Little Lady Knit Booties


Little Lady Knit Booties


Little Lady Knit Booties

If you have a little girl on the way you absolutely have to knit her these Little Lady Knit Booties. The adorable pink ribbon that matches the precious flower adornments are just too cute to handle! Instill in your baby a love of shoes from the moment she's born with these baby booties. If you're not a fan of the pink, or you're looking to make a pair for a baby boy, try making the shoes without the ribbons and the flowers. Alternatively, if you'd like to make them in a different color, they would look just as cute with a blue or yellow ribbon.


Knitting Needle Size2 or 2.75 mm, 3 or 3.25 mm, Double-Pointed Knitting Needles (DPNs)

Yarn Weight(1) Super Fine (27-32 stitches to 4 inches)

Gauge1 stitches, 2 rows, 3 inches. stockinette stitch


  • Regia 4-ply, 50g each
    • #02143 mottled linen
    • #02070 mottled wood
  • An oddment Regia 4-ply in #01976 rose.
  • Five Milward 2-3mm double-pointed needles
  • One blunt embroidery needle
  • 1m pink organza ribbon 7mm wide.



alt = alternate/ly

altog = altogether

ch = chain

cm = centimetres

cont = continue

dec = decrease

foll = follow/ing

g = grams

inc = increase

K = knit

LH = left-hand

m = meters

mm = millimetres

P = purl

patt = pattern

rem = remaining/remainder

rev st-st = reversed stocking stitch

RH = right-hand

RS = right side

sep = separately

st(s). = stitch(es)

st-st = stocking stitch

tbl = through back of loop

tog = together

WS = wrong side


Gauge: On 2-3mm needles and garter stitch 30 sts and 60 rows; in st-st 30 sts and 42 rows each to 10cm.


Garter stitch: knit all rows; in rounds alt knit 1 round, purl 1 round.

Stocking stitch: knit RS rows; purl WS rows.


Cable pattern: no of sts mult of 6:


In rounds

Round 1: * P1, K4, P1, rep from * throughout.

Round 2: * P1, cross 2 to the right = insert needle into 2nd st in front of 1st st and K1, then knit 1st st, then cross 2 to the left: insert needle into 2nd st at back of 1st st and K1, then K 1st st, P1, rep from * .

Rep rounds 1-2 throughout for patt.


In rows

RS rows: * P1, cross 2 to the right, cross 2 to the left, P1, rep from * .

WS rows: work sts as they appear. Rep these 2 rows throughout.


Start with sole at heel. With mottled linen cast on 10 sts and work garter stitch in rows; at the same time make 1 knitways tbl at each end of every 2nd row 2 times, 1 st on 4th foll row once beside each edge st on either side = 16 sts.

When work measures 7.5cm dec at each end 1 st once, then 1 st on 4th row once, 1 st on 2nd row once (= K2 tog beside each edge st on either side) = 10 sts, leave all sts on a holder.

Length of sole measures about 8.5cm. Now work in rounds, start of round is at centre heel, mark this position. With mottled wood and starting at centre heel pick up to the sts on the holder another 28 sts, work the 10 sts off holder in patt and pick up another 28 sts = 66 sts.

Arrange sts as foll: 18 sts each on Needles 1 and 4, 15 sts each on Needles 2 and 3. Work 5 rounds in garter stitch. Cont with mottled linen; before 1st round move round change to between Needles 1 and 2.

Cont as foll: knit 1 round, 6 rounds Cable Patt, then leave the 30 sts on Needles 2 and 3 on a holder and  in open rows for leg. When leg measures 7.5cm work another 6 rows garter stitch with mottled wood, then cast off all sts.

To the 30 sts on the holder at centre front pick up with mottled wood 17 sts across each side edge of leg and work 5 rows garter stitch over all 64 sts. Cont with mottled linen; work in garter stitch over the 4 outer stitches on either side and in st-st over the 56 centre sts.

At the same time start to dec on 3rd row as foll: K17, K2 tog 7 times, K2, K2 tog 7 times, K17 = 50 sts.

Row 5: K17, K2 tog 8 times, K17 = 42 sts.

Row 7: K17, K2 tog 4 times, K17 = 38 sts.

Row 9: arrange 19 sts each on 2 needles, turn work, and on WS of bootie hold both needles parallel tog and knit 1 off front needle tog with 1 off back needle throughout, casting off sts in the process. Darn away yarn tail.

Turn bootie again.

With rose embroider 6 flowers each with 5 lazy daisy sts and one French knot at the centre, see photo.

Work both booties alike.

Thread about 25cm organza ribbon through about 4cm from upper edge beside the garter ribs on either side and make into a bow, see photocont over rem 36 sts on Needles 1 and 4 in Cable Patt.

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is there a tutorial on YouTube for these instructions P1, cross 2 to the right = insert needle into 2nd st in front of 1st st and K1, then knit 1st st, then cross 2 to the left insert needle into 2nd st at back of 1st st and K1, then K 1st st, P1, rep from

Hi, lovely bootees. Sorry if I'm being dim, but can you explain to me which size needles are used? I can't make sense of it! Thank you )

Excuse me, but you might want to recheck the gauge you included in the write-up.


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