Claire Lace Shawl


Claire Lace Shawl


Besides the obvious elegance and beauty captured within this stole, what makes this pattern even more intriguing is that it's knit with just one row. That's right, all you do is repeat a single row of knitting - and voila - you'll have your own Claire Lace Shawl. Free shawl lace knitting patterns like this one make knitting exciting, fun and well worth the effort.


Knitting Needle Size8 or 5 mm, Circular Knitting Needles

Yarn Weight(3) Light/DK (21-24 stitches to 4 inches)

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This beautiful Claire Lace scarf looks so light, airy and floaty, just the perfect go to for a summer evening when it gets a little cooler as it gets dark. I can almost feel the soft shawl resting lightly on my shoulders, lol. In Southern Africa our summer is slowly coming to an end but I am starting this project today anyway because I just cannot wait to wear it. Oh and I have printed the pattern with no problem at all.

I REALLY wanted to download this (Claire) shawl pattern, as I love the lacy look and will not use a chart! However, after 5 tries, I was unable to do so, and am very disappointed. Please make it easier for us to download and try these patterns! Thank you. Would it be possible for this to be emailed to me?

Hello tnc61white 1309910! I'm sorry you're having trouble downloading this pattern. Once you click on the pink "Click here for knitting pattern" button, you will be taken to the designer's Ravelry page. From there, you can download the pattern in full as a free Ravelry download. I believe you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the download. Hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeKnitting

This pattern was a life saver, as I bought the yarn for a more complicated scarf without realising how difficult it is to knit with. After a few attempts, during which I dropped stitches, lost ALL the stitches off the needles and generally got in a mess, I found this pattern. Am now half way through and it's so easy and pretty. Not sure I'll ever buy kidsilk again!

I am a biginner knitter, i love knitting , i enjoy it very much! I am going tu try this pattern, this showel is fantastic!

Love this easy, pretty pattern. I made the shawl in a fine alpaca yarn, so it not only acts like a shawl, I can fold it in half and loop it around my neck as a scarf. Gorgeous!

Lovely pattern but I cannot, frustratingly, get hold of the pattern! Have tried every which way and failed any help from out there....???? Can you send it to me as an e.mail? Many thanks

I've looked all over the web page but still can't find the knitting pattern. Any hits where it is??

Very pretty patern Thanks

What a gorgeous, simple pattern! I can't wait to try it! Thank you.

knitting will always be my first love, though sometime i stray for variety!

Always knitting ! This is very pretty.

Great project!

knitting is a winner is my book! this is an easy peasy piece!

I must admit that this looks really delicate and elegant, this was a real hard vote. I voted for quilting but would have loved this almost as much. It was as I said one of the tougher choice in the craftylimpics.

I love it. Definitely a nice piece.

This is so light and airy--beautiful!!

I vote for knitting the shawl

Knitting is more relaxing for me than quilting, so I'd have to choose this shawl over the quilt. It's perfect for hot and humid weather in northwest Louisiana!

This is so beautiful!

I really prefer knitting over quilting as I don't prick my fingers with knitting needles!

I LOVE knitting and crochet, however, I think I would choose the quilt over the knit project. :)

While I do appreciate quilts and like to use them, I'm not so sure I would want to make them, but I am however addicted to yarnie crafts and have decided that knitting definitely wins over quilty any day of the week. I love the color and stitch work on this piece, so knitting is the winner here.

Love this lace shawl, I perfer knitting over quilting

very pretty and elegant looking! Looks so whimsical!

Knitting, knitting, knitting!!!!! (My sewing machine still scares me!!!!!)

Beautiful light and lacy! Love it!

Beautiful light and lacy design would make a wonderful prayer shawl!

This is so lovely!! Can't wait to make it!!!

This is pretty. Hoping to add some knitting to knowledge base lol.

Very beautiful shawl, I do not know how to knit. But this project sure makes me want to learn how.

Beautiful shawl pattern.

I can't wait to start this shawl. I have just started knitting and crocheting lace in the last month!!

What a beauriful Shawl, I need to learn ho to knit!!! TFS and the chance to win!

This looks lovely, I'm just getting started with knitting and will add this to my queue!

This is the most wonderful pattern. It is so easy to do and works up quickly. Genius!

I am a little confused with the pattern. when you yo, p2tog, aren't you just bringing the yarn in front to purl? I am not getting any holes from the yarn overs. What am I doing wrong?

You wrap your yarn all the way around the needle before doing your p2tog. So, you are wrapping it from the back, to the front, around to the back, and then to the front again to do your p2tog.

Hi, I've never posted before, but I love this site. This scarf is SO beautiful - I even ordered the exact yarn that is pictured. But I think I must be doing something wrong - I am up to size 13 needles and I'm at 17" width and it's looking a little sloppy so far! Thanks for any input.

This shawl is so easy to knit, I made 3 in 10 days. It's easy to make on straight needles. When made it is so light you hardly know you are wearing it. I'm going to try & make it in different yarn weights. The pattern is CLAIRE on Ravelry if you are having trouble downloading it.

I had no problem finding/printing the pattern insturctions - click on the link above that says"Click here for knitting pattern". Next, in the new window click on the "Claire" link. Next, in the new window click on the link that says, "free download from ravelry". I hope this helps.

STILL unable to print out (or even FIND) the instructions for this pattern! What's the deal? Why are these "unavailable" patterns even considered for this AllFreeKnitting site?

The shawl is knit flat, even though it calls for circular needles. It can be knit on straights. It is knit from one end to the other, similar to an afghan strip.

I do not understand the use of circular needles either. Are they to be used like straight needles? It does not seem that the shawl is tubular.

I posted yesterday saying I could not get the oattern for Claire Lace Shawl. I tried doing what your response suggested - no luck. Having trouble accessing other patterns too, and I see that other people can't get there either. Can you fix the problem?

I click on get the pattern and it never comes up. I cannot access any of the knitting patterns on this site. WHY??

This pattern reads the same for front and back. It is very lovely and I will be making it soon.

@junesimmons2001 0835658: When you click on the pattern link, the pattern page from Nonsuch Knits should open in a new window. Once you get to this page, you will need to click on "Claire," which will take you to the Ravelry pattern page where you can download the pattern. Hope this helps! -- Editor of AllFreeKnitting

I would very much enjoy making this shawl,but when I click on to obtain the pattern nothing happens? Why? marie 79 j

I think I would like to make this shawl, but when I click on "click here for knitting pattern" nothing happens. How can I get instructions?

I think both sides means right side and wrong side. The picture looks like the pattern is repeated in every row. And the circular needle is used because it holds more stitches. I love this pattern. It is so beautiful.

I have to ask the same you go AROUND all the sides or back & forth? If you go around the sides how do you make the turns at the corners??

do you really go around all sides to make the rectangle?

This is one of my favorite patterns on AllFreeKnitting. I added it for its simple design and classic look. What do you all think of it? Will you make your own? Caitlin, Editor of AllFreeKnitting


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