Horseshoe Cable Blanket


Horseshoe Cable Blanket

Get ready for extreme comfort with the Horseshoe Cable Blanket. Knit with super bulky yarn on size 11 needles, this knitted blanket pattern is the ultimate movie night accessory for both working on and cuddling up under once you finish. The gorgeous cable knitting detail running the length of this blanket knitting pattern make it a timeless and elegant design you will love for years to come.  Perfect for blustery days and stormy nights, this knit blanket pattern is sure to warm you up and melt all of those problems away.


Knitting Needle Size11 or 8 mm, Circular Knitting Needles

Yarn Weight(6) Super Bulky/Super Chunky (4-11 stitches for 4 inches)

Gauge9 stitches, 12 rows, 4 inches. stockinette stitch


  • Blanket (300 g/10.5 oz;234 m/258 yds) - Main Color (MC) Taupe (10029) - 5 balls
  • Size U.S. 11 (8 mm) circular knitting needle 36" [90 cm] long or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Cable needle


9 sts and 12 rows = 4" [10 cm] in stocking st.


Approx 54" x 61" [137 x 155 cm].


Approx = Approximately
Beg = Beginning
C6B = Slip next 3 stitches onto cable needle and leave at back of work. K3, then K3 from cable needle.
C6F = Slip next 3 stitches onto cable needle and leave at front of work. K3, then K3 from cable needle.
Cont = Continue(ity)
K = Knit
K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together
M1 = Make 1 stitch by picking up horizontal loop lying before next stitch and knitting into back of loop.
P = Purl
Pat = Pattern
Rem = Remaining
Rep = Repeat
St(s) = Stitch(es)
RS = Right side
WS = Wrong side



Cable Panel (worked over 24 sts).
1st row: (RS). (P1. K1) twice. P2. K12. P2. (K1. P1) twice.
2nd row: (K1. P1) twice. K2. P12. K2. (P1. K1) twice.
3rd row: (K1. P1) 3 times. K12. (P1. K1) 3 times.
4th row: (P1. K1) 3 times. P12. (K1. P1) 3 times.
5th to 8th rows: Rep 1st to 4th rows.
9th and 10th rows: Rep 1st and 2nd rows.
11th row: (K1. P1) 3 times. C6B. C6F. (P1. K1) 3 times.
12th row: As 4th row. These 12 rows form Cable Panel.
BLANKET: Cast on 106 sts.
Do not join. Working back and forth across needle in rows, proceed as follows:
1st row: (RS). K4. *P2. K2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.
2nd row: *K2. P2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2. Rep last 2 rows (K2. P2) ribbing with garter edges for 4” [10 cm], ending on a 1st row.
Next row: (WS). K2. (Rib across 8 sts. M1) twice. Rib across 26 sts. (M1. Rib across 8 sts) twice. Rib across 26 sts. (M1. Rib across 8 sts) twice.
Rib to last 2 sts. K2. 112 sts.
Proceed in pat as follows:
1st row: (RS). K2. [Work 1st row Cable Panel. P2. (K2. P2) 4 times] twice. Work 1st row Cable Panel. K2.
2nd row: K2. [Work 2nd row Cable Panel. K2. (P2. K2) 4 times] twice. Work 2nd row Cable Panel. K2.
These 2 rows form ribbing between Cable Panels. Cable Panels are now in position.
Cont in pat for 57” [144.5 cm] total length, ending on a 9th row of Cable Panel.
Next row: (WS). Pat across 4 sts. [(Work 2tog. Pat across 7 sts)
twice. Pat across 26 sts] twice. (Work 2tog. Pat across 7 sts) twice. Pat to end of row. 106 sts.
1st row: (RS). K4. *P2. K2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.
2nd row: *K2. P2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.
Rep last 2 rows for 4” [10 cm], ending on a 2nd row. Cast off in pat.

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This pattern is confusing me, So am i supposed to follow the 1st 2nd row ribbing pattern to go along with the cable pattern instructions. I am confused

No, the pattern specifies exactly which stitch pattern to use between the cable patterns.

Please help me with this pattern. It is kicking my butt. I am at 11th row of the cable pattern. where (K1, P1) 3 times, C6B, C6F, (P1, K1) 3 times I have 112 stitches across and not sure how this can add up. Please write out the instructions for this row or send me a revised pattern. PLEASE HELP! email GMT

I haven't tried this horseshoe cable stitch yet and this blanket pattern makes me want to give it a try! It looks like it would be very comfy using the Bernat Blanket yarn (super bulky weight). That yarn comes in a lot of shades so you could make it as a gift for someone's living room or bedroom.

What stunning pattern, I just love the cable stitch, it always looks so well! I have yet to make a blanket, I alway thought they looked harder than they might be, but I need something warm and heavy to pop over myself when I'm lying on the couch and I think this blanket might be it, has anyone tried it? How long do blankets normally take to knit?

I love cables and have never heard of horseshoe cables before. They look interesting! I will wait till the pattern is fixed before I start it.

http// == orseshoe-Cable-Blanket-from-Bernat - I want to knit the Horseshoe Cable Blanket. But according to the comments on the page for that afghan, there is confusion in the pattern. One Commenter has corrected the pattern and another Commenter has made a graph for that patten - I am not getting a response for my requests for the graph and corrections to the Horseshoe Cable Blanket. Please Can you Help? I hesitate to start the afghan if there is confusion and problems. My Email is - Thank You. Brenda Bernard Read more at http// == ernat-yarn-company#2A08QdxROarEokvZ.99

All of the confusion appears to be on the part of the knitters, who may not be ready for an intermediate pattern, no matter how well written it is. It is not the responsibility of anyone on this website to make corrections or changes to the pattern, that would be copyright infringement, only the designer can make corrections/changes, so any issues with the pattern should be directed to Bernat. Hope this helps someone, happy knitting.

How does a knitter get the corrected Row by Row pattern and graph of this Horseshoe Cable Afghan? I have been trying to get this pattern with no luck or response so far. Thanks.

I am also struggling with this pattern as well, would you kindly send me a copy of the written instructions -

Please send copy of written pattern.

do you have a full written out copy of this pattern? row by row? If so, could you please email it to me. I am stumped right now.

Ok it is 34 not 36 sts between each M1.

I have studying this pattern. If you start with two less stitches I think it will work out. You are logically doing two increases in each horseshoe pattern. I just adjusted the pattern as I went. I don't believe the increase row will work out perfectly. It should be 36 not 26. I did this on paper but easier to count out ribs and increase inside each horseshoe by doing it K2-M1-K8- M1-K2. Each horseshoe is 12 stitches. I hope this helps. It is very frustrating and confusing. I think adding the increases as you go is the best way to do it.

Hello, I see that you have a written up a copy of this pattern that is easier to read along with a graph. Would you kindly email me a copy. Thank you!

Hello, I would also appreciate a copy of your written and corrected pattern and graph, please. My email is Thank You, So Much in Advance.

Please send me your corrected pattern and graph. Thank you in advance!

Opps..... My email is Again, Thanks, in advance.

I'm confused about the garter edge of this blanket. Is it included in the pattern or do we add it in. The pattern doesn't seem to have it.

The edging is just 2 sts. Each row starts as a knit 2. It is in the pattern.

I have finally figured out this pattern. I ended up graphing the entire pattern as the instructions are difficult to follow if you aren't a seasoned knitter! I am willing to share graph.

Are you willing to share the graph with me

Would you share the graph with me? Pattern is very confusing. Thank you.

Could you kindly share the graph with me as I am really struggling with the pattern

could you please share the graph with me? The instructions here are very confusing.

I have written out the pattern row by row. If anyone wants a copy.

I would greatly appreciate it. Finding the pattern as written very difficult.

Please could I have a copy. I am having difficulty with this pattern. Thank you!

Please could I have a copy. Thank you

I would love a copy of the row by row instructions. It is very confusing as written. Thank you!!!

Hello! Could you please email a copy of this to me. I am stumped where it says These 2 rows form ribbing between Cable Panels. Cable Panels are now in position? my email is Thank you!!

please, send me a copy of the written pattern. Thanks!

I would really appreciate a copy of your written out pattern row by row as you have done. Also, do you have a graph to follow for this pattern? Just getting back into knitting. Thanks You.

Hi, I am still waiting for your pattern. Please email to me. Very much appreciated. Do you have access to my email address on this site? Thanks.

If you still have the instructions I'd really appreciate if you would share them with me, this pattern is very confusing. Thanks!

Please share with me. I am stuck on Row 11 where cableing begins. email Gail T. Thanks so much.

Could you send the written out pattern please. Thank you

Please! I'd greatly appreciate it.

Please share the graph of this pattern with me also. Also, if you have the pattern written out I would appreciate the corrected written pattern. Thank You.

Would it be alright if I asked for the graph as well? If you still have it, I would really appreciate it! Thank you

I am very frustrated with this pattern. It is difficult to interpret the instructions once you get to the Next row (WS). I have graphed the pattern to no avail. Help someone?

I wrote out the pattern to get it. The cable pattern is different for the 12 rows. As for the pattern in between the cable pattern or the ribbing pattern, once in place you just repeat the pattern as you see it. This is easy. The edge is always K2 on each side for any row.

I am making this blanket but I don't know what the pattern is for the row that says Next row (WS). Pat across 4 sts. (Work 2tog. Pat across 7 sts) twice. Pat across 26 sts twice. (Work 2tog. Pat across 7 sts) twice. Pat to end of row. 106 sts. Can someone explain it to me please?

Laurwin31, did you ever receive a response? I am just starting this blanket and I am stumped by this row as well!

Did you figure this out? Im stuck here too

Where is this in the pattern? I have written this pattern out. I have made other comments above. If you need more help let me know.

Has anyone figured this out yet?! I am here now and cannot seem to get it.

Love this

Have you made this afghan, yet?


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