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24 Quick and Easy Knitting Patterns

Find 24 great crafts you can make for yourself or give as a gift. Knit afghans, winter gear, baby knits, kid knits and plenty more!

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  1. Felted Bags Make some felted knit bags with these free knitting patterns.
  2. Felted Scarves Felted knit scarves are great free knitting patterns to make yourself for summer or winter.
  3. Baby Booties Keep your baby's tiny toes warm with these baby bootie knitting patterns. These baby knits are easy to make and take so little time. You can make a pair in every color of the rainbow.
  4. Baby Bunting Baby bunting knitting patterns are so cute, create them for free.
  5. Baby Knit Hats Easy knit hat patterns are perfect for baby. Keep your little angel's head warm with these free knitting patterns. Baby hat patterns are a quick project and they're extra cute.
  6. Baby Sets Knit a cute baby set with free knitting patterns. Always make for great baby shower gifts.
  7. Baby Sweater Knit a baby sweater for your little one using free knitting patterns. These knit patterns will keep your baby warm all winter.
  8. Baby's Room Knit something beautiful for baby's room. Baby knits are the greatest knitting patterns you can make.
  9. Baby Blankets Keep your baby cozy with these knitted baby afghan patterns. They're so easy to make and they're so incredibly comfy. Pick from these free knitting patterns and make your baby smile.
  10. Cable Socks Use free knitting patterns to make knit cable socks.
  11. Leg Warmers Free knitting patterns allow you to make leg warmers to keep you warm in the winter.
  12. Slippers and Socks Easy knitting patterns are great to use for slippers and socks.
  13. Men's Knit Gloves and Mittens Free knitting patterns can be made out of gloves and mittens.
  14. Men's Knit Hats Free knitting patterns can be used to make men's knit hats.
  15. Men's Knit Scarves Free knitting patterns can be used to make mens' knit scarves.
  16. Men's Knit Sweaters Use free knitting patterns to make men's knit sweaters.
  17. Dog Sweaters Free knitting patterns can be used to make knit dog sweaters.
  18. Tanks Free knitting patterns for tank tops are perfect for the summer. You don't have to wait for the winter to wear a handmade knitted item. These free knitting patterns have you covered for the warm months too.
  19. Cable Gloves Free knit cable gloves are perfect for the winter season. Use free knitting patterns.
  20. Mittens and Gloves Use free knitting patterns to make mittens and gloves. No need to go out and buy a pair when you can make these knit mittens by hand.
  21. Wrist-Warmers Free knitting patterns are useful when you are trying to make wrist-warmers.
  22. Boot Cuffs Stay warm on chilly autumn nights with the help of these stylish knit boot cuffs. Knitters of all ages will love slipping on a pair of boot cuffs to complete his or her outfit.
  23. Knit Belts
  24. Headbands Keep your hair out of the way with these cute knit headband patterns. From headbands to keep your ears warm to fun accessories, we have everything type of headband you'll need.
  25. Knit Jewelry
  26. Tips for Knitting
  27. Video Tutorials
  28. Brim Hats Free knitting patterns are great to use for knit brim hats.
  29. Cable Hats Free knitting patterns can be used to make these cable hats for summertime.
  30. Knit Berets Use free knitting patterns to make knit berets.
  31. Ribbed Hats Free knitting patterns are great when you're wanting to make ribbed hats.
  32. Tie Hats Use free knitting hat patterns to create your own tie hats.
  33. 4th of July Knits Use free knitting patterns to make fun crafts for the 4th of July.
  34. Christmas Knits Use free knitting patterns to create Christmas knits.
  35. Easter Knits Easter free knitting patterns can be really cute when they're for you or a friend.
  36. Halloween Knits Free knitting patterns are fun when you're making Halloween knits.
  37. St. Patrick's Day Knits St. Patrick's day free knitting patterns can be really fun to wear around during this holiday.
  38. Thanksgiving Knits Use these free knitting patterns to make some cute Thanksgiving decorations.
  39. Valentine's Day Knits Free Valentine's day knitting patterns will make you fall in love all over again.
  40. Baskets Free knitting patterns come in handy when you are trying to knit a basket.
  41. Bath Knits
  42. Bath Towels Use our free crochet patterns to make yourself some beautiful bath towels.
  43. Dishcloths Use knit dishcloths for great gifts.
  44. Knit Kitchen and Dining
  45. Knit Pillows
  46. Knit Rugs Use free knitting patterns to make some creative knit rugs.
  47. Placemats Use easy knitting patterns to make fun placemats for you and your guests.
  48. Potholders Easy knitting patterns are used to make potholders for your kitchen.
  49. Children's Gloves and Mittens Knit some gloves and mittens for your child.
  50. Children's Knit Scarves Use free knitting patterns to make knit scarves for your children. These make for great gifts as they're easy to make.
  51. Children's Sweaters Using free knit sweater patterns you can make your children some nice sweaters for the chilly seasons.
  52. Knit Children's Hats
  53. Cable Afghans Browse through these fabulous cable afghan patterns and give it a go! They're simple, easy and they look phenomenal laid over your couch or wrapped tight around you.
  54. Knit Throws
  55. Loom Hats Easy knitting patterns are fun to make when you have a loom hat pattern.
  56. Loom Scarves Free knitting patterns are great when you have loom patterns.
  57. Loom Socks Free knitting patterns also use loom patterns for your socks.
  58. Loom Wraps Free loom knitting patterns are great to have.
  59. Cable Sweaters Knitting free patterns is great for cable sweaters.
  60. Shrugs and Boleros Create a cute, light layer with these knit shrug and bolero patterns. Throw a shrug over your shoulders to feel warm in any season.
  61. Turtlenecks Free knitting patterns like knit turtlenecks will keep you warm during winter.
  62. Clutch A knit clutch is an easy knitting pattern to make.
  63. Knit Backpacks Knit backpacks is the fashionable way to go.
  64. Tote Knit yourself a tote with a free knitting pattern. Each free knit tote is fabulous and affordable. You'll never go anywhere without it.
  65. Amigurumi
  66. Neck Warmers Cuddle up with a cozy knit neck warmer to keep out the cold. These quick patterns are a great alternative to full on scarves or cowls.
  67. Knit Ponchos Use free knitting patterns like these knit ponchos.
  68. Book Reviews Popular craft books reviewed.
  69. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.


  1. 48 Stitch Ribbed Sock The 48 Stitch Ribbed Sock is a pattern that you can make for yourself or for someone else. Just follow the knitting instructions to create your own pair.
  2. 52 Stitch Sock This 52 Stitch Sock pattern is both a fun and practical project. If you enjoy working on free knitting patterns then it is sure to brighten up your day! To make this ribbed sock you will need to use three separate needles.
  3. Anastasia Socks Feel as pretty as a princess in this free knitting pattern. Lovely pinks and purples come together to create an intricate, yet delicate, design.
  4. Aquamarine Autopilot Socks This beautiful, simple knit sock pattern features almost every shade of blue, so it's a great way to get rid of excess teal, green, and royal blue yarns you have lying around.
  5. Baby and Me Socks It's always fun to match, especially with warm winter socks! The Baby and Me Socks pattern is a basic knit sock pattern that is an absolute classic for both adults and children.
  6. Basic Sock Knitting Pattern Free knitting patterns don't have to be complicated. Take this Basic Sock Knitting Pattern, for instance. If you've always wanted to try sock knitting, this easy pattern is a great one to start with.
  7. Berries and Cream Slipper Socks There's nothing better than putting your feet up after a long day of work. The Berries and Cream Slipper Socks are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot tea and a good book.
  8. Blueberry Waffle Socks Use this free knitting socks pattern to make blueberry waffle socks for yourself or a friend. These versatile socks can be worn around the house or under your boots, and they're great for both men and women.
  9. Bright Diamond Pattern Socks Here is a project for making Bright Diamond Pattern Socks with size 0 double-pointed needles. For all those who know how to knit and love it, this pattern is for you! These beautiful diamond socks will brighten you day!
  10. Bunny Hop Slippers Free knitting patterns like this one are not only nice for keeping toes toasty, but they're adorable. Make a pair of Bunny Hop Slippers for everyone on your list!
  11. Business Casual Sock Dressing up for work can get boring. Every day it's a different variation on the same tie, shirt, and pants. How about getting creative with your socks? The Business Casual Sock is a great way to spice up your morning dressing routine.
  12. Candy Striped Socks You'll go crazy for these Candy Striped Socks! They use a garter stitch pattern and a picot edge to stand out from your ordinary white socks. The rainbow knit pattern is simple and the end result is a fun way to relax.
  13. Celebration Celebrate your feet with these socks! Your feet deserve to be rewarded after all they do carry you around all day. Show your feet some love with this free knitted pattern!
  14. Colorful Striped Sock This is a pattern for a Colorful Striped Sock project using size 0 needles. Anyone who loves bright and eye-catching colors will adore these socks! Read over the knitting instructions and then you can get started!
  15. Cozy Cabled Slippers Give boring old slippers a pass with the Cozy Cabled Slippers. Youll love the elegant cables on these warm, fuzzy winter necessities. This knit slipper pattern is so lovely youll want to wear them out of the house to show them off.
  16. Cozy Slipper Socks Some days the thought of getting out of bed seems impossible. The next time your alarm clock goes off, instead of hitting snooze, get out of bed and slip on the Cozy Slipper Socks.
  17. Cozy Whisper/Cotton Chenille Slippers These slippers belong to Cookie Monster! They are blue, soft, and fuzzy just like this lovable monster. Make two pair with this knitting pattern because he will most certainly steal one from you!
  18. Cranberry Slipper Boots I absolutely love knit slipper patterns, but sometimes they don't give me enough coverage - what about ankles? Those need to stay warm, too. If you've found yourself in the same boat, I invite you to try knitting up a pair of these incredibly cozy
  19. Cute Heartland Sock Pattern This super Cute Heartland Sock Pattern is one project that you do not want to miss out on! As far as free sock patterns go, this is one of the best. To make it you will need to use three, very fine, size 0 or 1 double-pointed needles.
  20. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Slippers After a long day, nothing feels better than pulling on a pair of thick socks and propping up your feet. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry Slippers are the perfect knit sock pattern for the job.
  21. Darling Lace Socks You wont be able to resist the Darling Lace Socks pattern. Featuring a delightful little lace pattern up the calf of the sock, youll love knitting and wearing these socks.
  22. Double Bubble This free knitting pattern is the perfect ankle sock. Wear bright these socks with your favorite shoe. Let passersby will look down and admire your double bubble socks!
  23. Double Rib Rainbow Socks Make a special pair of socks with this Double Rib Rainbow Sock pattern. You can spend every day walking over rainbows with these cheerful and fun socks on your feet.
  24. Easy Family Slippers Make yourself, and the family, a pair of cozy slippers that they'll enjoy for years to come! Do you prefer knitting with double pointed needles? Or are straight needles your favorite tool to work with? Thankfully no matter how you answered, you'll
  25. Easy Toe Up Socks If you're new to sock knitting patterns, the Easy Toe Up Socks is an excellent pattern to try out. As the name suggests, these fingering-weight socks are knit from the toe down, making it easy to try your socks on as you go and adjust the size as n
  26. Game Day Slipper Socks This festive knit sock pattern is a great way to show team spirit. The Game Day Slipper Socks are bold slipper sock knit with contrasting colors in a simple stockinette stitch construction.
  27. Grandma's Quick Time A classic pattern straight from grandma's knitting needles, these cozy slippers made from the easy garter stitch are just what your tired and achy feet are craving.
  28. Knit Mary Slippers Knit Mary Slippers will make your feet feel amazing. Knit a pair to lounge around the house in. The strap and snug fit will keep in the warmth.
  29. Knitted Moccasin Slippers Protect your feet from dust and dirt with these slippers. This knitting pattern can be worn with or without socks. These slippers are cozy and flexibly made for your footsies!
  30. Lacy Toe-Up Socks For socks with a special twist you cant go wrong with the Lacy Toe-Up Socks. These delightful socks can be worn around the house, or with low shoes to show off your hard work.
  31. Last Minute Slippers Knit slipper patterns are excellent ways to dwindle down your yarn stash, but did you know that they're also great to use in a time crunch? So if you have chilly feet and only a couple of hours to spare, let me introduce you to these Last Minute Sli
  32. Lazy Day Knit Socks Lounging around the house is best done in a pair of hand knit socks. You wont want to take the Lazy Day Knit Socks off of your feet once you put them on.
  33. Lightning Fast Slippers After a long day at work, everyone deserves to slip their feet into a pair of homemade knit slippers. If you're short on time, need a fabulous holiday gift idea or your feet are just plain freezing, you'll love these Lightning Fast Slippers.
  34. Lovely Lace Socks These Lovely Lace Socks are a great project to make for yourself or for a loved one! All free knitting patterns are great but this one especially! After all, it is impossible to have too many socks!
  35. MaryJane Anklets Take this free knitting pattern for MaryJane Anklets and help your feet keep cozy. As a bonus, they'll also look really cute!
  36. Multi-Color 64 Stitch Sock This Multi-Color 64 Stitch Sock project will bring a smile to your face! It can be either a women's or men's knit sock pattern. It just depends on what colors you decide to use.
  37. One Ball Mary Jane Slippers If you know someone with chronically chilly toes, this One Ball Mary Jane Slipper pattern would make an excellent, and thoughtful, gift. Made with just one skein of yarn, this knitting pattern for slipper socks is fabulous for a beginner because it
  38. Piggy Slippers Use this free pattern for knit slippers and make your entire family their own pair of piggies! These Piggy Slippers are easy to knit and can be made for babies and adults alike. The snout, tail and ears are knit and attached separately.
  39. Pocket Book Slippers Ideal for leftover worsted weight yarn, these easy-to-knit Pocket Book Slippers make great stocking stuffers or gifts for men and women both young and old.
  40. Pretty in Pink Slippers Put your feet up in these Pretty in Pink Slippers. This simple yet stylish knit slipper pattern is perfect for anyone who loves pink, flowers, or comfort.
  41. Rainbow Magic Socks I've always been a firm believer that the type of socks you choose to put on in the morning dictate the type of day you're going to have. If you put on boring socks, you'll probably have a boring day.
  42. Rose Diamond Socks These Rose Diamond Socks are not as expensive as they sound. This sock knitting pattern call for five double point needles in a size one and a half. Use your imagination to find colors that will suit your personality in sock weighted yarn.
  43. Sacha Ballet Slippers Knitted slippers are one of my favorite projects to complete. Not only do these Sacha Ballet Slippers make an excellent gift, but they'll help your feet stay nice and warm during the cold winter - especially if your house has wooden floors. Knit th
  44. Sandal Socklets Protect your feet from pesky blisters with these Sandal Socklets. All it takes is a simple rib stitch to complete this easy knitting pattern. It's a quick project that your feet will thank you for!
  45. Serendipity Socks Get ready for summer with lightweight free sock knitting patterns like this one for colorful Serendipity Socks! Knit up these richly textured socks with a series of simple knit stitches and yarn overs. Directions are written for knitting with circul
  46. Silly Striped Socks The Silly Striped Socks are a great rainy day project. The knitting instructions call for three needles and sport yarn. Once you have these materials don't hesitate to get started!
  47. Slippers for Beginners Slip your feet into some cozy slippers! This free knitting pattern is perfect for beginners. Your feet will never get dirty again!
  48. Slippers with Sole The trouble with a lot of knitted slipper patterns is threefold: they're too baggy, they're not supportive and they lose shape quickly. Attention slipper lovers: you need to make yourself a pair of Slippers with Sole. These close-fitting slippers a
  49. Spirit Walker Slippers These gorgeous silk slippers are a whimsical way to care for your tired tootsies. If you've ever wondered how to knit slippers, the Spirit Walker Slippers are a cute and colorful option you must try.
  50. Spring Lace Sock Knitting Pattern Sometimes a good pair of socks is all you need to make your troubles go away. The Spring Lace Sock Knitting Pattern is one of those patterns that will bring warmth to your heart as well as your feet.
  51. Stash Buster Socks It's time to clean our your yarn bin with this easy knit sock pattern. The Stash Buster Socks are a great way to clear out old yarn to make room for...more yarn! These simple socks are a quick project and make a great last minute gift.
  52. Striped Toe Socks This knitting pattern is both fun and quirky. Knit these cute Striped Toe Socks that are perfect for keeping toes toasty on chilly nights.
  53. Summer Slice I can't get over these adorable Summer Slice socks! Doesn't the lovely lace middle remind you of the pulp from a watermelon? Create this lacy design with just a 12-row repeat. If you're familiar with the magic loop method, you'll be able to knit t
  54. Summer Socks With just a hint of neon color on the toe, heel and trim, these Summer Socks are practical, playful and perfect for warmer weather. Knit sock patterns are also wonderful projects for lazy summer afternoons. Make your own pair entirely in the stocki
  55. Sweet Dreams Socks This simple knit sock pattern is sure to hug your feet in all the right places and will never sag or droop. The Sweet Dreams Socks are soft, warm, and have just the right amount of texture.
  56. Tiny Tulips Sock Pattern Everyone loves soft and snuggly socks. These knit socks are just as comfortable as they are cute. The Tiny Tulips Sock Pattern uses Regia cotton to guarantee these socks are as soft as can be.
  57. Toe Up Raggi Socks Who doesn't love a pair of cozy handmade socks? These Toe Up Raggi Socks make great gifts for the holiday season, or any time of year! Knit mostly in stockinette stitch with a ribbed cuff, these socks will comfortably stay put on your feet througho
  58. Traditional Fair Isle Slippers A good pair of knit slippers can be hard to find, but these Traditional Fair Isle Slippers are a no brainer.
  59. Tulip Socks Keep your toes cozy with this free knitting pattern that captures the essence of spring. You'll be reminded of sweet smelling flowers every time you look down at your feet!
  60. White and Red Comfy in Bed Socks Often find yourself wishing you could sleep just a little longer? Well with these White and Red Comfy in Bed Socks you will never want to get out of bed again! Make yourself a pair by following the easy knitting instructions.
  61. Yoga Socks for the Lounger If you like yoga pants you'll easily fall in love with these Yoga Socks for the Lounger! Just as comfy as the pants, these socks will make you never want to take them off. Their unique heel-revealing pattern will easily draw attention.

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