Easy Peasy Scarf


Easy Peasy Scarf


If you're trying to find simple free knit scarf patterns, this Easy Peasy Scarf would be a great choice. Just cast on 26 stitches and in a couple hours you'll have a completed scarf. Whether you decide to include fringe on your scarf, or go without, you can easily create a scarf for everyone in the family by varying you color choice.


Knitting Needle Size15 or 10 mm

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)


  • U.S. Size 15 needle
  • 1 skein of Red Heart Country Browns Yarn



Holding 2 strands together CO 26 sts.

Knit 2 rows.  I found this gives the scarf a more secure foundation. 

Row 1:  K2, (Sl, K1, YO, PSSO both  the YO and Knitted St., K2,) repeat from ( ) to end.

Row 2:  Purl across the row

Repeat these 2 rows until 48 inches or desired length, Knit 2 more rows,   BO Block scarf (sides tend to roll in if not blocked).

Fringe: Cut 28 strands of yarn 8 inches long, fold in half and using a crochet hook, add to both ends of the scarf. I used a solid brown strand of your for the fringe, gives it a more earthy  look.

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I have been unable to download the pattern for the Irish Shepherd Scarf. Have been able to do others. Please advise or send. Thank you!

The pattern is very easy and the abbreviations are standard abbreviations, but the stitch counts do not add up/line up. I'm going to go through the pattern and see if I can fix it, because I want to use it.

k(knit)2, sl(slip stitch), k1, yo(yarn over), psso(pass slip stitch over) - this means take your slipped stitch and pull it over k1 and yo(yarn over), k2 Yarn Over is a way to increase your stitches. While psso, sl are ways to decrease. Doing this I believe makes your rows appear to move over one each time you do this. When you purl you are purling everything that is on your needle. That includes yarn overs. If ever there is something you would do besides purling it would be in the pattern instructions.

OK, if this is easy why can't I figure it out. I would like to have the creator of this pattern, include definitions on the abbreviated terms and maybe an explanation on those terms. That would make the pattern easier to read and follow. Just a suggestion.

I have been knitting scarfs for a couple years but only "easy" patterns. I have tried this one several times but always end up with more stitches on each row, the further I go the more stitches I have. I know I am messing up on the Row 1 instructions: knit 2(Slip 1, Knit 1, Yarn over, pass slipped stitch overboth the yarn over andknitted stitch., Knit 2) repeat to end. Then Row 2: Purl across the row. Do you purl every stitch including the YO's? I'm sure my mistake is on Row 1, I just can't figure it out. Any ideas of an easier way to say it? Any help would be greatly appreicated. I hate for a pattern to woop me. LOL

@MrsLandry, Here is a link to an article with the most common knitting abbreviations, including YO: http://www.allfreeknitting.com/Tips-for-Knitting/knitting-abbreviations/ I hope this helps! --editors of AllFreeKnitting


YO (sometimes written as YON or YFW) means Yarn Over (or Yarn Over Needle or Yarn Forward respectively) and is usually seen on a knit row. It means bring the working yarn in front of both needles (through the middle) as if you are about to purl. And that's it. Usually this is followed by a knit stitch. This is one of the simplest ways in knitting to create an extra stitch. It also leaves a small hole. In other words, it's a lace stitch. If you have successfully performed a YO, you should have a left slanting stitch on the right hand needle. So to recap, when you get to YO in your pattern, all you do is bring the yarn to the front then move on to the next part of the pattern. Simple. Good luck! :)

How do you BO (block off)?

BO or bind off is the last thing to do. On the knit side, knit two stitches separately. Now, take the first stitch you knit onto the right needle and lift it over the second one on the right needle so that it falls between the space between the both needles and you only have one stitch on your right needle. This makes a nice edge for your project. Once you get to the last stitch on your right needle, cut a long length of yarn if you are planning to sew this piece to something else and pull it through the loop to secure this last stitch. if you plan on using fringe, this thread can be used for the last piece of fringe. Otherwise, weave it into the edge and secure on a horizontal row. Best of luck to you...

Never mind my above comment. After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured it out. Thnx Ingrid

I am a fairly new knitter and am confused on this pattern. After I PSSO over the yo+ the k, which to me means you are loosing one stitch ( unless I am not doing it right) , I always end up with a total of only 20 stitches for the next row, and as I keep loosing stitches, the scarf sure is not what it is supposed to be. Do you know what I am doing wrong? Thanks. Ingrid


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