorable!!! I think this is my next knitting project!!!!!

I think this is a darling project and especially for the Halloween season. He would be a beautiful toy to give to a child, or cute just sitting on the bookshelf or end table for a seasonal decoration. I think kids would just love them.

This is so cute! My grandkids love to carry little guys like these around. I can hardly wait to knit one for each of them.

Too Cute!! I am definately going to make this one!

I think this cute owl would look adorable with a cape in orange or red maybe.

This is really cute. I am see it sitting on a table with some pumpkins and other Halloween decorations.

This is so cute. I think I am going to try to make i! Thanks

This would make a terrific Halloween decoration, especially if you made a few in large/medium/small versions. Could be for a table centrepiece, window dressing or on the porch with the jack-o-lanterns. Also, you could make a lovely white owl for the Harry Potter fans!

Although I like this pattern I would be inclined to use safety eyes instead of buttons for the eyes in case a small child got hold of it. I would also knit it in brown for an ordinary own or white for a barn owl. Whatever colour is used it is a great little toy.

I well knit lovely owl in my own brown alpaca wool

I want to turn him into a cup cover and put him in my craft room to hold my needles and hooks!!! :)

So many projects to knit and so little time...

So cute I will have to add him to my to do list.

He is such a HOOT. Maybe felt him a little and use for a pincushion.

This owl is so cute! It would make a great gift for a child or for someone who collects owls. I have a granddaughter that I know would lay this owl on her pillow at night...lol

I would definately knit this little guy but in browns like our native owls. You can't have too much wildlife around your home!

I would definately knit this little guy but in browns like our native owls. You can't have too much wildlife around your home!

I think this would make a great gift for a child! And what a wonderful contest - books & yarn!

I think he is adorable. I would definitely knit him. I have a friend who's nursery is owl themed and she would just love him!

It looks very easy to make even though I am not very good on dpns I will be trying this one out. I really like this little guy

I love this cute owl and would like to have a lucky chance to make it for free! If only I would be lucky enough! Lewisburg, TN

It's so cute that I clicked the link to download the pattern . . . and found a treasure. This weekend I will be making an owl, a grumpasaurus, and a minion for each of my grandchildren, ages 2 -21!

This cute little ow woould be great as part of a Halloween decoration on the front steps (or back steps) as well as making a window display using the owl in black or dark grey, mini pumpkins,gourds and hanging spiders and cobwebs. After the season is finished, then it can be a young ones toy or bed-buddies! Talk about multi-purpose!!!

HOOT HOOT!!!!! This would be perfect in my little granddaughter, McKinley's owl-themed nursery1!!!!

What a cutie! I can see making three of them and lining them up in a window for all of fall as well as for Halloween. by lmdrzewucki

I love this owl! It reminds me of BadMatzru (sp?) from the Hello Kitty line. Very cute!

My Granddaughter name is Quinn and her theme for her is Owls so when I can I make something with owls on it and I thik the little black halloween owl is adorable

like everyone says,he is so cute, any chance of a pattern for two needles please? cheers, Marilyn.

This little owl will be a great addition to halloween decorations. Thank you for allowing me to try it. Georgette

I love this little guy! I usually like critters made in "natural" colours, but I see this adorable little guy made in cheerful colours with decorative stitching. I have so many ideas!

I'd like to try this in other colors, such as brown and tan, or in all white for Harry Potter fans.

What a cute little owl! I'll surely make it for my grandson. Tricots calins

He is sooooooooooooooo cute! I am going to have to make a few for my neighbor's little girls.

He's adorable! Have to make 3 for the grands.

Oh, what big eyes you have! better to see you on Halloween Night!!! May even try to make a Black Halloween cat with this pattern!

My son loves owls. This will make a great gift for him. It's adorable!!

What a cute Snuggly for Hallowe'en - Should knit up pretty quickly! Thanks for the pattern.

Hoot, hoot, I'm super cute! Love this little black owl, can't wait to make it for my kids : )

This owl is adorable!!!! I'll have to make one for my daughter!

Love it and so easy. I love to do double point needle projects!!!!

Love the Owl. He will help get my double pointed needle skills back. Love making toys for church craft sales.

Must have Owl in every color!!

its a real cutie...learning how to knit on dbl pointed needles, should be easy enough to do. owls are popular this year.

What a Hoot,so cute!

I saw this owl, and I thought of all the grads that I will have in my family next year. It seems that all of my neices and nephews are garduating at the same time. This owl and an envelope of cash would be a welcome present. I think I will make one for my sons preschool teacher as well.

Oh my, I love it. I have not used double pointed needles for a long time, but I am going to try this pattern.

My daughters LOVE owls! I will likely make these for stocking stuffers...maybe in a variety of colors! Thank you!

Love the little black owl. Can't wait to make some for gifts. Betty

The perfect "Wise One" to oversee all knitting and crochet projects!

I am always looking for something quick to knit. The owl is perfect!

What a great pattern! I love the doorstop idea :-)

I'll knit these in sock yarn to make a little owl garland for my kitchen. Super cute.

Although I have never knitted any animals/toys, be assured that this will be my 1st. How cute is he to be added to a child's collection or in fall decorations. Adorable! Thanks...

Mr. Owl is too cute. I think he would be even cuter with a pair of wire rimmed glasses. He would be a great addition to anyone's Halloween collection. I'm a new knitter and I think I'll try to knit him just because he's so very sweet.

Love to knit this for my kitty with a little cat nip in side, after all it is a bird!

I would love to make these as door stops by filling a small bag with gravel and adding it to the stuffing just before closing.

What a sweet way to break into animal knitting! I love that he actually sits/stands up and his face is very sweet.

I haven't knitted any animals yet, only crochet'd. This looks like a cute one to start with.

I just love to knit toys, I will have to add this cute little guy to my collection. Thanks for sharing. alexsamu6128628

so cute and easy! Is there a bear pattern?

What a great project! I can see this as good for a newborn to look at faces. Also a good project to use up leftover bulky yarn!

Awsome-and can change up colors for brown owl or white owl! So pattern not only for a helloween deco! A must do especially for those that collect owls and birds!

Can't wait to start knitting up these little owls as part of Christmas gifts for my great-grandchildren. I have five to do. Wish me luck everyone.!

It makes me want to say, "Give A Hoot - Don't Pollute!"

This would make a darling little throw pillow.

This is adorable! I totally would knit it!

So cute!! My daughter collects owls - so this is a must-do project! :-)

I have this owl in my to-do list. I like owls and can see this one in many colors and sizes.

Great for my sister who collects owl themed items!

Cute! This is more than a Halloween owl; imagine it with a graduation cap and school colored accents.

This owl is tooooooo cute. I also plan to make it in the near future. Thank you.

I can think of two or three or four or 20 people that would enjoy this little cutie! Thanks for the pattern. I can't wait to start my own little family of WHOOTERS.

The Owl is not only appropriate for Halloween, but teachers could use them in the classroom. They could be made in the school colors (elementary schools all have a school mascot and colors). These could be used as incentives for the children to take home and "take care of" if they do something special. Like if they do well on the spelling test; or improve they conduct, writing, math. The list goes on and on. My grandson's Kindergarten teacher uses a teddy bear, but how about an owl that has been a symbol for wisdom for so long. Enjoy and I hope you want to knit this little fellow as much as I do. Deborah

Very nice-maybe make 2 or 3 in Different colors. This could be displayed any time of year-ty DebbyC

When I'll come back home (I an going to clinical for 2 months), this owl will be MY first decorative toy!

tooknit toowoo love this little chap wouldnt he be great filled with sand and used as a door stop

a real cutie-both kids and adults will like him.

What a neat guy to make and put with the pumpkins. Thank you.

Owls seem to be more and more popular, and what a cutie! I would definately want to knit this little guy!

I watched Molly and McGee - live cam on UStream - they live in San Marcos CA and also Dale and Roy who live in Chula Vista CA. Barnowls - that's them!! Fun for children to watch ...

He is very cute, thans for the pattern

He's adorable. I love knitting stuffed animals and now I have another pattern to add to my list.

Very cute owl. Looks simple to make.

This is one of the better owl patterns I have seen. It would be great with glow in the dark felt for the eyes and it could even be made for the outside if knit in black plarn (cut up black garbage bags)

He is so cute. He will make a great Christmas ornament.

I love this owl. would like it in other colors!

Whooooooo wouldn't love this little guy.

I've recently started collecting owl patterns, and this one will go to the top of my list.

This little owl is so sweet looking, everybody will love him, I like to knit or crochet animals they are so very wonderful and the kids love them.

What a precious owl and the instructions look sooo easy. I think it will make wonderful toys for small children--so life like and just cute. Thank you for this great pattern.

I love this tiny little owl. It could be used as a decoration on a package or the Christmas tree. I would like to try it with googly eyes. If giving one to a younger child I would probably try to knit the eyes in white and black and the nose in orange so there would be nothing to chew off. (Using a chart) Alternatively they could be embroidered. Versatile pattern.

so nice to see a Knit owl pattern. Too Cute!

I have been collecting and making owls for over 50 years. They are embroidered, needlepoint, crochet and knitted. Your black owl is so cute. I think that they would make great little gifts for children in hospitals.

I love this little owl; so uncomplicated to knit but really realistic.

This owl is cute. This would be a good base shape to make a huddle of penguins for Christmas. In red for cardinals, in blue with black and white for jays, tan and red for robins. Bright pink for a flamingo. In yellow with a little fluff an Easter chick comes to mind. You'd be able to make a whole flock of fine feathered friends with this pattern. I can't wait to get started.

This cute little owl is really a "HOOT"!! Can't wait to make him for my littlest grandson....he is number five and soooo sweet. If you ask him what the owl says.....he will hoot,hoot for you.

My husband is an avid bird watcher, so I will probably make this for him for Christmas - he will be very surprised!

Very cute. I may have to knit one for my daughter and another for my nephew. =)

Adorable, I can't wait to make this pattern.

I LOVE this pattern!!!!

I love this little owl! I just began collecting owls after seeing a mother Barred Owl teaching one of her baby owls to fly - and it was in broad daylight! I used my binoculars to watch them; became fascinated with them; and decided to collect them. A knit one would be very special and I'm going to add this to my que!!

I make something owl-themed every Christmas for one of my neighbors. This is perfect for her collection. Thanks, Shari

It's cute. Could be a child's toy, cat toy, coin purse.

This owl is just adorable. I will probably make it sometime soon. I just love the shape and this owl and that adorable face. Thanks for such a beautiful pattern.

Cute and simple. Great to see adorable animals on the site.

How cute!! I think I'll make a whole flock!!

Love it have already added to my favs. For after chirstmas wips :)

I don't think I'll knit this owl bag. Cute, but not for me.

I love your owl. My neice used owls in her daughters room. I will make this owl but probably in an off white or brown color. Black wouldn't match. I would love to win the book that you are giving away. Thanks for the owl pattern!

This is a super cute owl. I just learned how to knit so this will be a nice challenge to try and get to the next level of knitting. Plus my little sister loves owls so this would make a great gift.


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