Sparky's Favorite Knit Sweater


Sparky's Favorite Knit Sweater

This dog sweater knitting pattern is much easier to knit than you might think!

Some of our pups have thick, luscious fur coats, but some of them aren't that lucky. When man's best friend starts shivering in the cold, it's man's job to make him Sparky's Favorite Knit Sweater. This basic sweater pattern is available in sizes small to extra-large, making it perfect for a pooch of any size. You spoil all of your favorite humans with knit goodies, so it's time to treat your furbabies the same way by learning how to make dog sweaters. Besides, you know Sparky would do the same for you, if he had thumbs.


Knitting Needle Size6 or 4 mm, 8 or 5 mm, Circular Knitting Needles

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Gauge18 sts and 24 rows = 4 ins [10 cm] in stockinette st with larger needles.

Finished SizeS (M-L-XL). To fit dog chest measurement: 10 (13-16-24) ins [25.5 (33-40.5-61) cm].

Materials List

  • Bernat® Super Value (Solids: 197 g/7 oz) (389 m/426 yds) #53044 (True Grey) - 1 (1-1-2) ball(s) OR Ombres (251 m/275 yds) / Twists (280 m/307 yds) 142 g/5 oz - 1 (1-2-2) ball(s)
  • Bernat® Berella 4 (Solids: 100 g/3.5 oz) (197 m/216 yds) 2 (2-2-3) ball(s) OR Ombres (85g / 3oz) (150m / 165 yds) 2 (2-3-4) ball(s)
  • Size 5 mm (U.S. 8) knitting needles. Size 4 mm (U.S. 6) circular knitting needle 36 ins [90 cm] long or size needed to obtain gauge.
  • Set of four size 4 mm (U.S. 6) double-pointed knitting needles.


The instructions are written for smallest size. Larger sizes follow in ( ).
With larger needles, cast on 40 (46-58-82) sts. Knit 5 rows, inc 4 sts evenly across last row. 44 (50-62-86) sts. Proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st at each end of needle on 3rd and every row to 50 (60-72-104) sts, then on following alt rows to 54 (68-82-122) sts. Purl 1 row.

Next row
: (RS). K5 (5-7-11). Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. K36 (46-56-80) (including st on needle after cast off). Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. Knit to end of row.
Note: All Leg sections are worked at the same time using separate balls of yarn for each section.
Beg with a purl row, work 1 (1½-1½-2½) ins [2.5 (4-4-6) cm] instocking st, ending with purl row.
Joining row:K5 (5-7-11). Cast on 4 (6-6-10) sts. K36 (46-56-80). Cast on 4 (6-6-10) sts. Knit to end of row. 54 (68- 82-122) sts.
Cont even until work after neckband measures 5 (6½-8-11) ins [12.5 (16.5-20.5-28) cm], ending with purl row. Place marker at each end of last row.
Cast off 6 (7-9-13) sts beg next 2 rows.42 (54-64-96) sts.
Next row:(RS). Sl1. K1. psso. Knit to last 2 sts. K2tog.
Next row: Purl. Rep last 2 rows to 26 (36-42-66) sts.
Cont even until work after neckband measures 10 (12½-15½-21) ins [25.5 (32-39.5-53.5) cm], ending with purl row. Leave sts on a spare needle.

Place markers along cast on edge on 6th (7th-9th-10th) st from each edge. (RS). Pick up and knit 29 (33-41-63) sts between markers along cast on edge. Purl 1 row.
Next row: (RS). K14 (16-20-31). M1. K1 (place marker on center st). M1. Knit to end of row.
Next row:K3. Purl to last 3 sts. K3.
Next row: Knit to center marked st. M1. Knit marked st. M1. Knit to end of row. Rep last 2 rows 4 (5-7-9) times more. 39 (45-57-83) sts. Cont even until hood measures 5 (5½-6½-7½) ins [12.5 (14-16.5-19) cm], ending with a purl row. Cast off. Fold cast off edge in half and sew hood seam.
(RS). With circular needle pick up and knit 33 (37-51-67) sts along body from marker to back. K26 (36-42-66) from spare needle, dec 1 st at center. Pick up and knit 33 (37-51-67) sts along opposite side of body to marker. 91 (109-141-197) sts. Do not join in rnd. Knit 8 rows. Cast off. Sew neck and belly seam.
(RS). With double-pointed needles, pick up and knit 23 (29-32-38) sts around leg opening. Divide sts evenly on 3 needles. Join in rnd, placing a marker on first st. Work 8 rnds in garter st. Cast off.

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I am in the process of making this sweater but have run into a problem. I am to the point where I cast off for the leg openings. I have completed that row but don't know if I should continue knitting the rest of the sweater or stop and do the legs. Can you please help me with this? Thanks so much!

Can someone shed some light on what part of this sweater we are knitting in the first portion? Is it from the neck to the legs or the rear to the legs? I'm a novice and trying to figure out the correct number of stitches for my dog, as well as how this fits together.

This pattern is worked from the neck down.

Im busy with this cute doggy sweater - please may i ask for clarification at the leg openings where i have BO 6 stitches for the size im doing - do i now pick up these 6 BO stitches and knit each leg using a separate ball of yarn? Thnaks so much Sharon

I am a self taught knitter so probably missing some basic skills. I would love to attempt this sweater but am stumped in the very first row. Hoping for some guidance. The instruction does not say to join rounds at any point that I can determine. Is this assumed and if so, in the first row? Thanks for any assistance.

If you read through the pattern, you will find that you are instructed after the pieces are knit to sew seams, this means that the sweater is knit flat, not in the round, my best advice is to never assume anything in knitting and always read through the entire pattern before starting it.

I consider myself to be an intermediate knitter, and I agree that the instructions are oddly worded, but I used this pattern to make my first garment and it worked out all right. As far as garments go, I do think this is a simple pattern with minimal shaping that still turned out to be pretty adorable. I did make a test run first before creating the actual item (it was a gift, so I wanted to make sure it turned out all right) and the pattern does run small, so be sure to measure your work against the dog you're making it for.

I am in no way a new knitter. I knit colorwork and cables but I give up on this pattern. It's worded oddly. I tried copying it so all the ads weren't in the way and I just don't want to try and spend anymore time on this.

got to the leg openings and then unable to figure out the separate balls of yarn part and tore the entire thing out and searching for a better pattern. Very disappointed and frustrated.

Using separate balls of yarn to work different sections of a pattern is not uncommon in knitting. This is the easiest dog sweater available online, so finding a "better pattern" is unlikely, it would be better for you to work on your knitting skills, than to blame the pattern and leave such a negative review of it.

If I were to rewrite the pattern instructions, I would state at the top that you need to wind two additional balls of yarn from your main skein to complete the leg openings. For my medium sweater, I needed two additional balls of 10 g (0.25 - 0.5 ounces), one for each leg. If you get to that point in the pattern without having done that up front, you can pull from the opposite end of your skein to create them. I encourage you to give this pattern another try -- the results are beautiful, and it knits up quickly. Makes a good Christmas gift for a dog parent that you can easily complete within one week.

This is an adorable doggo sweater, however, the pattern instructions are poorly written and yes, this should be for an intermediate knitter mostly because you really need to be able to read between to the lines and make up for the deficient instructions in order to be successful in this project. A beginner knitter would have a difficult time understanding the instructions.

Hi, I love Sparky's sweater with the hood and want to make one for my Opal. She is quite barrel chested - closer to 30" at the deepest, than 24" on your XL sizing. So I'm wondering if a little math makes sense here - for instance, diff between S L is 6". so does it make sense to add the difference in stitches between S L to the stitches listed for XL, to produce a XXL? Like cast on 100 stitches S=40 L=58, diff of 18 add 18 to 82=100? thanks so much

Yes, that is absolutely what you would do to size the pattern up.

I am struggling to complete this. Got to leg opening and now to knit the legs. How many stitches in i cast on?

I'm an experienced knitter, and after reading through all instructions, I think this pattern should be marked Intermediate, not Easy.

I'm giving up on this pattern. I can't figure that first instruction Proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st at each end of needle on 3rd and every row to 50 (60-72-104) sts, then on following alt rows to 54 (68-82-122) sts. If there were a few more guidelines, clarifications and pictures, that would be great!

It's seems pretty clear that you start increasing 1 stitch each end of the row beginning with the 3rd row until you have 50 (60-72-104) stitches, then on the next alternate rows to 54(68-82-122) stitches. This is pretty standard format for pattern writing and seems pretty straight forward. Your initial increase occurs on every row from the 3 rd row until the required stitches are achieved, then the following increases occur on alternate rows.

What a cute little sweater for your best friend. I love the hood also. My thought on this pattern if you don't have a dog. Why not work several and donate to a Humane Society or local rescue to go home with a dog that is heading to his forever life? I think that would be very special. I think I will make up a few. I love to donate my work. It makes me feel really good and people love to be thought of.

Can the legs be made with the same yarn as the rest of the sweater? I think Bernat Berella 4 was discontinued.

It looks like the holes for the legs are going to be too small. Am I supposed to purl over the cast off stitches?

If you think they'll be too small for your pup, you could try picking up extra stitches to make the hole a bit larger.

I'm not sure I entirely understand the directions really, from the part where I cast off for the feet. Could you explain it a little for me? Thank you

What better way to show love to your doggy kids than to make a sweater. I don't have a dog but if I did this would be my go-to pattern. Maybe I can do some doggy charity knitting. -)


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