Lacy Jane Austen Scarf


Lacy Jane Austen Scarf


The perfect blend of vintage elegance and modern lacework, this knit scarf pattern is just what you need for spring. Featuring a striking diamond pattern and an array of open lace work, the Lacy Jane Austen Scarf is made to be light enough to wear in a warmer climate. Knit one in all your favorite hues and have a fun mixing and matching this piece with various staples from your wardrobe.


Knitting Needle Size7 or 4.5 mm

Yarn Weight(1) Super Fine (27-32 stitches to 4 inches)

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This pattern reminds me of a sweater my mom made for me when I was a little girl. I used to love it because it was lacy and gave a dressy feeling even when I wore it over jeans. Looking at the pattern now, I can imagine my mom knitting it. Got to try this one!

>Row 25: K2, YO, K2tog, P1, K1, slip marker, (6 sts) K2tog, (2 sts) Yo, K3 YO, Slip1, K2tog, Psso, repeat from *(6) to last 5 sts before marker, Yo, K3, YO, K2tog Tbl, (through back loop) slip marker, K1, YO, K2tog, P1,K2. (6) KnitTime: I'm working through Row 27 and have an insufficient number of stitches to finish the row. Looking back through your Row 25, which I've copied above, i have a question: What do you mean by "K2tog, (2 sts)"? Obviously, you don't end up with two stitches if you knit two together, so . . . what am I missing? Thanks, MM

KnitTime, I'm going to try your instructions, which I've just copied and pasted into Word. I must've posted my problems with this pattern on Ravelry. Explained somewhat differently here, but I can tell by the row numbers that others are encountering the same problem I did. Kudos on figuring out the issue. I was completely frustrated myself. Now look forward to trying again. Sincere thanks, Mary Mowen

Hi all, The PDF option on the page is actually an ad for a PDF program. You can, however, print out the pattern by selecting 'Print Instructions' under the images. You can also copy the text into a text document and print from there. Hope this helps a bit. Happy knitting! editors of AllFreeKnitting

Sorry. If the PDF writer is one of your sponsors to allow you to publish free patterns, but my virus checker will not pass it. If the pattern for the Jane Austin Scarf is truly free, how about making it free of the required 3rd party downloads so that people who already have a PDF reader can just download the pattern and go on about their business.

Web site is full of pop-ups and cookies as well as loud, obnoxious ads. I don't mind registering at a site, but I will not reply to any pop-up as I have had my computer infected with a particularly nasty virus from one. The shawl looks very interesting, but site owners should be aware of the potential for third parties to use such malware to infect their site. Very sorry I couldn't get past the pop-ups as my anti-virus closed the site and will not let me open it unless it has been verified safe by Norton.

THANK YOU for the corrected instructions! Very helpful!!!!

I started to knit this pattern and I keep having too many stitches no matter how careful I am. Also the pattern says to slip marker, but I still have stitches to knit. Anyone else with this problem.

Yes I had the same problem and I found a few typo-o's in the instructions I wrote it out myself with the correct number of stitches - I ripped out my knitting started again and now it looks great I will attach here if possible - it's just the Main Lace Section where I saw the errors replace with these instructions and it'll look great Main lace body Row K YO K tog P K place marker stiches K K tog YO K YO K tog Tbl repeat to last sts more x K place marker Sts K YO K tog P K stitches Row and all even rows in body P YO P tog K P slip marker Purl to next marker slip marker P YO P tog K P Row K YO K tog P K slip marker sts K tog sts Yo K YO Slip K tog PssoRead More repeat from to last sts before marker Yo K YO K tog Tbl through back loop slip marker K YO K tog P K Row K YO K tog P K slip marker K YO K tog Tbl K K tog YO repeat from to last stitch before marker K slip marker K YO K tog P K Row K YO K tog P K slip marker K YO slip K tog Psso YO K repeat from to last sts before marker YO Slip K tog Psso YO K slip marker K YO K tog P K Repeat rows - until piece measures inches or to desired length please keep in mind that if you make your scarf to much longer you will need more yarn

I tried this pattern but I keep adding a stitch! I've been very careful to follow the pattern yet this keeps happening. Am I supposed to drop a stitch or purl2 on the wrong side?

I just want the pattern I don't want the pdf program. How do I get just the pattern?

I can't wait to try this! I do have to wonder why all the folks complaining about all the mistakes in free patterns are even on this site? I, for one, appreciate this site!

I think we complain too easily. Thanks for every designer working hard to bring us beautiful patterns. Sure, ads are somewhat annoying, but they serve a purpose. If one doesn't like them, I say, just ignore them. It won't kill us to scroll a bit further down, will it? :-) I'm glad there are free patterns, paid for by people who hope we look at their ads, even if we don't! Happy pattern making to all who do! :-D

I read the pattern and do not understand what K2 tog Tbl means, can someone tell me?

it means knit 2 togethre through back loop.

It is SO simple to print and save these patterns!! Just highlight what you want to print, and copy/paste into your word processor. Once you've done it once or twice you don't even have to think about it, your brain and fingers just do it automatically, and the beauty of it is you can save it and never lose it and print out anytime you need it!!!

Well, there is no indication of dimensions, and printing is a pain. You need to go to next step and print that. Rather unorthodox. Now I wonder how many errors are in the pattern. Seems to be the trend that free patterns have more errors than is worth the effort. Does anyone "test" their patterns? have someone else work through them at least once and make corrections.

I have found that so many of the patterns have errors that I have given up using them, so annoying that the patterns are not correct.

I have tried several times to print this pattern....only get first 2 there a better way to download this pattern?

copy and paste into word processor, then you can save it and print it whenever you want it. It's really simple. Highlight what you want to print. Either control-C or edit/copy to select what you want, open a blank document in your word processor and either control-V or edit/paste to put the contents in the document. Then save it if you want to, or just print and delete. After a few times doing this it becomes so automatic you won't even think about it!!

Ads are important to sites that maintain free content. It costs $$ to run sites properly! I certainly don't expect anything for 'nothing'. That just doesn't exist. I say put ads everywhere and make everything free!!

I absolutely agree. It really annoys me when I have to mouse by a whole bunch of stuff to get to where I want to be. I can guarantee your advertisers that I will make it a point to never purchase anything from them.

I think it is so irritating that when attempting to download I was unundated with ads. If this keeps up will no longer use this site.


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