Knot Your Grandma's Cowl


Knot Your Grandma's Cowl

This sophisticated pattern oozes elegance and style. Great for a variety of ages, Knot Your Grandma's Cowl is knit beautifully with twisted, pretzel-like cables. The variation of the cables in this knit cowl pattern creates the gorgeous detail that you are going to adore the moment you slip the finished project on. It will quickly become a staple accessory in your wardrobe. Fall in love with cowl knitting patterns all over again. Just follow these simple scarf knitting instructions to create your own luxurious cowl.


Knitting Needle Size11 or 8 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Scarf measures approximately
36"/91.5cm long (circumference)


  • One pair size US 11 (8mm) knitting needles, or size to obtain gauge.
  • 2 small stitch holders
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch.Rock.Love. Sheep(ish) from Caron (70% Acrylic/30% Wool; 3oz/85g,167yds/153m) #0010 Camel(ish): 4 balls

In Stockinette stitch, 12 sts and 14 rows = 4"/10cm.

If you want a longer scarf, to wear in two loops instead of one, simply continue
knitting until piece measures 3 times as long (108"/274.5cm).


Using a double strand of yarn, CO 31 sts.
Row 1 (RS): [K2, p2] twice, k5, p5, k5, [p2, k2] twice.
Row 2: K the knit sts and p the purl sts.
Rows 3–10: Repeat Rows 1 and 2.
Row 11 (knot cable row): [K2, p2] twice. Make RH strip: Working back and forth over next 5 sts only (leave all other sts unworked for now), work 6 rows in St st (k on RS, p on WS); slip the 5 sts onto a stitch holder and allow strip to fall to front. Cut yarn. Slip next 5 sts onto a stitch holder and allow to fall to back.  Make LH strip: With RS facing, rejoin yarn. Working back and forth over next 5 sts only, work 6 rows in St st; leave sts on left hand needle.
Tie knot: With RS facing, cross RH strip in front of LH strip, then behind LH strip, and through the center opening (like tying a knot); allow RH strip to fall to the front.K5 from LH strip, p5 from 2nd stitch holder, k5 from RH strip (the RH strip is now the LH strip and vice-versa).[P2, k2] twice to complete row.
Row 12: K the knit sts and p the purl sts.
Repeat Rows 1–12 ten more times (for a total of eleven repeats).
Repeat Rows 1–6 once more.
Bind off.

If desired, block piece. Sew cast-on and bind-off edges together to create a
loop. Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.

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The knot was not easy at the beginning but once I got the hang of it, it was no problem.

I am trying to do the knot grandma's cowl but i don't understand how to do the tie knot. Will you please send me a video or a picture.

I've messaged the photo via facebook

Hi katenigel 9104033, Thanks so much! We'll look out for your comment there. :) -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

Well I am doing what is says for the tie knot bit and as it makes a knot assume it must be right. However feel it doesn't look like photo. I have a photo of what I have done so far but can't see how to get it to you

Hi katenigel 9104033, You can post it to our Facebook page or email it to us through customer service! We'll make this work :) -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I've started this and would like to see more pics as I get a knot when I follow instructions but can't see any on photo

Hi katenigel 9104033, Unfortunately there are no close-up images of the knot. Was there a specific part that you were having issues with? Hopefully we can help! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

I just started knitting this cowl today and I think there's a mistake in the pattern. Rows 1 and 2 (repeated 5 times) create seed stitch (or moss stitch as some call it). I can't see any seed stitching in the picture - it seems as though it's done in stockinette stitch (other than the cables). Am I doing something wrong or is there a mistake in the pattern? Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches (row 2) = seed stitch. Help?

The instructions refer to the stitches as they appear to you in the row you are working on, i.e. if it looks like a knit stitch, it should be knitted.

The directions say to cast on with a double strand. Do you knit the entire thing with a double strand?

Yes, it appears to be double stranded all the way through.

Yes, the instructions do not tell you to drop any yarn, so you would continue with the double strand.

A knitting pattern chart'd be much better!

I agree!

this cowl looks like interesting ladders so i would call it STEPPING UP HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY TO ALL

The No Scowl Cowl

Chained Melody Cowl (or unchained)

Elegant Autumn Cowl This looks so soft and beautiful!

Comfy Cable Cowl

Name? How about winter's twigs or twigs in winter? Jeanette

Hot Chocolate Cowl

Cozy and Chic Cowl or Wrapped in Warmth Cowl

Following Life's Paths

Snugged Nutella cowl

This cowl reminds me of a twisted butterscotch candy, so I will call it "twisted butterscotch wrap". Beautiful and Buttery!

How about Cozy Cable ???

Thanks for this lovely pattern. This should be called Elegant.


Cozy Cowl

Knotty Cable Luxury

Sumptuous Cable Cowl

I would call it Twist & Shout after "Chubby Checkers" song Love the patterns and have made many of them

Wicker Work Warmer. I am definitely going to knit this. Thank you for the pattern.Fabulous!

Twisted Lady

Perhaps "Captivating Cable Cowl?" Plus the alliteration is fun.

The Box link Cowl, would be a good name for this cowl. Paula

I'd name it cafe' caramel cowl

how about comfy cabled cowl

Cozy Chain Link Cowl

Lovely Layered Logs

I'd call it twisted sister

It looks like a "Sleeping Boa"

I'd love to call this the "CuddlCowl", looks so cuddly and warm! lhiro

I would call it Big Cozy Cables. And I want to make it :-)

Tree bark cowl

I would call this cowl "the ladder cowl".

I would call this Minks in the night

My suggestion for this adorable cowl is the Fuzzy br Vera Poggibr

"Glamorous Bear Hug" seems fitting........this cowl looks warm and cuddly as a soft teddy bear, and at the same time, it has the sofisticated lady look!!

Hi Everyone. I really love this. I would call it "Knot Your Grandma's Cowl."

This magnificent cowl reminds me of decorative knot which is often used in macrame called the "Turk's Head" as it is reminiscent of a sultan's turban -- splendidly grand, regal, oppulent, intricately composed, beautiful and intriguingly exotic! How 'bout naming it the Turk's Head Cowl.

This cowl reminds me of Cafe Dumonde in New Orleans and looks so classy it needs an appropriate name...'Cafe au Lait Cowl'

My suggestion is: Cowl-a-bonga!

How about "A Warm Hug." Seems appropriate. (But just between us, I think it looks like she has a boa constrictor around her neck.)

Beautiful! I would call it the "Pretzel Twist" :)

I LOVE it! How about "Cross My Heart Cowl"?

I would call it a Cozy Celtic Knot.

I will call it, :Sophistocated Bobble Cowl.

NAME : "Coiled Snake Cowl" Snug, Smooth & Tempting

Hi everybody, I would call this cowl "chains of Friendship" mostly because the color brown signifies "home" in which friends will always be invited.

It is beautiful and I would call it Classic Chain Lock Cowl. Blugram

Cool Cabled Cowl

I would call it My Enchanted Interself

I would call it "Twisted Heart" because worn like this it looks like a heart shape around the neck; or "Toasty Twist" because it looks warm and toasty.

My suggestions are: 'Shrug as a Bug' or 'Snug as a Bug in a Shrug'

Lots of knots. Really love this. First cowl pattern I am excited to do

I would name it the Classy Classic Cowl

This gorgeous cowl should be celebrated. It is warm and cuddly and elegant all at one time. I would name it "Cowl"er Me Gorgeous!

Simple Elegance - am sure that is how am going to feel wearing it. i can not wait to get started on making mine. i can see this in so softer colors for me and navy blue, black, or even a grey for my husband and son.

Twisted Sister Cowl

Milk Chocolate Fondue cowl

Love this cowl! Everyone should wear it, so my suggestion is to name it YOU'RE "COWLING" MY NAME!

I would name it the "elegante twist cowl" truely looks very elegante. I love this idea of naming a pattern - way to go !!

Chain Links Cowl. It actually made me think of the Elvis song "Let me be your teddy bear." ("Put a chain around my neck, and lead me anywhere.")

Chain Links Cowl. It actually made me think of the Elvis song "Let me be your teddy bear." ("Put a chain around my neck, and lead me anywhere.")

name it "love me Knot", submitted by Debbie Lohr

My name suggestion is tootsie roll cowl

I wouldname this cowl "Stepping Out" or "Twist and Go" I love all the patterns to choose from. I am in a knitting frenzee for birthdays and Christmas right now. I knit every spare moment and moments I should be doing something else! Keep up the good work. GrammyB

eterna cowl or eternity cowl

Hot Chocolate

I would call it all in a twist.

I think I would call it "The Chain Link Cowl" it's really lovely!!

I would call it the chocolate flake hug

How about "Roly Poly Cowl

I would call it the Cedar Bark Cowl

For some reason it reminds me of Kit Kat I'd call it the Kit Kat Cowl :)

The highs and lows the pattern creates reminds me of a beautiful "Garden Gate"

How about "Bagel Twist Cowl"

Coco Elegance

Walnut bark neck wrap

I LOVE THIS!!! I think it should be called the LOVE ME KNOT COWL!!!

Lincoln Logs Cowl.

Since this is a majestic looking cowl, I shall called it "The Queen of Palma Cowl".

The perfect name......"Chocolate Mousse" warm and yummy!! What more can I say.....LOL

I call it "Escher's Cowl" it looks like M.C. Escher's never-ending staircase...

Luxurious Links of Love Cowl

Looks like a bunch of logs to me. I would call it Log Roll Cowl.

My name for the lovely cowl is "Knotty Howling Cowl".

I would call this pattern "Cinnamon Twist"

Ho about The Treselated Cowl it could be in any colour Lynette

Should be "Noah's Ark Cowl"......Reminds me of pictures I've seen of the side of Noah's Ark....It looks warm and gorgeous..purladid

I would call this the "minked ribbed" cowl.

Name it "Knotty 'N' Nice".

I would this cowl Knoty Lines

I would call it COSY CABLE COWL

How now brown cowl.

I would name this gorgeous cowl "Hamptons Weekender".

Cobblestone Cowl.

I would name it basket weave as it reminds me of the basket weave I have in several of my Longaberger baskets. jan

Love the depth of those knots! How about "knot-sense" or "cable knottiness"?

I would name the pattern "All in knots".

Suggested name: Icing on the Cake Cowl

I suggest the name: Luvnhugs Cowl!

I think "Ladder Link Cowl" suits it perfectly! The horizontal bars look like steps on a ladder, and it all looks obviously "linked" together in the cowl shape. TaDa! - Molly G

Kind of reminds me of a how about 'twisted pretzel' cowl?

I like "Tied Up in Knots Cowl".

I like "Tied Up in Knots Cowl".

I like "Tied Up in Knots Cowl".

I like "Tied Up in Knots Cowl".

I would name this "forever chocolate"

How about Knot my Cables Cowl?

I would call this cowl: Snugglie Winter Cowl...

How about the Woven Wicker Cowl?

beautiful cuddle cowl...........this cowl just looked so cuddly and warm I couldn't resist calling it this.....Marilyn

I would call it the Cozy Cabled Cowl. :)

Cable divine

I think the cowl should be named: Cozy Bricks

I would call this the HRH cowl, because the model looks very royal with it on. :)

I would call this pattern Desert tumble weeds.

cowl should be called cable round about

Hugs Cowl---ceenell

Live is a CIRCLE

Warm Cinnamon Cowl

Tree of Life Cowl

New York Socialite Cowl

Warm Caramel Cowl

Great cowl should be named No Mink Cozy Cowl.

Loving Autumn cowl

Toasty Tuscany Cowl

Cuddle Up Cowl

Autumn Splendor Cowl

Oversized Camel Cowl

The Majestic Celtic Cowl.

Easy Peazy Knot Cable Squeazy

Roasted Bay Cowl Roasted Acorn Cowl


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